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Anonymous replied to an anonymous question.
It seems "would" should replace "should" in the following sentence: "If you lived in turbulent times, you should be destined to make great accomplishments." I am I correct? Why, or why not?
  Q1 : what is your prespective about the relation between safety nd construction and Operation if possible?
How to intract with your peers in term of safety issue?
Q2. Could we control Accident?
Q 3. What is your action if you find find the cigratte ...
 Please start a new thread for questions unrelated to the original question, aslamsafety.
Anonymous That is helpful. Thank you.
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Hi, can you please tell me if there is a specific adjective that classifies/describes those old days’ classes, where the teacher did all the talking and the students sat down quietly and just listen? Is "vicarious classes" a good way to put it?
Anonymous What does "vicarious" mean?
AnonymousWhat does "vicarious" mean?
Have you tried a dictionary?— http://www.onelook.com/?w=vicarious&ls=a
Anonymous Yes, i had tried a dictionary but I still don't really understand the word and I am still curious aboout it.
But I have what I need... 'passive learning' classes sounds reaally good for what I want to say.
Thank you very much Mr. Micawber.
replied to an anonymous question.
Which is correct: My doll and me are running away or my doll and I are running away?
 My doll is running away. I am running away. My doll and I are running away. [ Hint: remember that you would say 'I am running away' rather than 'me are running away'. ]
asked a question.
It can be seen from my degrees that I have acquired good knowledge and understanding of Civil Engineering, all I need now is a place where I could implement all this in dealing with real life engineering problems. Therefore I am seeking to find a ...
commented on their own question.
Can I say : I am on a break now (from work)??? Is is gramatically crrect in British English?
 "I'm on a break now" is fine and normally means a short break during the working day, such as time allowed for lunch.
Without additonal context, "I'm on a break now from work" seems more ambiguous to me, in terms of whether it means a break during ...
 Ok, thank you for your reply,
How about something like this..?
How many minutes left for/to my break?/to the break?
What time can I go for a break?
Once I was working with my friend from Italy and we were working all day long in the back of house, we ...
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