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Hi, In my mother tongue there are a few jocular "warnings" that we address to those who eat sugar and candy to excess. These cannot be translated into English "seamlessly" I am afraid... But the idea is clear enough of course (e.g., "don't eat ...
 Don't eat that or you'll rot your teeth.
MUSCOVITEWhat sayings
I rather like this one, though its meaning may be obscure without a hand gesture to indicate "waist".
I can't throw these cookies out. I think I'll let them go to waist rather than go to waste.
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Hi, can you please tell me if there is a specific adjective that classifies/describes those old days’ classes, where the teacher did all the talking and the students sat down quietly and just listen? Is "vicarious classes" a good way to put it?
 Perhaps lecture style.
I thought a fair number of classes were still like that, but perhaps I am wrong.
Anonymous Thank you fivejedjon and Clive.
Clive, educational science scholars like to believe that collaborative and interactive classes have replaced the old style but in reality most classes are still like that, you are not wrong at all.
I’ll use: “class ...
Anonymousa specific adjective that...
In most of the Ed Psych books I've encountered (Educational Psychology), the term that seems to be used most often for that is "teacher-centered" or "teacher-centric". It's a rather made-up sounding word, but that's it. It's opposite is ...
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The lich also convinced Iphegor to command several of the church of Kossuth’s militant orders to join the fight against the undead, and he supplied the priests with magical torch-like weapons to aid them.
 Thanks for your help. Would these sentences work and flow well? Szass Tam is the lich, and Milsantos and Nymia are governors/tharchions.
After she and Aoth provided the five lords with full accounts of the Thayans’ two defeats, Nymia told them that ...
 Okay. You might want to change something so you don't have 'utilize' and 'usable' so close together.
Try something like this: he would use any Thayan corpses he could to manufacture....
 Okay great idea, thanks. Is it clear that the "them" in that sentence refers to the "governors' forces"?
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Which of these is grammatically accurate? 1)If you ever buy a car, what color would you want? 2)If you ever buy a car, what color will you want? 3)If you ever bought a car, what color would you want?
Anonymous Which of these is grammatically...
They can all be justified as sentences that might be said by a native speaker. 2) is rather awkward, though. Here's another that is better than 1 or 2: If you ever buy a car, what color do you want? 3) is exactly correct grammatically.
CJ ...
 This native speaker would express #1 as If you ever bought a car, what color would you want? I suppose there are others for whom your example sounds perfectly natural.
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FYI- Szass Tam is the undead wizard/lich. 1. In the country of Thay in 1385 DR, the mighty lich Szass Tam, the zulkir of the Order of Necromancy and the pretender to the regency of Thay, met with his prisoner, Yaphyll, the zulkir of the Order of ...
 Big surprise here! Emotion: wink I prefer the second, but the first is okay.
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