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asked a question.
Can someone please explain in the following phrase is correct English? "It is time to turn to". This sentence want to introduce the results chapter. Improvements are very welcome. Sample sentence: "It is time to turn to the evaluation of the impact ...
asked a question.
Dear Sirs/Madams, Can any of you explain this phrase, please? What does "as of June 15" mean? Thank you so much
commented on their own question.
No rain else in the world makes you feel happier than one in your homeland. Wondering if the sentence above needs corrections. Thanks
AlpheccaStarsNo rain else in the world makes you...
What could be a better sentence? ...
 I had changed it to
No rain elsewhere in the world...
That one is really awkward. The final version I gave you is fine. Sorry for the misinformation.
Anyway I would change it to this:
No rain makes you feel happier that the rain in your homeland.
AlpheccaStarsI had changed it toNo rain elsewhere...
You mean "No rain makes you feel happier than the rain in your homeland?" ...
asked a question.
http://www.engvid.com/3-ways-to-use-have-got / What does "just so you know" mean? Does it mean "as you know" or "like you know"?
I need help writing my lesson plan. I DO NOT want your answers but I am confused as to where I am not using only the bare infinitives. I figure I am going to change the warmer to not include previous language. But otherwise I am at a loss to ...
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