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commented on their own question.
Hi, It is my understanding that "the bicycle" in the sentence below means one particular type of vehicles, not one particular bicycle, and I guess it's OK to say, "A bicycle is a convenient means of transportation." "The bicycle" sounds slightly ...
 Thank you for the reply, GPY
Please let me make sure one thing, well, two things actually.
1) "Can you play a piano" is, at least grammatically, correct.
2) How about "pianos"? I know I sound crazy, but you say, "I like apples" so that makes me ...
mitsuwao231) "Can you play a piano" is, at...
Yes, it's grammatically correct (needs a question mark though). It's just that for me it rather goes against the expected idiom.
mitsuwao232) How about "pianos"? I know I sound...
"Can you play pianos?" is not natural for me.
Just to reiterate, "play the + instrument" is a bit of a special case. ...
 OK, I got the main idea here. Emotion: smile
Thank you for taking your time.
replied to an anonymous question.
I don't know if this is true bit could you correct this grammatically? If there is no fine print at the bottom of the page in question, the fine print is void unless the fine print is on the page in question. The fine print is written with an ...
 Well, there is nothing wrong with the syntax, but it makes no sense at all.
"Fine print" is not voidable. Warranties and other types of contracts are voidable.
Print is written with a pen, pencil, or some sort of printer. I've not heard of an ...
AnonymousIf there is no fine print at the...
Maybe for the first part you mean "The fine print does not apply unless it appears on the page in question"? I don't understand the logic of or necessity for your "If ... " structure. ...
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Sorry For Invading
Anonymous replied to an anonymous question.
Hi, I would like to express something like this. I think the murderer committed sin again. How tough such a little boy as a witness and one of the victim's close cousins had to speak in the court room. If it is understandable, could you please tell ...
AnonymousIf it is understandable
Not really. Could you explain what you mean by 'tough'?
 It was difficult for the young boy to testify in court against the murderer because he was a cousin of one of the victims.
Anonymous Wow. Thank you very much!
replied to an anonymous question.
I've seen a lot of guys use the word 'dude' with their close boy friends and that makes me wonder whether girls usually use the word with their girl friends too. If not, which word is the same as 'dude' when it comes to girls? Thank you Emotion: smile
 This may be useful:
By the way, "boy friends" sounds perilously close to "boyfriends". I would say "male friends".
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