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what is the antonym for apply
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Hi, please help me, i'm confused! Which sentence is correct and why? "Maria feels she needs to apologize" or "Maria feels she need to apologize"? I'm not sure whether the latter verb needs an "s"?? or should it be verb 1? Why? Thanks a lot!!!
AnonymousI wonder whether need can be used as...
No, it is not possible, 'Feel' is not a verb that takes subjunctive. ...
 I think you are confused by the negative version.
Maria feels she need NOT apologize.
tamguatlayI think you are confused by the...
Yes, I agree; affirmative sentences with the modal "need" are impossible. Yet, I wonder how to change a direct question Need she apologize? into an indirect one. ...
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Has "Shop Theft" become a synonym for "Shoplifting"? It seems more popular in New Zealand, Australian and Canadian English. Am I right?
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Hi, I am a girl in my 20's and I'm a native English speaker. If you want to practice your speaking skills, please add me on skype (you can see my Skype ID in my profile). I can also help to edit your writing. I have experience teaching ...
I want to improve my english language ....so can you help me ??
my skype name is (Removed by Moderator. For your protection, do not include contact information in posts. Any contact information you wish to share should be placed in the ...
 Hi! I'm a girl in my 20's and I'm a native English speaker. I have experience teaching conversational english to an Italian family. I have also previously tutored students in college and worked as a teaching assistant for college level courses. ...
I want to improve my english language ...can you help me ??
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