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Hello, I've got a problem with the usage of commas in this sentence. Should they be inside or outside the quotation marks? "Here we find "aput," expressing snow on the ground, "qana," falling snow, a third one, "piqsirpoq," drifting snow ..." Thank you
  Thank you, Fivejedjon. Sometimes I see the full stop inside the quotation marks. Is it just a mistake or maybe some sentences require it inside?
  There are two conventions on the matter, generally referred to as British style and American style. American style puts the full stop inside the quotation marks. British style puts the full stop inside if it is part of the quote, and outside if ...
Blue JayBritish style puts the full stop...
Thank you, Blue Jay, I'm sorry for overdoing this, but could you kindly give me an example of the part quote so that I understand it better? ...
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How many ways can I say to a presenter to begin? For example, "You have the floor", "The floor is yours."
 In a wedding ceremony the Master of Ceremonies could simply introduce the speaker to the audience and then let them start their speech.
For example:
"I'd like to introduce Steven's Best Man, David"
David would now know it's his turn to speak and ...
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 Hello Everyone, I'm an experienced ESL teacher. I worked in Korea for 5 years teaching children, university students, government officials, and corporate executives. I work for ESL Explorer, which is an online marketplace for ESL courses. We have ...
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