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Hello Can anybody help me to enter the site? I have forgotten my password . and the part " I forgot my password" doesnt work! it says " please contact support" how should I do that?? Sahba
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Introduction of new Apple product will make people crazy, standing in line for 24 hours prior entering the store isn't unheard of.
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Hello teachers,  The context is: In a restaurant, a waiter is attending a customer. He takes his/her order. The customer orders for a soup and the waiter brings him the soup. He (the waiter) puts the soup on their table and walks away saying ...
TomJThanks for your replies!Is it also...
Those are all OK. ...
  Waiter: Sir, how did you find the steak?
Customer: Oh, it was easy. I just moved this piece of potato, and there it was!
 @Blue Jay, do you want to tell me that 'how did you find...' could be ambiguous in meaning?
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If I had gone to the party, I would have had to invite him to my house. (The meaning is that I didn't want to invite him)Is my understanding correct?
 Yes. - CB
  You mean the sentence is also correct, right?
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Lots of companies such as Sephora(the major cosmetics retailer chain) and some supermarket chains have brands of products by their own names. Can I call those brands their "self-owned" brands?
 In the UK, these are often called "own-brand" products.
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