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replied to 's question.
As an aspiring editor, this has sometimes been my Achilles heel. When connecting two independent clauses, I sometimes find it difficult to know whether I should use a semicolon or a colon. I understand that semicolons should precede words such as ...
 Here is a useful paper on the subject: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/engagement/2/1/44 /
Semicolons are much more frequently used than colons between independent clauses. Of course, the period (full stop) is the most frequently used. The other punctuation marks (semicolon, colon) should be ...
 Yes, I saw that page before. However, I also saw this page, stating that colons can be used if the second clause is directly related to the first clause. http://www.grammarly.com/handbook/punctuation/colon/2/colon-between-independent-clauses /
But what constitutes "directly"?
Not sure where the "link" feature is for this forum.
 I generally avoid colons as punctuation between independent clauses.
It is safer to use a semicolon and not worry about it.
Colons are common in titles and subtitles. Here is a well-known example:
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying ...
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"It has gotten much hotter." I have learned that there are four usages of present perfect tense like 1) Experience Have you met him before? 2) Completion I have already finished the project. 3) Result I have lost my wallet. ( I do not have it now) 4) Continua ...
Hans51"It has gotten much hotter."? I think...
I don't think so. That would be more like "It has been getting much hotter". More likely, "result". In any case I doubt you can put every sentence with a present perfect verb into one of these categories.
CJ ...
Hans51What do you native English speakers...
I would argue for "experience" because you are experiencing the increased temperature.
If these categories are useful for you to decide between present, past and present perfect, then that is fine.
But if they confuse you, (as they would confuse ...
AlpheccaStarsI would argue for "experience"...
I don't think it means "experience" like that; it means "experience" as in something one has done or experienced at least once (e.g. "Have you ever been to Paris?"). ...
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Hello everyone. As you see from the title, I have a really hard time with the word toothache. Some people (native speakers) say there is no pause between tooth and ache, and it should be pronounced as one word. I am not satisfied with that answer ...
 Here is a good site for pronunciation:
Or click on the loudspeaker icon here: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/toothache
replied to an anonymous question.
'E-learning as a vigorous on educational change' can someone interpret that. Is it a correct English. Thanks
Anonymous Is it correct English?
No. I have no idea what they are trying to say here.
vigorous is an adjective. There is a noun missing: eg. "a vigorous activity"
replied to 's question.
Unlike he father, he lacks intelligence. Does it mean he is different from his father and his father has intelligence? Please help. Also, can 'unlike' be used with gerunds? Please could you tell me as much as possible about 'unlike'? Please ...
tenjingUnlike he father, he lacks...
Yes, but this should say "Unlike his father, ...". He lacks intelligence; his father does not.
tenjingAlso, can 'unlike' be used with gerunds?
In some cases yes. "Unlike swimming, running comes fairly naturally to most of us", "It is not unlike watching paint dry". However, injudicious use may ...
tenjingUnlike his father, he lacks intelligence.
unlike = not like
Unlike his father... = He is not like his father.
He lacks intelligence. = He is not smart.
Because he is not like his father, and he is not smart, then his father must be smart.
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