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commented on their own question.
A: how old is he? B: I think he would be twenty this year. Is this conversation corret with 'woild'? please help.
  No, the guy I am taking about is still alive. If so..?
tenjingNo, the guy I am taking about is...
As already discussed. Use "will", very rarely "would". "would" doesn't sound right in an answer to "How old is he?"
"would" requires a situation where the speaker is not at all certain, possibly because he has not seen the person whose birthday ...
  suppose,I have a friend. His name is Alex. I haven't seen him for almost fifteen years. I have almost forgotton what he looks like. And today I am talking about him with my another friend, Jack. Jack asks me,"How old is your friend?" And I ...
replied to an anonymous question.
2. Wich of the following of sentences presents an INCORRECTY use of hyphens? A: "When I'm Sixty - Four" is a famous song by the Beatles. B: A thesis statement should be well-crafted and thought- over C: The tranier said the even dogs can have ...
Anonymous  B. Well crafted can be written either way (hyphenated or separated) depending on how it is used. Thought over should not be hyphenated. Also, remember to always check your spelling and punctuation.
Anonymous2. Wich of the following of sentences...
There are four spelling errors in the text quoted above.
Can you locate them and correct them?
CJ ...
replied to 's question.
This is my sentence: "That there is some very precise hierarchy of/for street musicians is …" Which one? Of or for? Or some better 3rd option? Thanks!
Chris Bryant This is my sentence: "That there is...
Given no further context, "for".
CJ ...
replied to 's question.
All while giggling like a maniac and seemingly high out of his mind. What's high out of his mind?
 Using drugs.
  I am just guessing his age.
replied to 's question.
Hi Please tell me if this sentence sounds natural. English teachers Raj and Vinod welcomed the audience and proposed a vote of thanks respectively.
vsureshEnglish teachers Raj and Vinod...
You might even express this in the passive voice.
The audience was welcomed and a vote of thanks proposed by Raj and Vinod respectively.
The meaning of "a vote of thanks" is a bit puzzling to me.
CJ ...
CalifJimThe meaning of "a vote of thanks" is...
"vote of thanks" is quite a familiar phrase for me. However, now I come to think more closely about it, I find myself unsure about exactly what it entails. ...
GPY"vote of thanks" is quite a familiar...
Not for me. Maybe it's more common in BrE. At first the bizarre idea came to mind that a vote was to be taken to determine whether the audience should thank someone or not, but I dismissed that immediately as nonsense. I suppose that in that ...
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