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asked a question.
After I have named several papers in more detail, is it possible to use the following to sum up (names and years) related studies? Shoud I use a colon, or start with the fist name? "Other empirical studies that have found high returns to ...
commented on their own question.
Now i try this. Please Check Rewrite each of the following sentences by changing indirect questions into direct questions. The students asked whether there was any need for more homework. Whether there was any need for more homework?The students asked. The cus ...
 No, you need to write the spoken words in quotation marks:
The students asked whether there was any need for more homework.
"Is there any need for more homework?" the students asked.
Word choice and word order in the direct quotes may be different. ...
 I try... please check them.
The customer demanded to know why the interest rate was so high.
“They want to know why the interest rate was so high?” The customer demanded.
They asked themselves whether they could afford another holiday that year.
“Can ...
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How can I send my message to a certain person.
 I only replied to your message; I just clicked the 'in box' button, and that's it, so I don't know the way I send my message to somebody.
Please help me.
park sang joonPlease help me.
Read my post.
 Where is the screen name?
I clicked my thread name, and then nothing happened.
replied to 's question.
Hi I want to ask if there is any differences between 'make a promise' and 'promise' ; 'make a reservation' and 'reserve'. Thanks a lot.
martinleeI want to ask if there is any...
I see none, beyond the improved style (except in informal language) of the second alternatives. ...
 t hanks so much.
Then which one is better: 'make a promise' or 'promise''?
martinleeThen which one is better: 'make a...
There is no 'better'—they both have their uses, and using one or the other will hardly be noticed. It is not worth worrying over. ...
commented on their own question.
Can some please verify whether the word 'key' is appropriate here? Are there other mistakes in this sentence? "Following Aschauer’s early work, which found evidence for large rates of return, there have been a great number of studies using ...
Pvunderink"Following Aschauer’s early work,...
...support / reinforce / confirm the conclusion that infrastructure is key to economic growth. ...
AlpheccaStarsthe conclusion
That's the word I was trying to come up with. Thanks.
 Thank you both!
Conclusion is indeed better.
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