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Which is more grammatical? 1. He's probably not gonna be the person that completes me. 2. He's probably not the person that's gonna complete me. 3. He's probably not gonna be the person that's gonna to complete me. I know #3 probably doesn't sound ...
grammarfreakTo me, "First love" only comes once...
Lots of people, lots of first loves, one per person.
grammarfreakI have no idea what " ... you are...
It means that you are sufficient by yourself. You do not need anyone else to "complete you". ...
GPYIt means that you are sufficient by...
If Mary met Paul in high school and dated through college. She was so in love that she kept telling her girl friends" I an so l lucky that I've found my prince with my first love". Paul one day told Mary "I need sometime to be by myself...". ...
grammarfreakhow can Winston and Paul be her first...
GPY was suggesting that the first love of A and the first love of B can be referred to as 'first loves'. My wife and I have spoken of our first loves - she of her first love and I of mine, just as we have spoken of our first cars. ...
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undesirable toxins OR undesired toxines? thanks
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In honor of the victims, a holiday was 'announced' the next day. Is this sentence correct?
Haddie Okay I'll rephrase to make my...
It would be better to say "a holiday has been announced for tomorrow", but I feel that "tomorrow has been declared a holiday" is more polished. ...
Haddie Also, if I were to retain the...
In honor of the victims, the following day was declared a holiday. ...
  Thank you. That was very helpful, however if my sentence were as follows, it would be incorrect according to your explanation, so how do I phrase it?
"The sound of XYZ's chirpy voice announcing ABC the next day always cheered everyone up"
Here XYZ ...
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Is it: "mind challenging" or "mindchallenging" or mind-challenging thank you very much!
Anonymous thanks GPY
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