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My parents are from the US but they don't live there anymore. Can you say "they don't live in there anymore"? In the first sentence, I think the word "there" is an adverb. I sometimes see it is used with the preposition "in" as in "in there". I ...
MakiasanCan you say "they don't live in there...
MakiasanI'd like to know when you use the...
From there (= that place), you can see Mt. Fuji.
Your confusion is in part because 'here' and 'there' are idiomatically free of prepositions where other nouns need them:
I'll see you at Makuhari Messe.
I'll see you there.
I'll be in my office all day. ...
 Thank you very much for the reply, but I'd like to learn when you can use "in there" now. I googled a phrase "in there" and picked some sentences;
(1) Google has introduced new types of results. There's now a carousel at the top. There are now news ...
MakiasanAre these sentences correct
Yes, they refer to some kind of 2- or 3-dimensional location, real or metaphorical. Your original sentence does not: 'US' is a point location there.
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Who have ever tested GRE before? I tested it last week and i think it's so difficult to me. I have never seen many vocaburaly in that test before. English is my second languange so my English is rather bad. I understand well why i can't do it? But ...
 The GRE is probably the highest level language challenge for native speakers. The tested vocabulary is indeed often recondite. Verbal & qualitative reasoning and analytical writing skills are skills that few native speakers really excel at, so ...
  Thank you so much for your reply.
asked a question.
The whole is differnt from the sum of its parts because the parts working together create something new. To use a physical example, water is a whole that is different from its component parts. Do "to use ..." mean If/when I use?
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The sentence is from the following website. I’m not sure about the meaning of the underlined part. Can you tell me what it means? http://www.epubbud.com/read.php?g=H8AVF5J5&p=6 Of course, it is possible to be rich and unhappy, as many a celebrity gloriously reminds us. Of course, it is ...
  ...it is possible to get rich and find that you are unhappy not to be richer still, if only because the neighbours...are richer than you are.
= It is possible to get rich but to still be unhappy because you are not more rich—just because your ...
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Hi, i am a bit confused about a sentence. Could you pls help me whether it is true or not? Simply, i want to know remaning amount that i have to send at the end of april. The question was : after 200 books delivery, how many books will remain that ...
 We can't help you because we don't know the total number of books or the agreement details. Please explain more.
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