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1. The music_____ is so noisy. It really gives me a headache. (A) you listen (B) you're playing (C) to that you're listening 2.I was nervous when I made the speech and didn't know ____. (A) what could I say (B) when should I start (C) where ...
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I am, for some reason, torn by this. "Are grammar and formal writing not taught in schools anymore?" Is this correct? Or should it be, "is grammar and formal writing not taught in schools anymore?"
 It's fine the way it is.
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hello, I have Oxford phrasal verbs book. It's complete dictionary of phrasal verbs. I want to learn most common ones firstly but I don't know what the best method is. Please guide me. Is reading it more and more sufficient? I need complete guide
 "The most common ones" are not those that you find in a list. They are what you encounter in your extensive reading and conversation. As you come across them, make a note and try to use them soon in your own experiences.
 So why do they publish Oxford dictionary? Did you mean we should just learn the common ones? Whether memorizing the whole phrasal verbs dictionary is a type of wasting time or not.
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Hello teachers, Aren't both of the sentences correct? I would use the present perfect in the first one because there's a present time marker, so it means that the time period has not finished yet, and I would use the present perfect continuous in ...
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Hi! Please helm me to understand a joke in a textbook. "How can you make a bear fly? - Put him on a bear-o-plane". What's the meaning of the last word? What does the letter O mean? Are there any other examples of using such construction? Thanks ...
 "bear-o-plane" is a silly made-up word that sounds like "aeroplane". I think that's all there is to it.
This joke is so bad it made me laugh!
GPYThis joke is so bad it made me laugh!
Many jokes are like that.
  Thank you very much)) I thought of "aeroplane" but needed confirmation.
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