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When you are marrying someone in any day then invite us for your wedding.
 When you are getting married, invite us to your wedding.
Hi everybody, This is my first post here. I am working on translating an article about musicians' maladies (to Arabic) to enhance my language. I faced some problems, so I need your help please: This is one: "Later, Beethoven’s biographer Martin ...
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We need to give up what no longer works* and find new ways of being that keep us close to *what matters.. In the above quote 'give up what no longer works' and find new ways of being that keep us close to what matters.. Does this mean we have to ...
SynonymDoes this mean we have to find new...
Yes. ...
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There are variety of disease that scientists have not found any preventive method for them
 There are a variety of diseases for which scientists have not found any preventive measures.
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I know that the 'linking verb' is followed by a noun (phrase, clause) or an adjective (phrase, clause) , same as the following sentences. I am a boy. (a noun) I became a doctor.  ...
park sang joonWhere have my question gone?
It is difficult to give a satisfactory answer to your question because, as I have explained, there is no universally accepted terminology.
 In Korea, people are taught that a word class can be transformed to another word class in English grammar for the general public, not for students that major in English.
My last four examples are such cases.
Can I understand that way?
fivejedjonA few examples:Most American...
I can appreciate your examples. I am not interested in local usages as they don't represent academic English standard.
If a foreign student is to take a English Aptitude Test, he must follow the academic standard ( grammar), do you agree?
That's ...
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