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asked a question.
Is it normal and polite if I say congrats on special days ( like thanksgivings or Christmas) in formal Emails to someone I have not met yet in an academic atmosphere? Someone like professors or secretaries?
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"Is there anything I can help you with. In case it helps, please let me know" Is that ok to add a clause after in case? BTW, do you usually say "Hope you are well" at the beginning of an Email. Thank you!
 Your utterance is not correct, with or without 'in case'. It should read something like this:
Is there anything I can help you with? In case I can help, please let me know.
jiangyueming do you usually say "Hope you are...
I don't, but you may if you wish. Emails are generally not as chatty as ...
 Thank you! Mister. But when I want to greet to my client at the beginning of an email, can I say "I hope this mail finds you well" or something else?
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How should I begin the formal letters or Emails in an academic atmosphere? For example in case of talking to a professor at a university.
taliehosseiniI found the phrase "I hope all is...
If you know the person well, or have met them recently, then it is a good opening line. But if you have never met them, it is presumptuous.
Just be concise in stating the purpose of your email.
Dear Professor Smidgens;
I read your recent ...
 You could check this website out: wikihow.com/Write-a-Formal-Letter
I hope that helps.
 Very helpful! Thank you!
asked a question.
Is this structure about saying weight right? I have 90 pounds weight.
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Is this correct? When i finish highschool, i want to be a U.S. Navy.
  When I finish high school, I want to join the U.S. Navy.
 Thanks Emotion: smile
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