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I was wondering if you could tell me about this : table`s leg or the leg of table , do both sound right according to English grammar? can we use `S for inanimate things. Thanks.
 I don't possess a copy of Swan's 2nd edition, but by the third edition (2005) he says (p.360):
We use the 's structure to talk about parts of people's and animals' bodies.
.....a man's leg.....an elephant's trunk.....a sheep's heart
But to talk ...
fivejedjonBut to talk about parts of non-living...
Ah, that's interesting. ...
fivejedjonHe makes no mention of a/the leg of a...
Unfortunately, we can't ask him what made him change his mind. The fact that he completely left the phrase out might suggest that he simply wasn't sure about it. ...
Anonymous asked a question.
What do we call a person who is rectifying other English ?
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 Usually we would say twenty-three and a half billion, or twenty-three point five billion. We could also say twenty-three billion, five hundred million.
 It's easier to read if you use commas: 23,500,000,000
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 It could mean either depending on the intended meaning. Consult a dictionary.
Anonymousis people plural or singular
In what sentence? 'People' is usually plural for 'person', but it is singular when speaking of an ethnic group.
Anonymous is people plural or singular
Is 'people' plural or singular?
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What is the diffirent between younger and youngest
 'Younger' is a comparison between two people or things; 'youngest' is a comparison among three or more people or things. Read more about comparatives and superlatives here:
Anonymous What is the diffirent between...
What is the difference between 'younger' and 'youngest'? ...
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