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I'm scheduling a meeting with my client. Anytime before noon (12:30 pm EST) would be good for me. Would that convenient for you? Is it grammatically correct. Is there any better way to convey this message.
vts nairWould that convenient for you? Is it grammatically correct?
No, you need a 'be' (right) before the word, the adjective more precisely, 'convenient'. Thus, you need to say/write: Would that be convenient for you?
vts nairIf there is any better way to convey...?
In the country I'm from, If somebody says before noon, we interpret that as 'before 12 O'clock'. Also, ...
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Can someone please check this little section of my paragraph? I'm not sure if the reference is logical, and if 'As a consequence' is a phrase to connect these sentences. I want to express the importance of globalization and infrastructure in the ...
 I'm not sure that "As a consequence" is quite right. Where do these conclusions about globalisation stem from? Are they yours, or are they in the study?
The tense change in the last sentence is unexpected. Also, the "helped expanding ..." pattern ...
 These conclusion are from this Demurger paper. Does this make sense? Have you got a better suggestion to connect these two sentences? Maybe 'as a result'? However, I wanted to avoid 'as a result', since I'm using that a lot.
Thanks for the remark ...
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Which preposition is used with 'lesson'? 1) This is a lesson on/in simplifying things. 2) This is a lesson on/in tolerance.
 Both are fine there. 'On' suggests that it is a formal lesson (as in a school or training session) while 'in' suggests that it is a life experience.
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