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commented on their own question.
Jack: My train card isn't on the table. May Alex have taken it with him? What do you think? James: yes, I think Alex may have taken it with him. Is my entire conversation correct? I am trying to use 'may have' in a question? Please check properly. ...
  I mean, in possibility questions?
tenjing I mean, in possibility questions?
I can't think of a case where it would be natural.
  Thank you very much.
commented on their own question.
Then came Japan's Fukushima disaster. China prudently put a halt to nuclear licensing and construction, including at Shandong, pending a full safety review. As this process stretched on and on, critics of nuclear power dared hope. Perhaps the ...
rpshCould you tell me what is 'dare hope'.
It means that they were cautiously optimistic. They could begin to hope that nuclear power development would stop.
rpshAnd the 'greens' refers to the...
Yes. ...
 Got it, thank you!
Anonymous asked a question.
Which is correct? Sometimes a word has 3 different meanings/definitions. There are 3 different definitions / meanings of/for the word in the dictionary. Which definition/ meaning is this? /Which définition is being used ? Thanks
replied to 's question.
  What about " snapped out him"?
messier42What about " snapped out him"?
I'm not familiar with that one.
messier42 What about " snapped out him"?
No, that doesn't make sense.
Anonymous asked a question.
Is this sentence correct grqmmqtically speaking? Which defintion of 'whether' am I using? When you have a hobby or passion whether it be/whether it is soccer, or football, you want to get better at it. How would you ask this sentence? Which ...
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