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I came across a sentence on the VOA special English. The announcer read that "Education is very important to gaining a standing in Chinese society." My question is why it used "gaining" not "gain"?
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Since it is under snag work and liability period, these expenses would not be invoiced to the client
 Not quite.
eg Since it is within the liability period, these expenses should not be invoiced to the client.
Anonymous Thank you
CliveWhat is 'snag work'?
In construction, a snag list is a list of defects that must be remedied before the job is considered complete. Snag work is the work of fixing these problems.
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Does "system" here mean "a complex of methods or rules governing behavior"? Context: Thomas Jefferson:"Christianity is the most perverted system that ever shone on man."
Does "perverted" here mean "characterized by wickedness or immorality"?
 NL888Does "perverted" here mean "characterized by wickedness or immorality"?
It can mean that, but here it means distorted or corrupted or changed from right to wrong, or turned from the right way, which is how the word perverted was used in ...
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Dear Sirs/Madams, I would highly appreciate if anyone could help me explain this phrase "public account-keeping" The full sentence is: "Opening public account-keeping means that inefficiencies of government spending become more obvious and can be ...
 The idea is that the government should make available to the public all financial information about its activities
  Thank you so much.
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Please! Help me! " I _____ bring a certain sum a week ago to the owner, and whatever was over that I might keep for myself." 1. ought to 2. was to 3. have to 4. must
 #2, was to. You are describing an obligation that existed in the past. The other three choices describe obligations that exist in the present.
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