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replied to an anonymous question.
Hello, could anyone tell me how do I use "hence" in sentence? Thanks
  This material is highly poisonous, hence the importance of careful handling. (Means for this reason we should...., or this is important to....)
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Anonymous Hello, could anyone tell me how do I...
Could anyone tell me how to use "hence" in a sentence?
Use it where you would use "therefore" or "for this reason".
CJ ...
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By this time next week he may/might have left for Washington. I found this sentence in a grammar book. Is it correct? Can't we this sentence with 'by this time next week I may leave for Washington'?? It's really confusing. Please help.
Anonymous  I that sentence, leave is present tense. Next week is obviously the future. So it should be written as future tense of the verb also. It should read: By this time next week, he may be leaving for Washington.
  Thank you so much, Alpheccastars. I have one more question. My question is, Do native speaker use this form?
tenjing Do native speakers use this form?
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With regard to my English knowledge, I have been fairly intensively studying English for over two and a half years without any major breaks. The culmination of my endeavours was the CPE certificate which I have successfully obtained. One piece of ...
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messier42 Does "tap out" mean " quit"?
Please post the whole sentence.
Anonymous  Tap out means to surrender or submit when referring to full contact mixed martial arts and wrestling matches and things of that nature. The combatant surrenders by tapping the mat or his/her opponents arm or leg when he can no long defend ...
  I was watching a tv program In which two people have to survie f in a jungle for 21days. Among them, a lady wanted to go back home. That time , she said " I'm going to tap out"
asked a question.
Jack: My train card isn't on the table. May Alex have taken it with him? What do you think? James: yes, I think Alex may have taken it with him. Is my entire conversation correct? I am trying to use 'may have' in a question? Please check properly. ...
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