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dear [officer in charge/name] Good day! I am a student of [school]. i would like to inquire the permission of your good office for the entry and exposure to the trauma ward and emergency department. The purpose of this visit is to learn and practice ...
 Dear [officer in charge/name],
I am a student at [school]. I would like to obtain permission for our group to visit the Trauma Ward and Emergency Department. The purpose of this visit would be to learn and practice suturing techniques under the ...
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good day! please help me... is this sentence correct with the preposition 'by' 'i usually fall asleep by 12 midnight.' ? thanks
 Hello, kailah—and welcome to English Forums.
kailahis this sentence correct with the...
Yes, but you must always capitalize the first word of a sentence and the personal pronoun 'I'. ...
  Thank you so much for your answers. Thanks for welcoming as well. ^^
 You don' need to say 12 midnight. Just say midnight.
commented on their own question.
Dear Sirs/Madams, Can any of you explain this phrase, please? What does "as of June 15" mean? Thank you so much
 It means from June 15 onward.
  Thank you so much
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i want to check this sentence if it correct (amircan private school)
xnon3 i want to check this sentence if it...
"American private school" is a phrase, not a sentence.
You should not put brackets around quoted words or phrases. Use quotation marks instead, as in my sentence above, or use italics. ...
 so (amircan) and (private) are type i mean can we say private amircan school
xnon3so (amircan) and (private) are type i...
Watch your capitalization and punctuation. amircan - is not a name or a word.
She went to a private American school.
She went to an American private school. Both will work. ...
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How is the mountain with ambraham Lincoln and George Washington carved out called
AnonymousWhat is the mountain with Abraham Lincoln and George Washington...?
Mount Rushmore ...
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