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asked a question.
Dear members I always confuse "nonetheless" and nevertheless in sentences. Are they the same in meaning or different ? Thanks in advance. SSY
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I was very surprised at hearing the news
 No errors.
Anonymous I was very surprised at hearing the...
It would be far more natural to say "I was very surprised to hear the news"
COCA has onlt 25 citations for surprised at verb + ing-form. It has 3,718 for surprised to verb. ...
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What is a flupast? a label for all drugs? or the name of a brand for special tablets? or both?
nazanin saryazdiWhat is a flupast?
It seems to be a drug's brand name in your country.
 Thank you so much. I have another question: As a native speaker, with no special medical knowledge, are you familiar with serum in that sense?A liquid which is sent into someone's body when suddenly their blood pressure falls down? or you haven't ...
 Hi, Nazanin.
nazanin saryazdiA liquid which is sent into someone's...
Sri ...
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I looked at the net and many resources, but i am still unable to differentiate the difference between those two tenses. Some says that Present Perfect Continuous only emphasizes on the duration. The things that I wanna ask you guys are: Is it ...
Mister Micawber One of the clearest distinctions is...
I'm afraid I have to disagree with you there.
A: I must apologise for my appearance. I have been cleaning out the attic.  ...
fivejedjonI have been cleaning out the attic.
And in AmE, he hasn't finished.
 In BrE the action of the subject of the verb may have finished.
In I have cleaned out the attic, the cleaning out of the attic is explitely complete. In I have been cleaning out the attic, the completion of the cleaning out is not explicitly ...
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