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replied to an anonymous question.
do we say 'the team believe' or 'the team believes'? Which one is correct?
AnonymousWhich one is correct?
Both are in common use. Since 'believe' is a human function, I would probably choose the former.
Anonymous  But 'team' is plural, so it should be 'the team believes'
 The word 'team' is singular, and so can take the singulat form of the verb. However, as a group/collective noun, it denotes a plural number of people and so can take the plural form of the verb.
replied to 's question.
Hi I'm a little confused which is right: In the early years, person X was ...... In his early life, person X was.... At the early stages of his life, person X was... Are any of these ever used? What would be the correct way to say it? Thanks!
 I suppose the most obvious is "When he was young, ..."
"In the early years, ..." may refer to the early years of anything, not necessarily his life.
"In his early life, ..." is OK.
"At the early stages of his life, ..." is not wrong, but to me sounds ...
replied to 's question.
I know when we should use 'Here it is and Here you are' and they can be interchangeable for the same meaning and 'Here you go' is an informal version of 'Here you are' and then I was wondering if 'Here you are' is considered as an informal version ...
 "Here you are" feels a bit more informal than "Here it is".
asked a question.
Hello, Is this a grammatically correct subjunctive sentence? If I were you, I would buy this computer. If I were you and I would buy this computer are two separate clauses? Is the first (If I were you) a dependent clause and the second (I would buy ...
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