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replied to an anonymous question.
what is correct ? has been cancel or has been cancelled ?
 has been cancelled / canceled
replied to an anonymous question.
What is correct? Walk down memory lane Walk down the memory lane
 No the. Keep in mind that a sentence needs punctuation at the end.
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 fly (flies), flew, flying, flown
commented on their own question.
In the following sentence, the word 'of' to connect two equivalent phrases is omitted. We can offer you a job ( of ) cleaning cars. Is the omission like that permitted at every exam and is it quite the thing in the spoken English? Can I take it the ...
park sang joonIn the following sentence, the word...
No, I don't see that.
I don't understand the rest of your post. ...
 Hi Mister Micawber!!
I'm so sorry for my poor English ;;
Do you agree with me about 'cleaning' being a gerund and about 'a job' and 'cleaning cars' being apposition?
Don't you agree with me about the word 'of' being omitted?
replied to an anonymous question.
Does anyone have the link to the Heineken TV commercial of the 80's with the upside down bottle and the slogan "When you make a great beer, you don't have to make a big fuss"? Thank you. Lourdes. Barcelona,Spain
 YouTube has a great collection of their commercials, but you'd have to be able to recognize it from the icon.
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