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Can someone please check if the following sentence is correct? I have got two concerns. Is it appropriate to use 'they' when I'm talking about the reports? Should I use a comma before 'and'? Are there other mistakes? Sentence: "However, most reports ...
 Thank you!
Your response is very clear!
 I find it hard to find anything that replaces 'aware'.
"take possible consequences into consideration"
Do you have a better word in mind?
 Reports can present, lay out, describe, make known, introduce, allege, acknowledge, and many other things.
But the report itself is not a thinking object. It can't be aware of anything. The writer of the report may take something into ...
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To overwrite the already drawn daigram really needs great effort and guts.
  oh yes sorry spelling mistake i meant diagram.And to overwrite means by using carbon paper to copy the existing diagram
 I would never have guessed that you meant using carbon paper to copy it.
Then say "Copying an existing diagram"
  Thank you so much for your response
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1. "I've been pondering about the question for a while now" 2. "I've been pondering the question for a while now" Thank you
The verb takes a direct object.
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They held the wedding ceremony in their house ,...."they had got the garden decorated "
 thank u for your answer ,but I mean the second part ?
they held the wedding ceremony at their house ....
they had got the garden decorated or
they had the garden decorated
 I want to say that they action of decorating was before the wedding ...passive & past perfect
violetethey had the garden decorated
This one. This is a causative (passive) construction, The garden was decorated as they desired (perhaps by friends ir professionals).
By the way, if you care about grammar, you should care about capitalization, and please show a little regard to ...
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Peace all around the world May peace prevail on earth Continue to pray for world peace, MORE LOVE less hate So let's come together You and Me, For A Peaceful World
  Thank you so much for your time :-)
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