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replied to 's question.
Which is more grammatical? 1. He's probably not gonna be the person that completes me. 2. He's probably not the person that's gonna complete me. 3. He's probably not gonna be the person that's gonna to complete me. I know #3 probably doesn't sound ...
KatiMortonDoes the phrase "to complete someone"...
I am afraid not; not to this semi-American ear. We use the verb "complete " in context of finishing something, e.g. I will complete the investigation report this weekend. I personally will use "complete" as adjective, e.g. She makes me feel ...
GPYI am 100% sure that "first loves" is....
With due respect, that sounds wrong. I did a quick reference search, "first loves" has 434,000 hits. On the other hand,
"first love" has 26,400,000 hits. I know Google is a snapshot of how English speaking people use the language. But it still ...
grammarfreakWith due respect, that sounds wrong....
The relative rarity of the plural makes no difference to the fact that it is correct. For numerous valid uses of "first loves" from (mostly) competent native writers, search Google Books. I'm sorry, but you are simply wrong in continuing to ...
replied to 's question.
Don't drop the cup. It will (break) It will be broken or It will break ? The answer is later, but why is former wrong?
 Don't drop the cup. It will break.
The passive sounds weird because there is no "agent" that performs the breaking.
Grammatically the passive is not wrong, but it descries the final (future) state, not the action of breaking.
These eggs are ...
asked a question.
The children went to the zoo yesterday. They had (want) to go for a long time. I think the adverbial 'for a long time' is a kind of continuous state. So my answer is the title, 'had been wanting'. But the answer is 'had wanted'. Why? Is that ...
commented on their own question.
What's the difference between 'will' and 'be going to'? For example: My daughter (study) medicine when she grows up. The answer is 'is going to study'. Could you tell me why?
 It's said that 'be going to' implies something is going to happen at once, while 'will' implies that something will happen in the future which is further. Right?
rpshIt's said that 'be going to' implies...
No! Here are some counterexamples that disprove that theory.
— I'm going to take a long vacation when I win the lotto. (My winning may never happen.)
— Hang on a second! I'll help you with those packages. (Right this minute.)
CJ ...
 Got it! It seems that I should ask such grammar question on this website henceforward... Thank you so much!
commented on their own question.
Wang (take) me to the theater tonight. The answer is 'is taking'. I really can't understand this... Why does 'is taking' refer to a future tense?
 I do get a little carried away sometimes.
 Wow, so detailed! It seems I should convert the notion that 'will' is equal to 'futurity'. Thank you so much!
 So concise and comprehensive! Thank you so much!
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