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replied to 's question.
source : Oxford Practical English Usage 3rd Edition For a polite expression, The source say there are formulas like as : I wondered~, I thought~, I hoped~, did you want~, I'm hoping ~, I'm looking forward to ~, I was wondering~, I was thinking~ ... and, ...
 I think the book gives good advice.
It's hard to give a comprehensive list of these formulae, as they are so many and so varied. For instance I was thinking about that idea of yours might also be expressed I have been thinking about that idea of ...
commented on their own question.
My question is simple but difficult. I'd like to know all the verbs which take a past participle as an object complement except the following verbs. : have, get, leave and verbs of perception I have in mind the four verbs 'let', 'make', 'order' and ...
 I can't hand in examples or grounds for those verbs because I also doubt his opinion and haven't found examples for myself.
I'm so sorry, but these are all and, I can't contact him now.
He let it broken.
He ordered the bag returned.
park sang joonHe let it broken.
Sorry. Not grammatical.
park sang joonHe ordered the bag returned.
Not quite. He ordered the bag to be returned.
Some speakers might leave out "to be", but it's not really correct in my opinion.
 I thank you for your continuous and helpful reply. ^^
replied to an anonymous question.
What is the difference between the usage of among and amongst??
Anonymous What is the difference between the...
'among' is the only form used in the U.S.
'amongst' is used in British English.
CJ ...
 They mean the same in BrE. There are five times as many citations for 'among' as for 'amongst' in the British National Corpus
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Does "He made the Conservatives the party most identified with the glory and power of the British Empire" mean "He kept the Conservatives the party most abreast of the glory and power of the British Empire"? Context: He made the Conservatives the ...
AnonymousDoes "He made the Conservatives the...
No. He caused people to think of the Conservative party as the cause of the glory and power of the Empire. ...
replied to an anonymous question.
I want to write English writing in such a way that while reading it people will enjoy its composition with simple but lucid. How can I do that? Do I have to use more phrasal verbs or synonyms of same type of words?
AnonymousDo I have to use more phrasal verbs...
There is no such simple rule or rules. It is a matter of developing good style, which requires a lot of practice and a lot more reading of good professional writers' works. ...
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