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 Hello everyone, I always love english as a mother language. So, I am very happy when anyone becomes my friend because we can help as well as share experience together. Please add me via my account skype: Email Removed or facebook: Email Removed . I am ...
Wants English chat: Yes
  skype: hien.tran.uet
commented on their own question.
I know that the 'linking verb' is followed by a noun (phrase, clause) or an adjective (phrase, clause) , same as the following sentences. I am a boy. (a noun) I became a doctor.  ...
park sang joonPlease, help me GPY
Unfortunately, some time after posting my first reply, I realised that I was getting rather confused about this question, so I'm not sure that I can.
Where the "feel" sentence is concerned, it seems natural to me that the answer to "How do you ...
 Thank you grammarfreak.
I have looked over the web pages linked in your post.
We (Korean at present) study most of the content at high school and stick to the grammar for tests.
We take no interest in dialects and only are interested in standard ...
 Thank you GPY for your continuous concern about my question.
Can you accout for my question in your wasys within your knowledge?
replied to an anonymous question.
Which sentence is correct: My aunt will come tomorrow morning. or  My aunt is coming tomorrow morning. Also, should it be 'tomorrow morning or tomorrow in the morning'. Thanks! 
AnonymousWhich sentence is correct:My aunt...
Both sentences are correct, but the second is more usual.
AnonymousAlso, should it be 'tomorrow morning...
Both are correct, but the first would be more usual, unless you wished to emphasize that it is in the morning that she is coming. ...
replied to an anonymous question.
Do you put a comma before and?
Anonymous Do you put a comma before "and"?
 Sometimes I do, and sometimes I don't. Emotion: smile
If it starts a new clause, as above, I would put a comma.
If it is combining two things (bacon and eggs) there is no need for a comma.
In a list, (dogs, cats, cows and horses) it is optional. Some people ...
Anonymous asked a question.
I heard this said on tv. John and Mike are both as bad as one another and someone says: It is neck and neck with John and Mike who is the weakest. How would you have corrected the sentence? Thank you
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