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asked a question.
It is forecast that the cold will continue to be felt in north and northern central Viet Nam today and also affect the remainder of the central region. Source: "Cold spell hits north, fog covers south", Viet Nam News. Shouldn't it be "north-central ...
replied to 's question.
The aid is part of the 676 tonnes of rice approved by the Government to support Phu Yen during the Tet (Lunar New Year) holiday and the 2014 between-crop period, under a decision reached last month. Source: "Rice aid supplied to poor households", ...
 Perhaps the English word is "fallow"?
Squarethe 2014 between-crop period
I agree with Vorpar above. It seems to me that this would be written differently in, for example, an American newspaper.
the 2014 fallow period
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If I had gone to her party, James would have seen me. If he had seen me, I should have invited him to my house. So, I didn't go to the party. If you had wanted, you could have been wearing that hat for me for five minutes. Are these sentences ...
tenjingIf this is correct,could you tell me...
It's correct. Probably most common in this case is an interpretation with "ability could".
If I found ... I could buy ... = If I found ... I would be able to buy ...
The interpretation with "possibility could" is very unlikely because there is ...
  Sorry to keep asking you.
You mean although 'may' sounds wrong, it's correct, right?
tenjing Sorry to keep asking you.You mean...
I'm debating with myself on this. "may" sounds so bad in that sentence that I have to say it's wrong. I think some people might accept it, though. Here's how it should work, to be exactly correct:
Real Present: If I find $1000 on a street, I may/can ...
replied to 's question.
As many as 444 tonnes of rice have been sent to support households in need of food aid in the central southern coastal province of Phu Yen, as well as those suffering serious damage caused by natural disasters. Source: "Rice aid supplied to poor ...
SquareIs "the central southern coastal...
Awkward but acceptable.
SquarePhu Yen is a coastal province in the south central coast of Vietnam.Shouldn't it be "the...
That would be better, yes.
Squareis "south" an adverb in "south-central"?
I hesitate to say; I think the whole should be considered a compound adjective. ...
replied to 's question.
Hello,  Would you please tell me if there is any difference in their meanings?  - I cannot stand this insult.  - I cannot put up with this insult.  - I cannot tolerate this insult.  Thank you. 
TomJWould you please tell me if there is...
I see no real difference in meaning. It's possible that 'stand' (= 'endure') is marginally more passive (meaning less a preliminary to aggressive reaction) than the others. 'Tolerate' is more formal. ...
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