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replied to 's question.
Hi I'm out of office till 25th May --- Do I need "of" after "25th"? How about "May 25th"?
 I'm out of the office till 25th May
--- Do I need "of" after "25th"?
In writing, no.
In speaking, say . . . till the 25th of May . . .
How about "May 25th"?
In writing, no.
In speaking, OK. Say . . . till May 25th . . .
replied to an anonymous question.
Hi everybody. How can I learn to decide on a word syllabification? I need some simple source of study. Thanks in advance.
 That depends on whether you are asking for spoken or written syllabification.
Spoken is fairly easily. Just pronounce the words, and you should be able to catch the syllables.
Written is more difficult. I have never learnt how to separate the ...
asked a question.
Hi I want to ask if there is any differences between 'make a promise' and 'promise' ; 'make a reservation' and 'reserve'. Thanks a lot.
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Sir, Please Check and correct me. Rewrite the following paragraph using brackets: Denver and Max Denver’s cousin went to the shopping centre. They had £10 in pound coins between them. Max was hungry he hadn’t eaten all day so he bought a sandwich ...
 Please Check and correct me.
Rewrite each of the following sentences by changing indirect questions into direct questions.
The students asked whether there was any need for more homework.
Whether there was any need for more homework? The students asked.
The cus ...
Anonymous  thank you
zohalThe students asked whether there was...
Whether there was any need for more...
The customer demanded to know why the...
Why the interest rate was so high?...
They asked themselves whether they...
Whether they could afford another...
Molly wondered what the new school...
What the new school building would...
Jade wanted to know how much the...
How much the dress was? Jade wanted...
No. I'm sorry, but all of those are wrong.
Let me point out the main problems:
— You cannot start questions with "whether".
— The indirect questions are in the past, but the direct questions must be in the present (they are asked at that moment).
— The ...
commented on their own question.
Hi, If you could help me? "Please provide your materials in electronic form" "Documentation in print form is no longer available" "Once the data has been presented in digital form, we can..." "It would be only suboptimal to handle measurements in ...
MUSCOVITE(1) Are the example sentences above OK?
MUSCOVITE(2) Why is the correct grammar is "in electronic form", not (sic!) "in...
Another mystery of the English language. It happens fairly often that an article is dropped after a preposition in commonly used phrases.
MUSCOVITE(3) What if we change from "form" to...
"Please provide your materials in an...t OK?
Nothing different will happen. The version with "an" is also fine.
MUSCOVITEIs my Longman right claiming that the...
Who knows! It seems somebody is ...
 Just to recap:
on one hand, we can say
(1) either "in an electronic form (format)" or ""in electronic form (format)"
(2) either "sth is in good condition" or "... in a good condition"??
on the other hand
we can only say
(1) "sth is in bad repair" (but ...
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