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commented on their own question.
Hi Please tell me how this explanation sounds. A Plane and The Eagle O'er tempest, soars the eagle with wings stretching towards the smiling sun. Gliding-nature's handiwork. Up the sky,a figure with outstretched wings battling the turbulent wind and frownin ...
 Thank you for your comments,sir.
Actually I have posted only the first two stanzas of the poem here.
And, as for the plane, the title is A Plane and the Eagle, and in almost every stanza the poet compares the plane and the eagle.
Here is another:


vsureshThis man-made handiwork, dismember's...
This talks only about a plane. ...
 Now, I understand. Thank you,sir.
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I would like to have see the temple. Does it mean I wanted to see it but didn't because I COULDN'T HAVE SEEN IT? Please explain.
 I would like to have seen the temple. ~ I wish I had seen the temple. (I didn't see it, and now I wish I had.)
asked a question.
Hi, For the decades referring to the following years we use the words in front of them: e.g: 1940s >> forties 1960 >> sixties How about 1910 or 2000? And how do we know which century they are referring to? For example, what do we mean by ...
replied to 's question.
I extracted sentence A from CNN news script, but I think it is wrong because it is missing a relative pronoun between 'explosion' and 'claimed,' and so I corrected it like sentence B and C. Could you check whether sentence A is wrong or not? And how ...
lucas21cCould you check whether sentence A is...
It’s not wrong: an explosion claimed lives and homes is a declarative clause.
lucas21cAnd how about sentence B and C?
B is wrong. C is OK. ...
asked a question.
I have a pretty complicated question regarding the proper grammatical syntax and use of the word "thereof." Does it require plural or singular objects in sentence construction? Or does it matter? Can I say (for example): "The papers and the words ...
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