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 Hello, I register member on this site because I want to practice English. I must use for working. I'm not good at English but I try to practice it.
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Anonymous asked a question.
"I got a message from Chloe, she wants you to come down to her office until 3" -=> I wanna use :Chloe " told me to " or similar somthing else more natural one. thank you.
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The question: The watch P = $155 , The Watch Q = $ 130 Sentence: P costs $155 and Q is $130 / $25 cheaper. Which is the answer? $130 / $25 ? I don't get the meaning.
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Look at the below sentence. The Minister of State, Cabinet Office (Lord Falconer of Thoroton) rose to move , That this House takes note of the planning, management and operation of the Millennium Dome, and of its future. http://hansard.millbanksystems.com/l...illennium-dome --- the first sentence. What ...
 Thank you so much, fivejedjon.
park sang joonthe complement modify the subject...
Yes. That's called a subject complement. The word "complement" can be used for anything that "completes" the meaning of some other element in a sentence.
park sang joonthe 'that' in question looks like a...
Yes. That content clause goes just where a direct object would go in the sentence, so if ...
 I was very satisfied by with your post encouraging me.
Thank you Very~much, CalifJim.
I think this forum is the best forum ^^
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