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commented on their own question.
I want to write a paragraph (in my paper) about the importance of my study. Why my study is new/ what hasn't been discussed in other papers. Is this a good sentence to start that section? "Hopefully this paper can contribute to the existing ...
 What do you think about this:
"Hopefully, this paper will add to the state of the current literature."
Not sure about the comma.....
P.S. I want to avoid word like 'I', 'We', 'My'.
 As I indicated, avoid 'hopefully'. If you must, you could ay 'It is hoped that . . . '
'Add to the state of' is not good.
Truthfully, I think your whole sentence seems an unnecessary statement of the obvious. Everyonewh o writes a paper wants it to ...
 This sentence serves as a connection to the explanation of the paper and why the paper is different from other studies.
Is 'contribute to' better?
It is hoped that this paper will contribute to the state of the current literature
Anonymous asked a question.
In which sentence we have to use have , has.
commented on their own question.
I'm Korean, and I have never been to nations spoken English; Please, keep in mind this. Below, several sentences are the ones I found in a college student's report and other documents, and in these sentences, 'at all' was used as 'Negative ...
 Thank you no name.
Your account is helpful to me, but I don't have complete understanding of 'at all' in affirmative sentences.
It is difficult for me to understand every meaning of 'at all' in various sentences.
Many people in Korea regard meanings ...
 See the entry #36
36. at all (adverb)
a. in the slightest degree: I wasn't surprised at all. The people who attended mass at all would have voted for Kennedy.
b. for any reason: Why bother at all?
c. in any way: You have given me no offense at all.
The idi ...
 I have just read all the content about 'at all' including the 'Idioms & Phrases' part in the dictionary you introduced to me.
I will once more read this contents with fresh mind tomorrow.
It looks like the good-content-filled and very helpful ...
replied to 's question.
Hi, Any (or almost any) technical documentation is abounding with phrases such as "as shown in Picture 1 ..." or "Figure 2 depicts ..." It just occurred to me that I don't quite understand what differs "picture" from "figure" (in technical writing). If you ...
 "Figure 1", "Figure 2" etc. is the normal style. To me, in your context, "Picture 1" etc. seems inferior. I'd be surprised to see it used in a professionally produced technical document.
GPY I'd be surprised to see it used in a...
I see....
A couple of follow-up questions if I may...
(1) Although "picture" would as you explained, look out of place in any professional tech writing, still I guess it might be pAssible to (at least occasionally) use "picture" for "figure" at ...
 Does exhibit a/b fit? Or is that just for courtrooms?
replied to 's question.
please check and correct me as I want to use exclamation marks in this story. The clock continued to chime as the stranger crept into the abandoned house. The sinister house was glaring into the essence of the lonely man’s core. The man shivered ...
 My story should begins with following line.
The clock continued to chime as the stranger crept into the abandoned house.
zohalMy story should begin with following line.
I did not change the opening sentence.
 I seem to be alone here, but I felt the passage was very well written for a suspense story. I have suggested, below, a few minor changes. Otherwise it's fine
The clock continued to chime as the stranger crept into the abandoned house. The sinister ...
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