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replied to 's question.
Which word is a better choice, strengthened or assisted? The monstrous horde, strengthened/assisted by the red dragon Malazan, conquered the castle called the Vaasan Gate in a night assault.
 Please mark out the words you are querying.
cboutin3Which word is a better choice, "strengthened" or "assisted"?
 Sorry, I forgot to. But do you have any advice on my question?
 The dragon assisted the horde. He didn't actually make them stronger.
replied to an anonymous question.
I have attached my profile as preferred format to this mail. Please let me know if I need to make any changes. I will send you my photo with blazare, Tie by today.
 'Mail' includes email, Clive:
You've got mail.
 I have attached my profile to this mail.
Yes, but the writer here seems to be referring to one specific email.
I wouldn't say eg I wrote a mail.
I'd say eg I wrote an email.
Clive the writer here seems to be...
I don't see that specificity is relevant. I guess that's a difference between AmE and Canadian English, eh? ...
replied to an anonymous post.
"this was happen" is this correct?
 No. Here are some possibilities:
This happened.
This is what happened.
This was happening when he arrived.
 No. Perhaps you mean:
This happened.
This is what happened.
This was happening.
asked a question.
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