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replied to 's question.
'She's not what you make her out to be' Does this mean 'she's not what you make her sound like'?
  Yes. The idea of her that you create is inaccurate.
asked a question.
Hi, Which one is correct? Did the airbag deploy during the accident? Was the airbag deployed? Thank you in advance.
replied to an anonymous question.
I came across an example and was wondering if I can change the place of the adverb, which sounds better to me. This is the sentence: he likes to knead the dough slowly. And here is the change I am thing of: he likes to slowly knead the dough. Another ...
AnonymousYou said I can if I don't mind...
I mean you can use either if you are willing to split the infinitive. Some writers won't and other writers don't mind at all.
Anonymous I also read the link you provided,...
The link is about split infinitives, not adverb placement.
AnonymousTheir examples were different than...
What do you expect—miracles? Google 'adverb placement'. ...
Anonymous Thank you. I think I got a good idea about the subject.
Are you the type of writer that doesn't mind to split the infinitive? Do most writers split? What would be your advise?
Because I just go with what sounds good.
Thank you very much in advance, ...
AnonymousAre you the type of writer that...
If I may butt in, ...
I do everything possible to avoid splitting an infinitive, and it has absolutely nothing to do with Latin!
Anonymous I just go with what sounds good.
So do I, and split infinitives sound so awful to me that I rarely use them. And it has absolutely nothing to do with ...
replied to an anonymous question.
i need to write a loan letter to my employer, I need the to support me while I'm on 6 months maternity leave
 I suggest that you write the letter, register here with a user name, and the post your letter. We'll be glad to help you with problems, and we far prefer to deal with someone we can get to know better (by name). There are several other good ...
replied to 's question.
Hi, I need to ask about the size and weight of the car that a trauma patient drove to estimate how bad the accident was. What do you say in English? What was the weight and size of your car? Thank you in advance.
Argo80What was the weight and size of your car?
I would use the plural form were.
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