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I regularly attend English Corner's in Beijing and recently I have been asked to host some smaller groups of around 10-15 students. Currently I am looking for some more ideas about what topics would be interesting for teenagers to discuss. Some of the students have a strong grasp of English and so far I have found topics such as time travel, and being a vegetarian interesting topics to discuss.
Would greatly appreciate any other topic ideas.
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Hi,I am a Chinese. Students (from kindergarten to college) in China would be the group who have great enthusiasm for learning English. We have totally addicted to it. you know, what is called "the little red book" nowadays in China? it is not the quotation from Chairman Mao, now the GRE vocabulary book, of which the cover is red.

if I attend the English corner, I would like to talk about something about social issues, hot topics on the internet. I am not sure what kind of the tops that post-90 generations are interested in. perhaps
1.imagine what your life would be when you study overseas?
2. hot topics on the forum like Tianya, Xiaonei, Douban?
3 what online games are you guys playing now?
4 for girls.could you talk about all the brands girls want to get them all like LV, Gucci or others and, pronounce these brands correctly (full name)?
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So what kind of social topics do you like to discuss? World topics or local topics? It's interesting to see the mix of people at English corners. There are so many different opinions there.
Hi, I would like to talk about Chinese political topics, say the corruptions of the governments and many rumors about the leaders, like Taizidang (princelings) which probably are unsuitable to the English corners.

I like talking about local issues as well, since I am from Hohhot Inner Mongolia, where a interesting social topic is Hohhot Vs Baotou. Hohhot is the capital and Baotou is the industry hub in Inner Mongolia, Baotou natives dislike Hohhot native, saying they deserved to be the capital city of the province, Hohhot is just a country with poor people. such topics in China is pretty common, Beijinger do not like shanghainess, millions netizens have been debating online about which city has the largetest square, highest building, shining streets, modern magemalls. I considered these stuff are truly dumb. maybe you can talk about Beijinger Vs shanghainess.

well,l am a chinese student who start to go to english corner to have a nice chat my American tutor this year . l'd like to show what kind of topic we talk about to you. The first time we met to each other,we introduced ourselves and the place where we come from. It was a good start to know gorup member's background,and it would be easy to have more deep speak after that.After we went on well with each other ,we'd like to talk what we are interested in,just like the topic "travel",which you already talked to your member.Festival can be a good topic to know each other's culture.Since l don't know where you from,l 'd like to show my experience.My tutor talked me about Thanksgiving, Halloween and so on.She showed us how that festival come from,what people do in that day to celebrate it.That was really good beacuse we can tell her how chinese people think about that festival, the diffient event ...Besides,you can choose topic like drama/show,university ,volunteer work , chinese food and western food ....good lucky!
Its pretty clear you have more clue than your teacher had. I was supposed to say the opposite how ever you are very good interests and however most students Don't really necessarily know what they want to talk about since the teacher is the one supposed to be with the ideas and inspiration. For an english corner, its not just talking about whats inside your grandmothers closet, you are indeed more dwelling for the knowing to the source of every item within and around that closet. Basically what I mean is that what you read from the 2009 post is out dated and there is room to learn more than you can imagine and different perspectives to understand what you learned about.

Well I am in Shanghai, I am working on Fun talk, It is basically a new concept of teaching within an english corner that enriches the learning possibilities for the students and hopefully after I have the first show I will indeed share my experience and might be running for advice as well.

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