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replied to 's question.
Would you see the below sentences? He used to walk along the shore (with a) pipe in (his) mouth. He walked along the street limping (with a) stick in (his) hand. What cause can the words 'with a' be omitted for ? In advance, Thank you for your help.
park sang joonThank you for your post,...
"With" does not always qualify, either. The examples in your earlier post are very special cases.
When it shows agency, the preposition must be included.
Most of the time prepositions are required to show the role that the object plays in the ...
 Thank you AlpheccaStars for your additional information.
I don't know of 'causal agent', but I think we can omit 'with' only in case of 'with noun' plus a prepositional phrase and
can not omit other preposition.
Is my guess right?
 The difference is that "by" and "with" inform us of what did the action (the agent):
He hit the dog with a stick. (the stick was what hit the dog)
He was cut by the broken glass. (the glass is what cut him)
He limped slowly with a cane in his hand. (the ...
asked a question.
Hello, As you know, one of the meanings of the word [idea] is [notion or conception] Context: suppose that I'm showing you a famous painting. Then, can I use the word idea in this context or not? Look at my example: Alex, what's your idea of this ...
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 It most likely doesn't make any difference, but it's difficult to say for sure with no context.
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Can you please tell me if this sentence makes sense to you? Now that I have friends from all over the world, I feel that the world is smaller than I used to.
AnonymousCan you please tell me if this...
Yes. ...
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what is the difference between may and might
Anonymous What is the difference between may and might?
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