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Are They Dating? :D
Well Done!
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What does the phrase "two bees in a pod" mean?
 There is a phrase "two peas in a pod," meaning almost exactly alike. "Two bees in a pod" is either some sort of pun on this, or just a misunderstanding of the phrase.
 The usual phrase is As alike as two peas in a pod.
It means that the two things referred to (e.g. two brothers) are very similar in appearance.
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Be a man like you were when we did it. Or Be a man like you was when we did it.
Anonymous Thank you and why??
AnonymousThank you and why??
The past tense of "be" is as follows:
I was
You were
He, she, it was
We were
They were.
Anonymousyou was
This combination is impossible in English. It's always "you were".
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Can you check these sentences, please? Writing a letter in English is harder than a text message for me. Writing a letter in English is not as easy as a text message for me. It takes more time and effort. Thank you.
 You need these:
Writing a letter in English is harder for me than writing a text message.
Writing a letter in English is not as easy for me as writing a text message.
For me, writing a letter in English is [harder than / not as easy as] writing a ...
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Hi, On YouTube, there is a message: 'There was a problem while playing. Touch to retry.' Can I use 'when' instead of 'while'? Thanks
martinleeCan I use 'when' instead of 'while'?
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