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replied to an anonymous question.
Be a man like you were when we did it. Or Be a man like you was when we did it.
Hello, guys! So, today I would like to start my first discussion. And I was thinking I'd like to talk about something that would be totally meaningless, completely stupid, and absolute nonsense. You know, just for fun! Emotion: smile And then I realised there was ...
asked a question.
Can anyone tell if this sentence makes sense as written: The fomer through poetic means, and... The phrase of concern is: "posthumous Presocratic philosophy" I want to refer to the now dead, or "posthumous" era of "Presocratic philosophy". I am tight on a word count, in fact I am over, ...
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Really quick question: Which one of the below two questions uses correct grammar? 1. "What time would be good for you?" 2. "What time will be good for you?" Thank you in advance!
 They are both grammatically correct.
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ashapareek Yesterday I went my friend house to... I went to my friend's house to watch movies yesterday, but he wasn't there. CJ ...
 ...and neither was ashapareek, it seems.
Mister Micawber...and neither was ashapareek, it seems.
When I hit "Post" on that one, I got a message that said "Fatal Error", but when I backed out of it, I saw that my post was there without the post that had the question. I just left it there in case ashapareek was still interested.
 The Disappearing OP syndrome has struck me too on occasion. I have no idea what happens—maybe someone moved or deleted it while I was posting to it?
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