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commented on their own question.
Look at the below sentence. The Minister of State, Cabinet Office (Lord Falconer of Thoroton) rose to move , That this House takes note of the planning, management and operation of the Millennium Dome, and of its future. http://hansard.millbanksystems.com/l...illennium-dome --- the first sentence. What ...
 I was very satisfied by with your post encouraging me.
Thank you Very~much, CalifJim.
I think this forum is the best forum ^^
Anonymous I'm in the US, and my interpretation of this is that it is a record of a House of Lords proceeding in the UK. My understanding of the House of Lords is that it is a largely figurehead body and has no legislative power. Therefore their ...
 Thank no name for your sincere answer.
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Hi A month ago I had no idea that on Saturday afternoon in November I'd be hanging 30 metres above the ground and enjoying it. Now I looked down at the river far below me, and realised why people love rock-climbing. Why is NOW used in a past ...
 'Now' can also mean 'at the previously established time', if the writer has established himself at a point in time.
It is often used this way in telling a story.
eg A robber came into my office last Monday at 9 am. He made me lie down on the floor. ...
What is the difference if I use ' THEN' instead of 'NOW'?
 'Now' makes the listener feel a little more that he is present during the event. It adds a degree of immediacy.
However, we almost always say 'then'.
replied to 's question.
Is the following sentence correct. Diana always ditches us. A day before she'll decide to wear black but on the day she'll wear something else.
 Largely this is OK. I would put a comma before "but".
However, I am not sure that "ditches" is the right word. What do you understand this word to mean?
You ask "Is the following sentence correct?" (which should have a question mark), but it is not ...
 i used ditches to mean betrays. Which other words can i use?
 I'm a British Canadian.
If you say to me, Diana always ditches us, I take it to mean that we are with her and then she always abandons us.
eg We all go out to a bar. Then she meets a friend she likes better, Then she leaves us, and goes off with him.
commented on their own question.
Put in the missing dashes. I’m going to buy sweets lots of them. I’m going to buy sweets - lots of them. When he went to university his mum gave him a big pile of money enough to last him a month. When he went to university - his mum gave him a big ...
 When he went to university his mum gave him a big pile of money --- enough to last him a month.
Molly found her purse -- down the back of the sofa.
Do not break a prepositional phrase with a dash. There are 2 prepositions: down and of. (Down the ...
 In last sentence...
pie and chips should start with capital letter or its ok with small letter.
asked a question.
Is the following sentence correct? Close the window please. It is raining outside otherwise water will spill on us.
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