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replied to an anonymous question.
It seems "would" should replace "should" in the following sentence: "If you lived in turbulent times, you should be destined to make great accomplishments." I am I correct? Why, or why not?
 The sentence needs more work than that.
If you lived in turbulent times, you would be destined for great accomplishments.
If you lived in turbulent times, you would be destined to accomplish great deeds.
Anonymous Dear Mister Micawber. Thank you for the reply. Could I use "should" instead of "would" in either of the two sentences you have suggested? I am trying to understand the difference between the use of "would" and "should" in the example sentence.
 They will have different meanings then: 'should' seems to mean 'ought to' Here is a modern usage note:
Usage note
Rules similar to those for choosing between shall and will have long been advanced for should and would, but again the rules have had ...
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I'm trying to figure out whether a 'be + past participle' construction is in the legitimate passive voice or not. For example, I think that the following 'be + past participle' construction is not in the passive even though it is followed by the ...
 This is what I said above:
Mister Micawber 'beloved' exists in modern English only as an adjective; its verb is extinct.
 So, does that mean that you agree with my analysis of (2) that (2) is not in the passive voice?
 #2 does not require analysis.
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Its Time~
"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished." - Lao Tzu
is this real or animated
dont belive it to be real
still love it
 wao beautifully Captured.. Emotion: smile (y)
  Nature does not hurry, how true his words are, evolution is a painfully slow process but see now we have two very beautiful lives here, the beautiful flower the product of millions of years of natural selection and the talented young human who ...
Anonymous asked a question.
asked a question.
Hi, In my mother tongue there are a few jocular "warnings" that we address to those who eat sugar and candy to excess. These cannot be translated into English "seamlessly" I am afraid... But the idea is clear enough of course (e.g., "don't eat ...
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