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asked a question.
1.The building is ready for inauguration. 2.The building is ready to inaugurate. 3.The building is ready to be inaugurated.
commented on their own question.
Below is sentences I found on the internet. In each sentence, a underlined 'whether' or interrogative clause is equivalent to a followed noun in bold. pattern #1 - the interrogative content clause without 'of' 1)We need to analyze the cause why we ...
park sang joonCan a question mark be left out as a...
In what case? ...
 In my case, same as in
'Are the above sentences proper and Is this method indicating the equal to a followed noun without 'of' often used in the spoken English?'
Two interrogative sentences are connected by 'and'.
 This occurred to me, so are there people using sentences like as 7), 8)?
asked a question.
What does it mean to hit the snow?
Anonymous asked a question.
'Menu costs has been calculated ' is this correct?
asked a question.
I can't restrain myself from explaining the incident that happened last night. I went out with few of my friends. We were two girls and three boys. But we had only two bikes. So two of us shared one bike and other three the second bike. It was ...
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