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I am a soft skills and spoken English trainer based in India with a work experience of about 3 years. I do not have a formal qualification to teach English and want one now but am confused by the number of courses available. TESOL, TEFL,ESOL, ...
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"He thought that it would be safer to go by train" In the above sentence what is the subject "HE"or "TO GO".... this was an example quoted in infinitives as subject please clarify....
 The subject of the content (complement) clause is the expletive pronoun it.
The subject of the entire sentence is He.
Anonymouswhat is the subject "HE"or "TO GO"....
this was an example quoted in...
The subject of the main clause is he. The infinitival clause to go by train (not just to go) is an extraposed subject in the content clause. ...
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Is that sentence sound okay? Because when I googled the phrase "_connection of team_' seems unpopular. Can you suggest other words?
 Do you mean the relationship of the people on a team? If so: rapport, team spirit, congeniality, esprit de corps are all possibilities.
By the way. Welcome to the Forums, snow Queen!
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Are the following sentences considered informal? 1. That man next door's bicycle. 2. That boy you met yesterday's car. 3. That man you met's scooter.
 These are understood by native speakers, and they may appear in everyday speech. They should not be used in formal writing. Rather: the bicycle of the man next door; the car of the boy you met yesterday; the scooter of the man you met.
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Hello, Do these mean the same thing? Please tell me the difference in their meanings if there is any. - We had a heart to heart talk. (could I also say 'I've had a heart to heart talk with him/her'?) - We talked frankly.
 They are correct and have the same meaning.
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