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I've been playing basketball all this afternoon. What you (do)? What did you do? or What have you been doing? If you chose the posterior, is it for maintaining consistency?
 Yes, if you choose the latter, it is for consistency.
 The speaker chose to consider 'this afternoon' as a present-time period in the first sentence. It would be unnatural to present it as a past-time period in the second.
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Individual and group counselling enable patients to increase their knowledge and understanding of addiction and develop effective relapse prevention plans. Shouldn't it be "enables" instead? Thanks.
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Hello there! I have read an article on internet. There is a sentence that has three continuity verbs. I want to know the below sentence is correct or not. "The first thing we do is create..." (do + is + create) Can anyone explains to me. Thank in ...
HoangNhaThere is a sentence that has three continuity verbs.
There is a sentence that has three verbs in a row.
Yes, it's correct.
[ The first thing (that) we do ] is [ (to) create ... ].
We create ... first. That is the first thing that we do. It is the first thing (and we do that thing).
 The first thing (that )we must do is create ...
 CJ. Thank you so much! Emotion: yes
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Can some body explain the meaning of righteous to me?
Pathfindernepalthe meaning of righteous
This is what the dictionaries say:
Morally good or correct, especially according to standards set by religion.
Morally correct
Morally right or justifiable; virtuous.
Acting in accord with divine or moral law : free from guilt or sin
Morally right or ...
 Thank you Mister Micawber.
 This is a very useful site, Pathfindernepal: http://onelook.com/
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Which is more grammatical? 1. He's probably not gonna be the person that completes me. 2. He's probably not the person that's gonna complete me. 3. He's probably not gonna be the person that's gonna to complete me. I know #3 probably doesn't sound ...
 My native language is English, and has been for well over six decades,
GPYI'm sorry, but you are simply wrong...
It does sound usual to me as I had first commented in earlier post. Then I showed you why i thought it sounded wrong to my ear with logical examples. I'd like to agree with you that "first loves" as used in the context was correct. Again, this is ...
grammarfreak Personally, I would never say " My...
Neither would I, but that was not what the discussion was about, ...
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