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asked a question.
a) This was a new start, a second chance. Although I had died, in reality it felt like I had just been born, again. b) This was a new start, a second chance. Although I had died, in reality, it felt like I had just been born, again. c) This was a ...
commented on their own question.
Is either Group of Eight or G-8 is a proper noun?
 Yes, they are both proper nouns. However, I believe that the usual spelling is "G8" (no hyphen).
 Thanks a lot.
If so, Is what a definite article used because 'the G8' is a group as in The United Kingdom?
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‘I don’t know, and I don’t care. As long as we’re together again, as a family, (then) that’s all I’m bothered about.’ Would you enter the word 'then' in the above or not?
replied to 's question.
''It was our baby James and she was cradling him back and forth.'' Does that make sense? Does it give the impression that someone is holding the baby and moving him back and forward? Or would 'and she cradled him back and forth' make more sense?
 Yes, that sounds OK to me. "was cradling" seems more likely than "cradled".
I would put a comma after "James" and consider putting one before too (this depends on whether you want to present "James" as parenthetical information).
Anonymous asked a question.
Hello, this a little strange, but I try to identify the product that you see on this photo, please! thank you
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