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1. She's proficient in two languages. 2. She's good at two languages. Is there any difference in meaning between them? Which one is better? Thank you.
 They mean the same.
2 is better if you think your reader/listener won't understand a long word like 'proficient'.
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this message when i send any post come to me ( This post will not be visible until approved by a moderator. ) why ?
 Hello alieid1998 and welcome to the forums.
Have you verified your email address?
That should solve the problem.
  yes i did
 Is everything okay now?
Anonymous asked a question.
Does 'give credit for' go with 'being better'? Would a native speaker say this is natural? The team is better than people give them credit for. Thank you
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Is it right, "everyday I drive back and forth between home and work?
tostyle unI have never heard of origami
fivejedjon: Have you though of looking it up in...
tostyle un I m a 22 year old girl.
That's interesting.
When I was twenty-two, I lived in a culture in which the concern of young people was to show respect for older people, not demand it of them. How times have changed. ...
 I agree I have astrayed, sir but I am working on it and respect is something you can't demand from others it should come from within us.
You are a pretty nice guy and what do you do for a living,sir?
tostyle unI agree I have astrayed,
'Astray' does not exist as a verb. You can say 'I have gone astray' or 'I have strayed from the path', but these have a rather religious feel about them, as has 'I have erred'. Natural possibilities include 'I was wrong' or 'I made a mistake', ...
Anonymous asked a question.
Is there ea difference? Can you bring it back tomorrow night as planned? Can you bring it back tomorrow night as is planned? Can you bring it back tomorrow night as was planned? Can you bring it back tomorrow night like we had planned? Can you bring ...
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