Which punctuation is correct?

"Thanks, Scarlett." or "Thanks Scarlett."


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Thanks scarlett. is correct. because you want to thank her and if you use comma it means when you say it you stop abit between thanks and scarlett.

nice name you chose for your ID. and i love her carecter:)
best wishes,
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Actually, that's incorrect. Anytime you address someone directly, the name should be offset by commas as in the following instances:

"Welcome, Gladys."

"Come here, Abe."

and even when preceding informal appellations such as:

"Thanks, buddy!"
ummmm, that's not correct.

you do want to place a comma before you directly address someone.

welcome, henry.
goodbye, john.
thank you, rosie.

Thank you for posting.
But please, please, please, encourage people by example to use capital letters correctly.

Thank you, Clive
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