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replied to 's question.
Wang (take) me to the theater tonight. The answer is 'is taking'. I really can't understand this... Why does 'is taking' refer to a future tense?
rpshWhy does 'is taking' refer to a...
As mentioned above, it expresses future time. It's not a future tense. That's the tense with "will".
We're going to the museum tomorrow.
Laura and Jerry are flying to Chicago next week.
I'm taking a physics course next semester.
CJ ...
CalifJim It's not a future tense. That's the...
Even the form with 'will' is not a future tense. 'Will' is simply one of the modals. Like the other modals, it can be used to refer to present and future situations. ...
 Present Progressive/ (Continuous)

This tense/aspect is used when the speaker wishes to indicate that the situation spoken of has duration, and that that duration is limited, i.e. it has a beginning and end. Precisely when the beginning and end are ...
Anonymous asked a question.
Should I leave before at the end? Is the sentence natural? She is pretty like you've never seen (before). Thanks
asked a question.
In honor of the victims, a holiday was 'announced' the next day. Is this sentence correct?
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Which is more grammatical? 1. He's probably not gonna be the person that completes me. 2. He's probably not the person that's gonna complete me. 3. He's probably not gonna be the person that's gonna to complete me. I know #3 probably doesn't sound ...
grammarfreak KatiMorton "First loves do not exist...
What's wrong about "your enough"? It sounds smooth enough to me. ...
KatiMortonFirst loves do not exist to complete...
This quote is from a legit-looking writer.
The sentence I quoted is at the very end of this article.
I believe the writer is obviously a native speaker. ...
 The writer is almost certainly a native speaker. At the end, however, his purpose is to leave a lasting message. In so doing, he does not use language in a way we would in normal conversation.
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Can someone explain to me if the word order in the following sentence is correct? I'm not sure if 'of secondary importance' should be at the end of the sentence. Sentence: " The raw data supports the hypothesis that the accumulation of physical ...
PvunderinkThe raw data supports the hypothesis...
CJ ...
 Thank you CJ!
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