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Anonymous asked a question.
Is this sentence correct? "Capitalism and Socialism is something as collective looting, the former by the corporate and latter by bureaucrats".
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Hi, If "He was to die in 1940." is to: "He died in 1940." then is: "He was to flourish into one of Hollywood's brightest stars by the 1940s." to "He had flourished into one of Hollywood's brightest stars by the 1940s."? Thank you.
 A small note.
To me, 'flourish into' sounds a bit odd.
I'd consider
eg flourish and become
 Thank you for your advice. I suppose, alternatively, I can also consider "blossom into."
(1) "He was to become the president in 1940."
(2) "He was to become the president by 1940."
Is it correct to say that while the first example states ...
SuperESLthe all-seeing point of view
This is perhaps a misnomer. At least I believe you are taking it in a way that is different from how I meant it. I meant the viewpoint of someone who knows what the future of a past situation will eventually be, even though that future ...
Anonymous replied to an anonymous question.
Paul McCartney is coming back to Japan for his “Out There Tour” again in the next month. As I could get an excellent seat luckily, I would like to make sign boards, and as a non-native speaker, am wondering if the messages below sound fine or not: 1) Hono ...
Anonymous  Just use 'Take It Away, Paul!' for #2
Anonymous To Mister Micawber,
Thank you for your quick response and kind suggestions. I truly appreciate your help!
Anonymous Thank you for your kind help. Chiaki
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The Nepali word of 'go' would be 'janu'. Or. The Nepali word of 'go' is 'janu'. Which one is more correct? How does 'would' work in the sentence? (It's not a conditional, right?) Please explain.
  Please explain briefly. I know very well about using 'would' with conditionals and with the meaning of continuous past actions such as, every week I came to my house, he would give me chocolates. But the sentence above is neither a conditional ...
 Neither is correct as written.
The Nepali word for 'go' would be 'janu'.
The Nepali word for 'go' is 'janu'.
I'm not sure how would works here. The dictionary offers the sense of expressing an opinion, which I suppose this is, but I expected to find ...
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