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asked a question.
The exam will be finished by 3 o'clock. Vs. The exam will have been finished by 3 o'clock. Could you please tell me the difference in meaning? Please explain.
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If he were alive, he would be seventy years now. Vs. If he had been alive, he would have been seventy years now.
 Big difference: the second one just isn't correct.
commented on their own question.
Hello, I'd like to know the difference between wage and salary. Also, how do I express the idea that I'd like my net wage/salary to be 600Euro for the first 6 months hoping to be increased after this period. Is there a non-arrogant way to say it? thank ...
Elly D.Hello, I'd like to know the...
Collins World English Dictionary
Salary: a fixed regular payment made by an employer, often monthly, for professional or office work as opposed to manual work
Wage: (Often, wages). money that is paid or received for work or services, as by the ...
 Thank you
Also, is it better to express my goal for the gross salary or net salary? Which one would be better?
Anonymous replied to an anonymous question.
Hi, can you please tell me if there is a specific adjective that classifies/describes those old days’ classes, where the teacher did all the talking and the students sat down quietly and just listen? Is "vicarious classes" a good way to put it?
 I'd use old-fashioned for the type of classes you are talking about.
 Perhaps lecture style.
I thought a fair number of classes were still like that, but perhaps I am wrong.
Anonymous Thank you fivejedjon and Clive.
Clive, educational science scholars like to believe that collaborative and interactive classes have replaced the old style but in reality most classes are still like that, you are not wrong at all.
I’ll use: “class ...
replied to an anonymous question.
Can you ask that one not tarnish someone's reputation when that person's reputation is good or can you also ask that one not tarnish your reputation when that person's reputation is bad? A very good school teacher asks someone not to tarnish their ...
 I hope my quick and simple answer will be enough for you to understand. I think you can tarnish anyone's reputation, but you cannot tarnish the reputation of someone whose reputation is already tarnished (without the modifier "further").
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