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commented on their own question.
Can someone please check this little section of my paragraph? I'm not sure if the reference is logical, and if 'As a consequence' is a phrase to connect these sentences. I want to express the importance of globalization and infrastructure in the ...
 I wasn't sure about the quotes with globalization.
The other quotation is correct according to my document. See text below.
Thanks for the advice!
The Harvard Method
Source: www.statsvet.su.se/websites/mediarummet/globdem/harvard.pdf (adapted)
This ...
PvunderinkThe other quotation is correct...
I'm still not sure we're on the same wavelength here. The part of your text that I think is incorrectly laid out is this:
“A key benefit of infrastructure, in particular transport infrastructure, is the reduction of transport costs, which helps to ...
 You are right. My mistake.
It should be:
“A key benefit of infrastructure, in particular transport infrastructure, is the reduction of transport costs, which helps to create new markets and realize the returns to globalization” (McKibbin & ...
commented on their own question.
I posted two postings, but I can't see my postings anywhere. Could I find my missing comments. This posting is the one of the two postings. I am writing the same posting.
 If you go to your profile, you will see all your posts listed there. If you cannot find your post, then it was probably deleted for some reason (e.g. duplicate post or slip of a moderator's hand).
 I waited for several minutes, and then my posts appeared from nowhere after about a half hour.
 Thank you so much Mister Micawber.
replied to 's question.
Hi, Any (or almost any) technical documentation is abounding with phrases such as "as shown in Picture 1 ..." or "Figure 2 depicts ..." It just occurred to me that I don't quite understand what differs "picture" from "figure" (in technical writing). If you ...
 "Figure 1", "Figure 2" etc. is the normal style. To me, in your context, "Picture 1" etc. seems inferior. I'd be surprised to see it used in a professionally produced technical document.
replied to 's question.
Which of these are correct? 'That is a Steven's ball'. 'That is steven's ball'. 'I am a Ronaldo's fan'. 'I am a Ronaldo's fan'. Thank you.
 None are correct.
That is Steven's ball.
I am a Ronaldo fan.
 It should have been I am Ronaldo's fan, I forgot to add A.
Thank you so much.
 That is Steven's ball. This suggests Steven has only one ball. This seems like a reasonable meaning,
I am Ronaldo's fan. This suggests Ronaldo only has one fan. This is an unlikely meaning.
replied to 's question.
"Sometimes it's the people who no one imagines anything of, who do the things that no one can imagine." I know there are so simple words in it but I can't get the meaning and i'm just confused. Please help me!
 This means that, sometimes, there are people that you would assume would never do something, but in the end they will do it.
For example, imagine you meet a really nice guy. One day, it is found that someone has been murdered, and the guy you met ...
 It is not as terrible as MrGuedes attempts to describe.
Hossien JazayeriSometimes it's the people who no one...
This is speaking of people with hidden talents, untested courage, etc. Sometimes the most ordinary people can do extraordinary things. ...
Mister MicawberIt is not as terrible as MrGuedes...
This is speaking of people with...
Wow! I absolutely hadn't thought about that meaning! LOL Emotion: smile
Seriously, I read that sentence, and the first example that came to my mind was one of killing. Wow!
I swear I'm not a morbid person! Emotion: smile
OK, now serious... Yes, that sentence can be pretty much ...
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