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Can anyone tell me how to distinguish British and Australian accent?

I don't have many opportunieties to hear Australian accent but whenever I hear it sounds to me like one of British accents.

What is typical for Australian accent? Is there any easy way to tell the difference?

thanks for any commnets
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Im not sure how to tell u this but all i can say is Australian sounds more hmmm how should i say : little bit funny! Their pronunciation is more hmmm Ah! you can go this address to listen how Australians speak http://www.australianbeers.com/culture/generallingo.htm and more bout their accent! :p
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British hurts the ears and australian is smooth. lol.
There is no single English accent. The difference between a northern English Accent (or dialect), such as "Geordie" and the "Cockney" accent is far, far greater than the difference between the Australian and the South East English accent.

The Australian accent does not sound exactly like cockney, no it sounds a bit posher, exactly like the Essex accent, innit.

It is a bit like the difference between Mexican Spanish and the Iberian Spanish. There is a difference but regional Iberian Spanish dialects have far greater differences because the language started there. Catalan is related to spanish and is spoken in North East Spain but is less similar to Southern Spanish than Mexican Spanish is, both in the grammar and spoken accent.
i used to live in australia for a while (and will soon again Emotion: big smile). two things were particularly obvious to me in the way they pronounce, at once:

first, the "ai", (like fight) as in: mate, make, take, they...

then, the "oi" (like in choice) for e.g. "no", "tomorrow" which goes more like "noi", "tomorroi"

(this is of course not a 100% exact rendition with just those two letters)

I found that the british actually, depending which region they are from, have that too in a way, esp. the "ai", but that "oi" - thing is a little different. in oz the sound goes up to the "i" ("ee"), in britain more down to the "ou"
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The two accents are a bit different, but it's easy to mix them up. It seems that Australians get their accents from the brits when they used Australia as an island for a debters prison. British sounds a bit more civilized and clipped. Sometimes it's easier to understand as well. Australians have a stronger accent but what you want to watch for is when they have vowels at the end of their sentences. Especially with o's. They add a sort of r-ish sound at the end. If you have a chance, then listen to them say things like "no" and "hello". Its very interesting acctually.
One thing I've heard (all?) British people do is say a long "O" like "eh-O", as in words like "no" spoken "neh-O." Australians always say long "O" with an "ah" or "ae" sound in front of the "O."

words like "no" sound like "nah-O", "nah-y-O" or "nah-O-yih."

*I'm a Canadian, so I cannot say from personal experience, but this is what I've heard from talking to other Australians about their accent.
Australians' accent are usually stronger and in a manner deeper.
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