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Are the following sentences considered informal? 1. That man next door's bicycle. 2. That boy you met yesterday's car. 3. That man you met's scooter.
Philipthey may appear in everyday speech
Indeed. And other ad hoc "solutions" to the problem. I once knew a man from Nebraska who consistently used the following construction:
1. That man next door his bicycle.
2. That boy you met yesterday his car.
3. That man you met his scooter.
4. The ...
 Thank you very much, Phillip. I appreciate it.
 Thank you very much, CJ. He sounds like Milton. (Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha)
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Strasbourg Cathedral-France
Strasbourg Cathedral-France
Strasbourg Cathedral-France
Strasbourg Cathedral-France
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Is it natural to say 'she comes before me or better 'I'll put her before me'? She comes before me. I'll put her before me. If I can only buy one, I'll buy her one before I buy myself one. Thanks
 What is the situation? Are you vying for a place in line at a business establishment? It seems odd, at best.
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Hi Please tell me how this explanation sounds. A Plane and The Eagle O'er tempest, soars the eagle with wings stretching towards the smiling sun. Gliding-nature's handiwork. Up the sky,a figure with outstretched wings battling the turbulent wind and frownin ...
 I cannot say those interpretations are wrong, Suresh, but I don't think they are germane to what the poet intends, for instance by his contrasting the two faces of the sun. By the way, where is the plane in the poem?
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The conflict was the ongoing and chaotic war between Szass Tam and the Council of Zulkirs that began in 1375 DR. Over the course of the ten years of fighting, the civil war in Thay had developed into a stalemate with neither side gaining an ...
 Good use of parentheses.
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