I would like to know when do you use i'm confuse and i'm confused. Do you say i'm confused, even though i'm still unsure about the situation or answer that i was given? Is this correct: i'm still confused? If so, then why? Why it's in past tense when you are still unsure about it?

Thank you so much.
Perhaps you are confused because you are trying to change the verb tense of a non-verb (is it an adjective?).

I think the tense change comes from another word:

Present: I AM confused (I'm confused) .........still

Past: I WAS confused......not any more

Future: I WILL BE confused.....not yet
When you use confuse as a verb (without the am,was, will be.....):

Present: I confuse you now.

Past: I confused you yesterday.

Future: I will confuse you tomorrow.

In this case, you are DOING the confusion. You are not BEING in a state of being confused.
Anonymous is correct, in the context which you are using "confused" it is not a verb; it can be an adjective or an adverb. There is a verb also, "to confuse."

So, if you say "I am confused," or "You look confused," it is not the verb. Your verbs in those two sentences are "am" and "look," respectively. But if you say "That confuses me," or "Don't confuse me with someone else," then you are using the verb forms of "confuse." Then you could say "You confused me for a moment." That is past tense, meaning that something the person did or said was confusing to you, but not anymore.

Yes, "I'm still confused." is a perfectly valid sentence, because your verb there is "am" (remember "I'm" is a contraction of the words "I am"). The form for this sentence, if you are no longer unsure, is "I was confused."

I hope this is helpful to you.

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Many, many verbs work this way.

You are confusing me. I am confused.

You are scaring me. I am scared.

You are boring me! I am so bored!

He intimindates me. I am intimidated.
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