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asked a question.
Someone told me means "before" e.g.1 By the time we got into the building,we were soaked. Yes.I understand the example above but .. e.g.2 By the time he took his next shot,it had started to rain again. It really means before? e.g.3 He arrived by ...
replied to an anonymous question.
Hello, Do you concur that the adjectives "beautiful" and "perfect" are used as nouns in the sentences "Would you let me see beneath your beautiful?" and "Would you let me see beneath your perfect?" Or am I getting this wrong? Thank you in advance, ...
Anonymous"Would you let me see beneath your...
These sentences are not natural English. ...
Anonymous I see. Can you please share to me your understanding of what these sentences mean? I'm just trying to improve my English. Thank you.
 They mean nothing to me. In what context did you see/hear them?
replied to 's question.
I don't like cafeteria's food much. I like spicy. Cafeteria's food is plain.
mukulkushwaha95I don't like cafeteria's food much.
I don't like cafeteria foods because they are plain. I like spicy food.
replied to 's question.
In the following sentence, the word 'of' to connect two equivalent phrases is omitted. We can offer you a job ( of ) cleaning cars. Is the omission like that permitted at every exam and is it quite the thing in the spoken English? Can I take it the ...
 CJ, I am wondering if this approach is correct. In the OP question: I can offer you a job cleaning cars. The underlined is a participle phrase with the property of an adverbial.
I can offer you a job of cleaning cars The underlined is a gerund ...
 You were saying to C.J., not me, but I thank you for your sincere post, and I'd like to ask a question.
In your opinion If the phrase 'cleaning cars' is a participle phrase, What is the subject of 'cleaning'?
park sang joonWhat is the subject of 'cleaning'?
To me, Cleaning is just a participle ( in the sentence). It only describes an action- cleaning. Cleaning car - is a participle phrase modifying the noun (job).
My understand is this. I can offer you a job. This is a complete sentence. An ...
Anonymous asked a question.
What is the "moist lining" and "other linings "? Swelling of the moist lining inside the mouth or other linings in the body
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