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replied to an anonymous question.
When do I use the go or goes in the following sentences: A special thanks goes/go to .... A special thank you goes/go to ..... I know I can exclude the goes/ go part and say special thanka to.. But is there a difference for the use of goes or go? Or ...
AnonymousBut is there a difference for the use...
They are both the same there. An argument can be made for the correctness of both. ...
Anonymous Ok, thanks. And that would be the same case if I started the sentence without 'A'? as in:
Special thanks goes/go to ....
so they are the same here and an argument can be made for the correctness of both. Right?
Thank you.
Anonymous if I started the sentence without 'A'?
No; then the plural verb is a necessity: there is no more grammatical ambiguity without 'a'.
replied to 's question.
Is there such an expression? What's the right term if I were to describe an order of placement which follows the a certain pattern related to the time that they were brought out?(such as a having the latest item placed at the top or vice versa) Thanks ...
maelstromhaving the latest item placed at the top
That's called 'FIFO' (first in, first out)
maelstromor vice versa)
That's called 'LIFO' (last in, first out).
Is that what you are talking about, maelstrom?
Mister Micawber maelstromhaving the latest item...
I've actually heard of those terms, being used to describe the way of baggage handling at the airport where MOVEMENT of items is involved.
But here I'm actually looking for an order of things only, such as a static list of threads posted on a forum
Emotion: smile ...
 Then I don't know one, but 'timely' is wrong. It means 'occurring at a suitable time', as in 'The policeman's arrival was timely—just as I was being mugged.'
replied to 's question.
Which is more grammatical? 1. He's probably not gonna be the person that completes me. 2. He's probably not the person that's gonna complete me. 3. He's probably not gonna be the person that's gonna to complete me. I know #3 probably doesn't sound ...
GPYI am 100% sure that "first loves" is....
With due respect, that sounds wrong. I did a quick reference search, "first loves" has 434,000 hits. On the other hand,
"first love" has 26,400,000 hits. I know Google is a snapshot of how English speaking people use the language. But it still ...
grammarfreakWith due respect, that sounds wrong....
The relative rarity of the plural makes no difference to the fact that it is correct. For numerous valid uses of "first loves" from (mostly) competent native writers, search Google Books. I'm sorry, but you are simply wrong in continuing to ...
 My native language is English, and has been for well over six decades,
commented on their own post.
In the past 3 years I am requesting to management for getting approval to procure Domain controller(AD Server) at Bangalore location. But We are not able to implement till Today due to some budget issue or some other reason. In this current ...
 Welcome to the Forum, rajeshm.
For the past three years I have been requesting management approval to procure a domain controller (AD Server) at the Bangalore location. We have not been able to implement this before now due to budgetary issues.
In the ...
  Thank you so much sir!!!!!
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