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replied to 's question.
Is there any difference between 1.Either way and Either which way. Thank you.
 I have never heard of "either which way". As far as I can see, it is an uncommon variant that means just the same as "either way".
deepuji Is there any difference...
It's possible that you are thinking of something different.
Every way and Every which way are very similar. Every which way is a colloquial, exaggerated form of Every way, and it has the connotation of "every possible way you can think of". Any whi ...
replied to 's question.
Below is Mother Teresa's words. Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time, and start with the person nearest you. Is the underlined nearest an adjective or a preposition? The form(-est) looks like an adjective, but it seems to work as a ...
 I added the words that have been omitted. That makes the structure clearer.
We often omit the relative pronoun and linking verb in short relative clauses.
Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time, and start with the person who is nearest to  ...
 Thanks for your kind explanation. Emotion: smile I have one more question. Is "to" you added between "nearest" and "you" omittable? The structure above(the person nearest you) is also grammatical?
Gu-Hoon Kwons "to" you added between "nearest"...
Yes. I just wanted to make its grammatical function clear.
Gu-Hoon KwonThe structure above(the person...
Yes, and quite common. ...
replied to 's question.
"The past fifty years have seen a dramatic increase in the availability of XX." What is the subject here? Definitely not "The past fifty years". How do we call this kind of sentence structure/style? Thanks very much.
nokiaWhat is the subject here? Definitely...
No. In fact, "the past fifty years" is the subject.
nokiaHow do we call this kind of sentence...
I don't believe there is any other name than "idiom". [period of time] has/have seen ...
CJ ...
replied to 's question.
Would you let me know whether the following sentences are right or wrong, and explain why? #1. The company’s third loan payment is expected from ABC Bank on Friday. (O/X) #2. He expects the company’s third loan payment from ABC Bank on Friday. (O/X) #3. The ...
 I revised my qustion:
Do you mean the following? :
In #1, if the bank is expecting, #1 is CORRECT, because the sentence can be understood as this:
From ABC Bank, the company’s third loan payment is expected. =
By ABC Bank, the company’s third loan ...
 If you want to repeat my words and add your comments, please put your comments in a different colour. If you don't, it becomes almost impossible for me to understand the post.:
Do you mean the following? :
In #1, if the bank is expecting, #1 is ...
 I didn't realize you had posted two consecutive replies. Let me now answer this one.
I wish you had shown me this test question in the first place, instead of the 4 sentences you asked about. We could have saved ourselves a lot of effort.
Originall ...
commented on their own question.
Hi I know if what does its feel .. If you need help I'm here for you But if you don't need me it's okay .
KNHi I know if what does its feel .. If...
Hi! I know what it feels like. If you need help, I'm here for you. But if you don't need me, it's okay.
Note punctuation. ...
 Hahaha LYLAF 😘
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