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replied to an anonymous question.
proper term for What di u buy for her? if it is past tense is it the same
 Here is the correct sentence:
What did you buy for her? (past tense)
If you are talking about a future purchase, then you can ask it this way:
What are you going to buy for her?
replied to 's question.
1) What's the difference between going to a room and going into a room? 2) If I'm in one room and I want to tell someone to go into another, do I say to or into?
  Thank you so much MM and AS.
AlpheccaStarsGo to the principal's office. (Wait...
You don’t just want that student to wait outside the principal's office, but to meet the principal. What would you suggest? ...
Odessa DawnYou don’t just want that student to...
A student who gets sent by a teacher to the principal's office will be ushered in to meet the principal by the principal's assistant when the principal is ready. Most students do not wish for this experience.  ...
Anonymous replied to an anonymous question.
Hello teachers, Considering the use of neutral nouns such as "human race" instead of "mankind" and "workforce" instead of "manpower," would you consider changing "man-made errors" or "man-made disaster" to "human-made errors" or "human-made ...
 First, what is your opinion, please?.
[ Do you know that some people suggest that the words 'woman / women' should be replaced by 'womon / wimmin'? ]
Anonymous Hi, Clive.
I didn't know that.
replied to 's question.
Hi. Can wide receiver be translated to 'Flank players in American Football'? Thanks in advance
 I wonder if the American football term can be replaces by the rugby term.
 In basketball, you have the forwards, the guards and the center.
I have no understanding of rugby or cricket, for that matter.
What team sports will your anticipated audience be familiar with?
replied to an anonymous question.
Dear Sir, As we discussed above subject and briefing once more, Over a decade we have been exporting betel nuts from indonesia to india in big volumes, we all aware india is the biggest buyer and now that we have an opportunity to export the cargo ...
 This is a long letter to correct. I'd be happy to help if you want to send it to me directly in MS Word .doc format or Open Office format.
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