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Rewrite the sentences below using brackets: Ellie my older sister lives in Manchester. Ellie (my older sister) lives in Manchester. Jupiter the largest planet is made of gas. Jupiter (the largest planet) is made of gas. The twins Ben and Billy have ...
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Is this sentence correct? "The funds are not being added into your account balance anymore." The context is that somebody who has regularly received money for the work done, is fired and doesn't receive funds anymore.
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Are They Dating? :D
  Beautiful! Like ornamental butterflies but I think they are alive. You took it yourself?
  Very nice
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Figure out does not seem to be appropriate word for formal writing.  What is the alternate word? He consulted her to figure out how he could make the best use of the time/resources. Thank you.
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Hi, A friend of mine just got a raise ... which means some changes need to be made to his business card :-) Please help us choose the best "position title " (to be specified in his new business card). What do you think of the following variants: (1) Cen ...
  System Applications Center Director, no comma
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