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replied to 's question.
Hi, Quite a bit of confusion here: I don't feel comfortable about taking this pill. I don't feel comfortable with taking this pill. I don't feel comfortable taking this pill. I'm not comfortable with taking this pill I'm not comfortable about taking ...
fivejedjoncomfortable with (a/the) - noun...
Thanks for that data.
Amazing. "with -ing" falls quite strangely on my ear (in comparison to the other choices). I'll have to listen for examples in the next week or so.
CJ ...
 I think I am happier with 'about' . However, your warning not to use with made me uneasy, which was why I went to COCA. The results surprised me.
fivejedjonI think I am happier with 'about' .
Now I'm totally confused. I don't know if I'm happier with "about" or happier about "with".
Oh, no! Now we need research on "happier with" vs "happier about". Emotion: big smile
replied to an anonymous question.
my name is P.Naveen Kumar. What is my first, middle n last name???
Anonymous CAn i write Naveen Kumar as my first name and last name as Ponnusamy????
 Having read both posts, I think CJ's is a more helpful response than mine, but I'll leave mine. It's one way to look at the situation.
AnonymousCAn i write Naveen Kumar as my first...
"Naveen Kumar" sounds like two names to me, so "Naveen" would be your first name and "Kumar" your middle name.
But that's only if "Ponnusamy" is really the family name, as explained earlier.
CJ ...
replied to an anonymous question.
For example: It takes a lot to discourage smokers. What does it mean? Thanks Emotion: wink
  It is difficult, it takes a lot of effort, much has to happen.
Anonymous  And can anyone please correct this sentence for me? I think something goes wrong here but I have no idea how to rewrite it.
Doctors claim that smoking is as important as a cause of death as the great epidemic diseases such as bubonic plague.
Thank ...
 It's not wrong, but I think it would read better without the second as.
Doctors claim that smoking is as important a cause of death as the great epidemic diseases, such as bubonic plague.
Alternatively, you could rewrite it. How about:
Doctors claim ...
Anonymous asked a question.
You are eligible as long as you have a car over/newer than 2008. What would be the correct way to say the above? Thank you
Anonymous asked a question.
How to Introduce myself (fresher)
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