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replied to 's question.
What's difference between "have a party" and "throw a party"?
  "have a party" is for people who have very elegant and carefully-planned sophisticated occasions.
"throw a party" is for young people who spontaneously say to a bunch of friends: "Bring over some beer and chips and we'll party."
 You don't think you can say "Martha is throwing a party in honor of George's retirement next month. Make sure you put it on your calendar now so you don't miss it."?
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Bob and his colleagues from ABC university based their findings on 5000 boys and 4900 girls between the ages of 10 and 18 - a third of whom had smoked - who were examined between 1974 and 1989. My questions are: 1) why do they use 'whom'? I don't ...
 whom - object of preposition of
who -relative pronoun referring to 'boys and girls'
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rules for using the words "nothing" and "anything"
 The only rule I am aware of is not to use "nothing" with another negative.
I don't know anything about it. (OK)
I don't know nothing about it. (substandard.)
I know nothing about it. (OK)
replied to an anonymous question.
James: what is Ali doing now? Rock: I think hehe would be watching TV in his room? Is this conversation correct with 'would be'?
What is Ali doing now?
B: I think he is watching TV in his room./He is probably watching TV in his room./He might be watching TV in his room./Based on the sounds I can hear, he must be watching TV in his room.
Note that James's question should ...
Anonymous  What if James asked like: What do you think James is doing now?, Or, What would he be doing now?Is it still incorrect to reply 'He would be watching TV on his room' to the questions above? Please help.
 The "would" only works:
1. When you have a conditional.
A: If James weren't in California, what do you think he would be doing now?
B: He would be watching TV in his room.
2. When you're using evidence or knowledge to suggest something that seems ...
replied to an anonymous question.
I am going to show my presentation amid you. Is it a correct sentence with 'amid'?
Anonymous Is it a correct sentence with 'amid'?
It sounds weird, so I don't think so. That means that people will surround you in a random pattern as you make a presentation.
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