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replied to an anonymous question.
Hi. Should there be the definite article before the word "adults" in the following example sentence? For this, let's say there is a boy whom even adults consider as an model person, someone to follow after. Thank you in advance for your help. (says ...
 If you are talking about unspecified adults, no the is needed. If you are talking about a specific group of adults previously identified, include the.
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I often see the word "street" is accompanied by "the" as in the sentence below. > He sold drugs on the streets. Is it rather idiomatic for "street" to be used with "the"? Is it OK to add "the" to "street" even if I have no idea which street the ...
draqueIs it OK to add "the" to "street"...
Yes. When you simply mean outdoors in a city, you can use the phrase "on the street" or "on the streets".
draqueIs it also correct to write "He sold...
No, not with the meaning described above.
CJ ...
 Thank you !
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I've never been happier with any other girl like I feel with you!
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http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/the-turnstile/monster-ping-pong-rally-will-blow-your-mind--or-at-le... If you're like us , ping-pong was something you played in a buddy's house after school, and it took about five points for the game to devolve into firing-squad target practice, where the goal was to hit your opponent, not the table. Could I ask ...
 "us" refers to a group of two or more people that includes the author. "If you're like us" is a natural and unremarkable phrase.
I think "use" was just a typo?
 Thanks a lot, GPY.
Yes, "use" was just a typo. Sorry!
Anonymous asked a question.
Which of these is grammatically correct please? I would never take this game so much as a completion that I want to throw my own team under the bus. I would never take this game so much as a completion as to want to throw my own team under the bus. Thanks
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