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replied to 's question.
Which word is a better option? Quenthel commanded Jarlaxle and his soldiers to prepare the Do'Urden compound for proper inhabitation/habitation.
 My dictionary doesn't offer 'inhabitation' as a word.
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Please, help! Thanks in advance! Emotion: smile "Nobody seemed _____ that he had been hurt." 1. to have noticed 2. had noticed 3. noticed 4. notice
 First, which is your choice, please?
Anonymous I ask for help or advice, but I do not ask for checking of my knowledge
 In this forum we ask people to try themselves first. If you make the right choice, you can be satisfied. If you make a wrong choice, we can explain why it's wrong. This may help you in the future.
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When you lie on me / When you lie to me.. Which one is correct?
 They both are correct, given the proper circumstance. The first means to recline; the second means to say something that isn't true.
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Hi there, I don't know the subtle differences among 'however','neverthless' and 'nonetheless'. Are however and nevertheless interchangeable in the following sentences. 1."The hike from Irun to Santiago is difficult; nevertheless, I think you can ...
 You need to consult a good and detailed dictionary, but here a few brief comments.
however suggests a difference or a contrast.
If you say A, however B, B is in some way a contrast or a difference.
nevertheless suggests 'in spite of'.
If you say A, neve ...
commented on their own question.
Rewrite the sentences below using brackets: Ellie my older sister lives in Manchester. Ellie (my older sister) lives in Manchester. Jupiter the largest planet is made of gas. Jupiter (the largest planet) is made of gas. The twins Ben and Billy have ...
 Please check the use of Brackets.
Denver and Max (Denver’s cousin) went to the shopping centre. They had £10 (In pound coins) between them. Max was hungry (he hadn’t eaten all day) so he bought a sandwich with halloumi (a type of cheese) to eat.
zohalPlease check the use of...
If it's an exercise in bracketing phrases then it's correct. In a real text this would be too much.
"In" should not be capitalised in the second sentence. ...
 Please check and correct me.
Rewrite each of the following sentences by changing direct questions into indirect questions.
‘When are you going to buy some more players?’ asked the supporter.
Supporter is asking when you are going to buy some more ...
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