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Hi There were ten choices of [pizzas/pizza] on the menu. The agent presented ten choices of [house/houses] for us to buy. I'm not sure here. Is it plural or singular? Thanks and Happy Easter!
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I need to learn British dialects and I don't where to start from. I googled a lot and arrived here, I am unable to find any scripts with audio which is based on current British dialects (something like they speak in radio). I couldn't find any ...
 I think that would be really difficult to switch your accent, especially when you have passed your puberty and you have already learned the language in another accent.
 A great place to start is the BBC Learning English site. In particular look at the Express English section - this is an interviewer asking real people on the street questions about a given topic. You can find it here:
http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish/general/expressenglish /
Another good resource is ...
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does the word "irreversibility" exist? If not, what is a noun for the adjective "irreversible"? Thank you!
TinaMr Does the word "irreversibility" exist?...
Have you tried a dictionary?
CJ ...
 Thank you CalifJim! Before posting, I had tried two dictionaries: Cambridge and Oxford. But they gave me negative results for this word.
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what is a verbal person? 'Verbal' here means 'prolix', or it's used to describe a person being good at speaking?
Anonymous 'well spoken' if a person has natural speaking talent,
but 'chatterbox' if the person is a incessant babbler.
I have never seen the word 'prolix' used in 50 years.
 So practical! Thank you so much!
 Wow, it makes me get deeper inside the word. Thank you so much!
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Would you please have a look at the following test : " Can I borrow your dictionary Martin " ? asked David. A) David asked if he could borrow Martin`s dictionary. B) David asked if he could borrow the dictionary of Martin. According to the author , A ...
A is the correct choice since the dictionary belongs to a human being.
The second format is used for the lifeless such as a car.
 How about this one : dog`s toy or the toy of dog . Which one sounds right ? ( Dog isn`t a human being )
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