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Hi People who live [to/till] 100 years eat a healthy diet. People who live 100 years eat a healthy diet. People who live [to/till] 100 eat a healthy diet. Please show me which ones are Ok. To me it seems like all the examples are good. Thanks!
 People who live to/till 100 years eat a healthy diet. Not correct.
People who live 100 years eat a healthy diet. Correct
People who live to/till 100 eat a healthy diet. Correct and natural
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The owner asked the manager to devise a plan and identify a person to manage the problem going forward. Thank youl.
 in future
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Your refusal to sit and quietly watch while mankind is dishonored is a hint at a noble conscience.
 You need to provide some context before we can suggest a suitable word.
In what way is mankind being dishonoured? What is happening?
  Innocent people are being killed, like in a war. A massacre is being carried out.
 I think you need to to to express your meaning some other way that is more clear.
In the context of evil acts, for example, the word 'conscience' is usually used when talking about people who perform the evil acts. But that does not seem to be what ...
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Challenge Answers start with the letter "F" A cat who helps us go to sleep? This frog is very sweet? What do gluttons love?
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You just vanished or You have just vanished I haven't talked to a friend for quite some time now. I want to say that to him.
 These are puzzling sentences. Why would you tell you friend " you just vanished"?
 because I haven't heard from him for a long time.
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