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Hello, (1)"The green expanse of the forest." (2)"Here we washed our feet before entering the wide expanse of virgin forest." (3)"We travelled by jeep and by foot through the wide expanses of paddy fields where women worked all day in the blistering ...
 It makes sense now. Thank you.
Just came across this example:
"in the foreground there was little but wide expanses of pastureland."
Since there is no apparent reason why the pastureland in question should be seen as divided up into multiple areas, could one also write "the wide expanse ...
SuperESL"in the foreground there was little...
Here is the entire passage. The view describes distant mountains, nearby hills, and a town that looked very small from the viewpoint. Certainly there was more than one large pasture in this vast scene.
I sneaked out of a side door and headed up a ...
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Hi! Please helm me to understand a joke in a textbook. "How can you make a bear fly? - Put him on a bear-o-plane". What's the meaning of the last word? What does the letter O mean? Are there any other examples of using such construction? Thanks ...
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Hello, I was looking up the word 'notions' (in sewing), and I was led to this entry from the New Hampshire's History Blog: - Yankee notions: goods made in New England, made widely known by traveling Yankee peddlers. These items included (but were ...
Henry74I haven't found this use of...
I suppose it refers to 'cottage industries': http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/cottage%20industry
Henry74Would you consider, say, spare parts...
Yes, though nowadays it more usually refers to more general items like hinges, screws, brackets and such.
Henry74Does the word 'software' also have a...
No. ...
 Thank you AS and MrM.
About 'household/cottage industries', the dictionary definition for 'cottage industry' only refers to a system for making products, thus the plural should refer to many such systems. Because the list in the definition I quoted ...
 To me, the blogger misused the term "cottage industry." These were very common; families (usually the mother) would produce home made goods to sell, such as jams, canned vegetables, toys, clothing, etc.
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