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commented on their own question.
Is it possible for "reasonable hotels" to mean "hotels whose charge is reasonable"?
 OK. Thanks!
replied to an anonymous question.
'This only applies to/on certain people' 'That theory does not apply to/on me' Is it always either to or on, or can both be correct depending on the context?
 To is the only preposition that sounds natural to me. "Depends" usually takes on.
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Are these both OK? They have taken trains when they visit there. They have taken trains when they have visited there.
 They are both rather awkward and difficult to fit to a context.
 Then would you think that it would be impossible to convert the underlined infinitive "to visit there" to a clause?
They have taken trains to visit there.
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Do you pronounce opposite with a "s"? Or do you pronounce it as 'oppozite"? I think Americans pronounce it with an "s" while Brits do it with a "z". Right?
Mister Micawber I do.
Do you pronounce "boys and girls" as "boyz and girlz"? If not, why "yearz"?
This is what makes English difficult for non-native speakers to learn. The pronunciation is different from the spelling. And it's not regular.
CharmYouDo you pronounce "boys and girls" as...
CharmYou The pronunciation is different from...
Welcome to English. I'll bet your own language has traps for learners, too. ...
Mister MicawberCharmYouDo you pronounce "boys and...
Wow. I didn't know that. Does this apply to any plural? "2 applez, 2 eyez, 2 earz, 2 pairz of flip-flopz"? ...
commented on their own question.
I'm trying to figure out whether a 'be + past participle' construction is in the legitimate passive voice or not. For example, I think that the following 'be + past participle' construction is not in the passive even though it is followed by the ...
 Okay. Let me rephrase my question. Please give me a straight answer. Please.
Do you agree that (2) is not in the passive voice?
 While I don't think that I would ever use BE beloved by, there are dozens of examples in COCA like this: He has yet to win a game, but he's beloved by Gator fans.
It seems to me that this is a passive construction, even though there is no active ...
 Thanks, fivejedjon, for your answer.
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