Do you like animals or have pets?

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Then feel free to visit our animal community named "MySmelly"! Feel free to post any questions , look through the gallery , read our articles , comment on pics and so on! You are always welcome. Emotion: happy


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I like this video! As for me, I have a dog, but I haven't seen it for nearly six months... I miss him so much!
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Glad you liked it! Emotion: wink Why haven't you seen it for so long?..
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me too. i have a dog, it was so naughty . i miss him, i feel want go back hometown to meet my family and my dog. T.T
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I'm afraid of all kinds of animals!,except insects..How chicken-hearted I am!
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I have a guinea pig.
It's a boy named Frank.
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I've got a cat, and her name's Sofia (I really like give animals human names, in fact Sofia is an italian name which means "wisdom").
Hey guys, why don't you post some pictures of your pets over there, on MySmelly? I'd love to have a look! I am a picture addict! hehe

Oh and by the way, please check out our latest list of polls ! Emotion: smile
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never have a pets...just curious how people care their pets..
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