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replied to an anonymous question.
what is correct and why? i am working here from August 2009. i have been working here xince August 2009.
Anonymouswhat is correct
I have been working here since August 2009.
Anonymousand why?
Present perfect is used for duration from a past time until the present.
asked a question.
Hi. I am reading a text about different techniques of applying a coating on a material. In a table the author has listed the advantages and disadvantages of each technique. I cannot understand the meaning of the phrase, "line of sight technique" ...
replied to an anonymous question.
Hello I was wondering if anyone could help me please. Which phrase is correct between "environmentally sustainable world" or "environmental sustainable world"? Are both phrases correct? If not, why? I know that 2 adjectives can be used before noun ...
AnonymousWhich phrase is correct between...
environmentally sustainable world
Anonymous know that 2 adjectives can be used...
That is when both adjectives refer to the noun.
Anonymousand also that adverb is placed before...
That is when the adjective refers to the noun but the adverb refers to the adjective. This is the case with 'environmentally sustainable'. ...
 Dear Mister Micawber
Thank you very much for your help.
Oan, Thailand
replied to 's question.
At the moment, we've got a salad bar which is very popular. We'll also have a fully-licensed restaurant by the end of the year. What does "fully-licensed restaurant" mean?
john liaoWhat does "fully-licensed restaurant"...
It is permitted to serve wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages. ...
 In the UK you need a license to sell alcoholic drinks, so this means that your restaurant could sell alcoholic drinks.
I don't think the fully adds any meaning, though it might impress the ignorant.
ps. Cross-posted with Mr Micawber.
Thomas TompionI don't think the fully adds any meaning
That crossed my mind, but then I realized that in some countries there are different licenses for beer, wine and harder liquor. Some restaurants just have a beer license.
replied to 's question.
Hi, experts. May I ask for your kindness in explaining the difference between these two sentences? Thank you. Hope you have AN abundance of happiness. Hope you have abundance of happiness.
 You need the article, Little Girl.
The second sentence is wrong, in my view.
This is not one of the several situations in which it's normal to drop the article.
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