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For a "written" description on how to use a room phone in a vacation rental, could you please tell me if following sentences are intelligible and natural? To make outside calls from your room, a deposit must be made at front desk. When making a ...
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what is the meaning of primands
 I am not familiar with primands. Did you mean reprimands?
Reprimand means to tell someone officially that they have done something wrong.
 To my knowledge, there is no such word.
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It's heavy rain inspiteof I have gone to my home...pls correct me if i am wrong
 'In spite of' means 'regardless of'; 'In spite of heavy rain, I went home.' Or 'I went home in spite of heavy rain.'
TomJ'In spite of' means 'regardless of';...
In spite of (the) heavy rain, I went home.
Is "the' needed?
Thanks. ...
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01. Don't call me as brother 02. He never love her OR He never loves her 03. "Now the luck is turning around you, so believe in yourself and try to grab it." 04. Now don't ask what I meant by this 05. ".... even me also not going there" 06. I'm ...
 01. Don't call me brother . Don't call me brother.
02. He never loves me.
03. "Now the luck is turning towards you, so believe in yourself and try to grab it."
04. Now don't ask what I meant by this. OK
05. ".....even I ...
  dilshi, please don't post the same question twice.
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Hi Please tell me if this is grammatical. "When the students of senior grades took the audience through a digital presentation of Shakespeare’s life tracing the important events from his early life to the time he became world renowned, declamation ...
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