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commented on their own question.
What's the meaning of this sentence? There's no context of course. They don't meet the class everyday. Does it mean they don't meet the students?
 No, It's an exercise in a workbook.
 I guess the class means the students of that class. But isn't there a question or something for this sentence?
 It's a scrambled sentence and we should unscramble it.
We'd better wait native speakers answer.
commented on their own question.
Hi everybody! I need your opinions on a part of my short story. Well there are many things that should be cleared before reading this part. Starting with Lesius Kingdom which is not like ordinary ones, but it differs in consisting of only 24 ...
Anonymous This is good, quite imaginative. I'm not clear about what you mean by "chances," but I've rewritten the excerpt correcting the grammar and syntax, as I understand it.
In the Lesius Kingdom I'm known as Maddix [I've changed the name because in ...
 Oh!Thank you so much for your opinion, for sure it's an effective one Emotion: wink But I have a question concerning the tense in this clause; why have you used the present rather than the past?
Anonymous disturbing thoughts enter my mind.
asked a question.
Hi, What the Got the time means in this simple conversation please? A: Hi B: Hi A: Got the time? B: 2:00
Anonymous asked a question.
Hello clever teacher I had been working in the garden for an hour when I heard the phone ring. It was Jamie. He was driving down to London on business. I had gone out in the garden when he left ,so he had only been gone an hour. I knew he had ...
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