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replied to 's question.
Can someone please check if my sentence makes any sense? Is it 'in spite of' or 'despite of'? Information: My regression result shows that the variable 'rail lines' is negatively correlated with economic output. I'm 100% sure that this is because ...
 Yes, I think your sentence makes sense.
"despite of" is ungrammatical. "in spite of" and "despite" mean the same thing and are interchangeable.
I would change "way of transportation" to "method of transportation" (more usual collocation).
Typo: "it seems ...
 Thank you!
I changed the typo immediately Emotion: smile
Alright, method of transportation sounds good.
Maximization, according to the regression result, would imply a total elimination of rail lines. I think this is good.
To put it another way: Yes, maybe I ...
PvunderinkMaximization, according to the...
You may be right; I guess it depends on whether you read "maximize" as having global scope or scope only across this parameter. I read it as the former. ...
replied to an anonymous question.
its very difficult to be withot speaking with the person whom u like is the sentence crct
Anonymous It's very difficult to be without speaking with the person whom you like. Is the sentence correct?
replied to 's question.
The fact finding committee has not made any advancement a) progress b) improvement c) No improvement Answer as per my book is (a) But as per my understanding, 'advancement' also means 'progress' . Please assist.
 The definitions at MW seem useful in this case:
a : promotion or elevation to a higher rank or position
b : progression to a higher stage of development
(http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/advancement )
The fact-finding committe has not progressed to a higher rank or position, nor to a higher ...
commented on their own question.
In the following sentence, the word 'of' to connect two equivalent phrases is omitted. We can offer you a job ( of ) cleaning cars. Is the omission like that permitted at every exam and is it quite the thing in the spoken English? Can I take it the ...
park sang joonWe can offer you a job (of) cleaning...
We can offer you a job cleaning cars.
We can offer you the job of cleaning cars.
park sang joonI love this book 'Of Human Bondage'
No. This is a different case. "Of" belongs to the title, by the way; it's not part of the grammar of "of".
I love the book "Gone with the Wind" cannot be changed to I love ...
 Thank you CalifJim for your specific account.
I will change the book of my example into "Gone with the Wind".
 I need your help !!!!!!!
I will clarify my point.
1) We can offer you a job (of) cleaning cars. --- without the word 'of'
2) I love this book 'Gone with the Wind' more than any other book. --- without a comma
I mean each of ...
asked a question.
My sentence was corrected as follows. Please someone help me to understand why my sentence was corrected as follows. Mine : However, I sometimes have difficulties coming up with what to write. Corrected sentence : However, I sometimes have ...
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