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replied to 's question.
Hi, Should I use proud or proudly in the following sentence? "Once you stood proud/proudly as a beacon of life." Thanks, A.L.
 Hee! That's a mouthful, isn't it? I prefer to call it the they-swam-naked pattern. Emotion: smile
Surely you don't want 'nakedly' there, do you?
CalifJimSurely you don't want 'nakedly'...
No, I generally prefer the -ly forms, but sometimes the "naked" form works better. I wouldn't exhort someone to Work hardly. In the case of proud, though, stand proud (to me) means stick up. It sounds wrong to me to say "stand up proud" to mean ...
Blue JayIt sounds wrong to me to say "stand...
Same here. I don't know why, but the addition of "up" changes my perception of it completely.
CJ ...
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Should I add the phrase at the end of the sentence? After rescuing his family from the wraiths, Geran decided that their best option would be to escape through the small postern gate on the side of the keep, but at the gate the group discovered ...
 I would actually choose to end the sentence at the word "escape." Emotion: wink
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Completely coordinate with work of other trades. Could you tell me what the 'trades' means here?
 Other trades here means workers doing other kinds of work.
For example, on a construction project you might have masons, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, roofers, heating and cooling system installers, and so on. Each of these is a different ...
  Got it, thank you!
asked a question.
1- Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English 2- Longman Advanced American English I have #1. Is it thorough?
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I know that the 'linking verb' is followed by a noun (phrase, clause) or an adjective (phrase, clause) , same as the following sentences. I am a boy. (a noun) I became a doctor.  ...
fivejedjonThere are some differences in grammar...
I am not sure I can see it in the same light. Grammar fundamentally should be the same. Generally speaking, there is a huge difference between adverbial phrase and adjective clause. I don't see it as a case of different terminology. By the way, ...
grammarfreakI am not sure I can see it in the...
Even within one variety of English there are differences in grammatical acceptability. Once you move from be variety to another, the differences become more obvious. Do you seriously think that the grammar of American English should be the same ...
 Thank you both for your post.
I agree with fivejedjon about difference of English grammar term among many countries,
but I think 'noun clause' take the same role.
I consider that noun (clause) should be a subject, object or complement.
What role does ...
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