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commented on their own question.
1) Does "the number" refer to the number of "teachable moments"? 2) Should "provide" be "provided" or "that provide"here? Context: Research has shown that clinicians learn best when we solve clinical problems that mirror real-world situations, get ...
 Not so much context please. It makes tiresome reading.
NL8881) Does "the number" refer to the...
Yes. You should be able to see that: 'the number and effect of these teachable moments.'
NL8882) Should "provide" be "provided" or...
'NEJM Knowledge+ offers a unique way for clinicians to stay current with best practices, improve ...
So I failed to understand the meaning of the word vignette. What does it mean? A small program/procedure (of the software)?
replied to 's question.
I got a call from police that my house was burglarized. I pull up to see my detained. What does "pull up"mean? Is it sort of "stop by"?
messier42to see my detained
You are missing something. This makes no sense.
messier42What does "pull up"mean?
Drive your vehicle to some destination and stop. Arrive in a vehicle.
  Is "pull up" the same as "pull over"?
 Not exactly.
Pull up normally means stopping in a particular location, such as in front of your house.
Pull over normally means stopping temporarily beside the road. The location may be mentioned, but it doesn't have to be.
Anonymous replied to an anonymous question.
What does the sentence "she's morbidly sexy" means? Does it mean that she's really hot, or that she's sad and depressed and it makes her look sexy?
Anonymous Are you sure about that? I heard this on a movie. A stripper had just quit and her boss commented to someone else: what a shame, she was morbidly sexy. And there was no reference to zombies.
  How it can have any kind of sexy meaning is beyond me.
From World English Dictionary -
— adj
1. having an unusual interest in death or unpleasant events
2. gruesome
3. relating to or characterized by disease; pathologic: a morbid growth
Anonymous In the context of a stripper quitting, the meaning would depend on a number of things: what did she look like, why did she quit, what was her relationship with her boss, was he upset about her quitting, who was the boss saying this to, etc.  ...
asked a question.
Is it grammatical to say something like, ex.I made my car washed instead of He was made to wash his car by me ?
replied to 's question.
My parents are from the US but they don't live there anymore. Can you say "they don't live in there anymore"? In the first sentence, I think the word "there" is an adverb. I sometimes see it is used with the preposition "in" as in "in there". I ...
MakiasanCan you say "they don't live in there...
MakiasanI'd like to know when you use the...
From there (= that place), you can see Mt. Fuji.
Your confusion is in part because 'here' and 'there' are idiomatically free of prepositions where other nouns need them:
I'll see you at Makuhari Messe.
I'll see you there.
I'll be in my office all day. ...
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