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replied to 's question.
We will pay You for doing nothing but sleeping. What does it mean?
 You can sleep during your work hours.
commented on their own question.
Hi, I have a student who doesn't know English. She is at the elementary level and is so insistent on improving her speaking task because of her job. I started teaching her from the very beginning, but she still insists on speaking. Am I doing the ...
 Hi Dear Mistre Micawbre,
As I told you I started teaching her from the beginning, including Grammar,Speaking,Listening,Writing,... from Total English Books. But she still insists on learning to speak. I told her without learning ...
imantaghaviI told her without learning...
That is not really true (except for the vocabulary). Native speakers learn to speak without any grammar training or vocabulary lists. I have a student who communicates adequately without being able to pronounce a single word written on paper.
imantaghaviShe brought some sample sentences in...
These ...
 Yeah you are right, but my student is learning English as a second language and as you said I told her that she can't learn English by memorizing some limited number of sentences.
Thank you very much for your comprehensive explanation.
I do not know ...
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Brazil is strong in soccer. Does this sentence sound OK? Thank you.
 Yes. Something like this is more usual, I think: Brazil is a strong soccer nation.
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Could you tell me whether the following sentences sounds okay? Thank you. 1. His writing is innovative and radical where he sees God as being which is created by humans, not create them. (Among humans, the humans, and humam beings, which one is most ...
lucas21cCould you tell me whether the...
'Where' is generally too casual when you are not referring to a location, lucas. And you need to study commas and other punctuation:
1. His writing is innovative and radical: he sees God as a Being created by men, not one who creates man.
2. He was ...
 The 'major offenses' means felony. If I change the second sentence into "~ as the root of felony/serious offenses," will it be okay?
 Ah, I see. No. Then something like this:
He was severely criticized for his speech, which is racially discriminatory: in it he regards black people as the instigators of major crimes.
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