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Please tell me which one is right and why. 1. The price of goods and services is increasing these days. 2. The price of goods and services increasing these days. Thanks, in advance.
Mohamadreza01. The price of goods and services is increasing these days.
You need a finite verb in your sentence. -ing forms are non-finite forms, and they can't stand alone as the only verb form in a main clause.
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What does it mean to shovel ***?
 prevaricate, beguile, deceive, delude, dupe, fool, gull, hoax, hoodwink, kid, snow, trick; misrepresent, misstate; distort, garble; dissemble, dissimulate; misguide, misinform, mislead, talk nonsense, brag, boast
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Hi, The following are a few example sentences I just picked from the COCA hit lists... (1) In 2007, PepsiCo hired a former executive director at the World Health Organization to direct its global health policy, including a… (2) He then spent 5 years ...
AnonymousThe reason for this is that the word...
Do you have any evidence at all for this idea? ...
CalifJimYes, but you can say it in Russian....
The Russian version is "Koshke - igrushki, myshke - slyozki" :-)
How do you say it in Russian? "Kak eto po-rooski?" or "Kak eto skazat' po-rooski?" or, the longest version, "Kak eto zvuchit na rooskom yazeeke?" ( t' designates a very soft 't' ...
MUSCOVITEHow do you say it in Russian? "Kak...na rooskom yazeeke?"
Thanks for the Russian lesson. It's been years since I tried my hand at that. I see it's "na", not "v". I thought "v" seemed wrong. Emotion: smile
MUSCOVITEKoshke - igrushki, myshke - slyozki
Very freely translated, but with a nice rhyme: Cat's at play — mouse's dismay.
Or, for children: Kitty's at ...
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What is difference between line and sentence
 What is the difference between line and sentence?
Line 1 Trees are very useful to man. (sentence 1) They support
the life old living things. (sentence 2) Trees are needed for
making paper, furnish and houses. ...
asked a question.
I wrote some quotes and I want you to give me your Feedback/Opinion. Which's better? Feedback or Opinion? Is there any better word?
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