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asked a question.
Hello! What is the difference between the following phrases? Could you please define them? I have checked them in a dictionary, but I couldn't find some of them: A blooming voice A deep voice A fruity voice A gravelly voice
replied to an anonymous question.
Please correct my sentence ' awaiting for what?'
I'm no English guru, but I like these sentences better...
"Waiting for what?"
"What are you waiting for?"
asked a question.
Hello English gurus, I need your help in the following sentences... "Would Harland Sanders built KFC if he didn't know anything about fried chicken?" "Would Warren Buffett started trading if he doesn't know anything about trading?" Are they wrong? ...
asked a question.
In that case the Supreme Court, led by former Chief Justice ABC came down in favour of the executive stating that “XYZ.” My question is which noun is stating "XYZ". Chief Justice ABC 'or' the executive. Probably it is more instructive to feel that ...
Qalb-e-Aashiq Hain Ab Para Para, Alwada Alwada Mahe Ramazan. Tere Aaney Se Dil Khush Huwa Tha, Aur Zoak-e-Ibadat Badha Tha,
 umm Actually today is our last friday of month of Ramadan Emotion: smile so we are celebratin
 yeah you can Emotion: smile
 I am goin to offer NAMAZ (Prayer) Emotion: smile will be right back Emotion: smile
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