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 hj, My name's Trang. I'm vietnamese. I am here to make lots of friends. hope we have good company
Wants English chat: Yes Looking for: Friendship, A relationship, Networking
  I wish to, but unfortunately I can't. I'm sure that there are many people here willing to add you and keep in touch with you improving your English.
  it's so ok, by the way, thaks too much ^^
 Anyway, you know where you can find me Emotion: smile
commented on their own question.
Hi, Need your help with the nouns suit / suite. A friend of mine bought a car dash camera the other day... a low-cost ("Made in China" type of ) gadget with an intriguing name "Shturmann vision suit". Although I have seen such word combinations as "a ...
 As far as I'm concerned, a suit is formal apparel or a division of playing cards, while a suite is a matched set of something. I see no crossover in meaning when used properly.
Mister MicawberI see no crossover in meaning when...
which means (as applied to my examples 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2) that only the variants with "suite" will do ? ...
asked a question.
Hi everybody, The word 'either' has a use that confuses me a little bit. It is categorized as either a determiner or a pronoun. It is the third meaning here: http://www.ldoceonline.com/dictionary/either_2 Okay, very nice, there is a definition there, but I still can't distinguish it from the ...
replied to 's question.
They went to see their father during those days____he stayed in hospital. A.when. B.which C.that D.on that Tell me why please.
rpsh So you think they are both right?
Both are extremely common. I don't see that either is really 'fitter' or 'more fit' than the other, although I suspect that there must be a prescriptivist rule that is still kicking up the dust in some far-flung corners of the EFL world.
 This is an exam question. So there must only be one answer. However, after I read a lot of book, I start to have something instinct, or language sense that is always referred by my middle school teacher, who asked us to do exercise with language ...
rpshThis is an exam question. So there...
Not true. We meet many extremely faulty examination questions here.
rpsh I start to have something instinct,...
Good for you! You are gaining fluency.
rpshDo you solve the problem with such...
My case (and probably the case of most moderators here) is a bit different: we rely on basic 'instinct', but we have also studied a good ...
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Hello! What are the alternative words to describe a man who is handsome? Take the adjective ''smooth'' for example, has it got any negative connotations? ''He is a smooth man.''
 Realistically speaking, I want to learn the right word to describe a man who is physically attractive in a traditional, male way.
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