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asked a question.
Hello,  When we say 'He made light of my warning', does it mean 'He didn't pay attention to it (my warning)'? What are the things that we could use this 'to make light of' with, please? For example, could I say 'He made light of my advice' as well? I've ...
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How would you write : It is amazing how much advanced are when parent are athletes than when your parents aren't athletes. Thanks
 I'm not sure what you are attempting to say, as the word order in your sentence is confusing. I will try, however: It is amazing how much more advanced (developed?) athletes are if their parents aren't athletes themselves. You may mean the ...
commented on their own question.
Can the word "digress" be used in case of reading or it concerns only speaking? Ex.: Mary couldn't read quickly, because she digressed (meaning that she had many things on her mind and couldn't concentrate) while reading a lot. It doesn't sound OK ...
 If you digress, you move away from a subject you are speaking or writing about.
TinaMrEx.: Mary couldn't read quickly,...
I agree; it's not right. ...
 AlpheccaStars, thank you! I'm glad that my feeling was right.
Anonymous asked a question.
Can we ever use these combinations as the titel suggests? If yes, could you give An ēxample?
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i want to speaking in english give me some tips to faster learning
 The first and most important tip I can offer is to register here with a screen name. We can help you with any problems you may have, and there are several categories where you can post specific questions. With your registration, we can get to ...
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