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Anonymous replied to an anonymous question.
When do I use the go or goes in the following sentences: A special thanks goes/go to .... A special thank you goes/go to ..... I know I can exclude the goes/ go part and say special thanka to.. But is there a difference for the use of goes or go? Or ...
AnonymousDoes the same idea of ambiguity apply...
I would use only a singular verb after a clearly singular subject. ...
Anonymous Thank you for clarifying things.
Anonymous  A special thanks goes to .... A ... being the key word here
Anonymous replied to 's question.
Hi Can I say "What happens when you reach 50?" instead of "turn 50"? Thanks!
MustAskHiCan I say "What happens when you...
Yes, you can.
CJ ...
Anonymous  Yes, you can.
replied to 's question.
Hi Are you familiar with the expression "at/in the snap of a finger"? Is it something native speakers use? Thanks!
 If it means "very quickly", then it must be used sometimes, though I haven't heard it used for a long time.
"In the blink of an eye" is a more common idiom.
 What is the sound of one finger snapping?
replied to 's question.
Hi. What does 'emulate' mean in: You will find that playing over the...emulate their methods. ?Thanks in advance  ...
Anonymous  To try and repeat the actions of someone who you hold in high regard
Anonymous To try and repeat the actions of...
Yes, that is its general meaning, but how does it apply here? ...
 In the words of the definition you have been given. You can try to repeat/copy the methods of the grandmasters you admire
replied to 's question.
"The world is watching and it is incumbent upon all men with a conscience to speak out and act. Comparing this humanitarian crisis to Iraq or Syria will not justify this one, nor make it disappear. It is an irresponsible way to murky the waters ...
 The writer is asking this.
What will the situation be in your society when you have swapped your conscience and humanity in return for the complete destruction of Hamas?
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