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I have seen you walking in this road many times.
 I have seen you walking along this road many times.
 Thanks for your answer. When can i use in the road?
Chandrasekhar ReddyWhen can I use in the road?
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The passage below is from a website as follows: http://www.learnr.pro/content/34512-logic-a-very-short-introduction/25 In other words, a situation determines each relevant sentence to be either T or F. The relevant sentences here do not contain any occurrences of 'and' , 'or' or 'not'. Given the basic information ...
 It means "... work out the truth values of the sentences that do contain 'and', 'or' or 'not'."
 Thanks a lot, GPY.
asked a question.
Hi The title of the article is: Start successful business online (do I need the article "a" before "successful"?)
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A boy got lost in the crowd. Is there any better way to frame this sentence
mukulkushwaha95 A boy got lost in the crowd. Is...?
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Dear Sirs/Madams, I will be glad if any on you can help me with this phrase. I understand with "a year-long" outbreak when we refer to one year. But, I am not sure if we want to refer to several years long. Can I say "years-long" outbreak? Thank you, ...
  Dear Sirs,
Thank you so much for your help. Is that ok if i say "After years-long domestic violence, she decided to divorce."
Thank you
watermelon2Is that ok if i say "After years-long...
No. It doesn't sound like it's being said by a native speaker.
After experiencing years of domestic violence, she decided to divorce.
CJ ...
 Oh, I see. My great thank to you. There are more I need learn to improve my English. I hope this forum can help me improve my English. Emotion: smile
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