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 While must can be part of a passive construction, as in This must be done today, it does not itself have a passive form. Only transitive verbs can have a passive form.
Please try to construct complete sentences for your requests: What is the ...
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Mister MicawberThe first is AmE, the second BrE.
That's if we are talking about trains.
Subway is BrE for a pedestrian crossing under a road.
fivejedjonSubway is BrE for a pedestrian...
Ah! An underpass! ...
 A BrE underpass is for cars.
Hey ho.
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If you board the plane with your friend, look around and say: I have worked here for 5 years, good days...( while you regret), and the context is that you and your friend are going on a trip to somewhere, and you used to work for the same airline ...
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I "wonder why"they did that and I "wonder how"they did that,,, which of them is correct?
I wonder why they did that focuses on the reason 'they did that'.
I wonder how they did that focuses on the way 'they did that'.
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