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asked a question.
Does "blow something out" mean To hype up? To exaggerate ?
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The farmer's way of life can be contrasted __ that of the factory worker. a) to b) with Answer is (b). Please tell me why we can't use 'contrasted to'. Do we always use 'with' with contrast. please give some examples related to difference between ...
NakoolSo both 'with' and 'to' are fine.
Yes. It is not transitive, really, in my view.
 It is clearly transitive, in my opinion.
A can be contrasted with B. We can contrast A with B.
fivejedjonIt is clearly transitive, in my opinion.
I just try to let a verb phrase ring in my ear and see how closely the particle is attached to the verb. If it is a close union, then I think of it as a transitive phrasal verb (like 'bear with me'); if the particle seems more closely associated ...
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Which are correct: 1-They build houses too small for us to live in. 2-They build too small houses for us to live in, 3-They build houses too small. 4-They build too small houses 5-These are too-small houses. 6-These are houses too small. Gratefu ...
 #6 seems too far-fetched for me. It would have to be "These houses are too small."
 Oof! I read it too fast.
CalifJimI read it too fast.
Boy, do I know that feeling!
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