Fast vs Quick?

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Please help tell me the difference between "fast" and "quick". When use use "fast" and when we use "quick"

Is it better to say: "I am surprised I received your reply very fast" or "I am surprised I received your reply very quick" ?

Many thanks!
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Neither. It's "I was surprised to have recieved your reply so quickly".
(or "so soon").

"Fast" and "quick" are adjectives. You need an adverb there.
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Fast is an adverb as well as an adjective, isn't it?
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He runs fast or does he run quick?
He runs fast.
He runs quickly. Does he run quickly?
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Quick is a measure of time; fast is a measure of speed. For example: "My car did great at the drag races today. My quarter mile elapse time was a quick 13.99 seconds, and my speed was a fast 102 mph.
I was suprised of receiving your reply that quickly
I was surprised to receive your reply that quickly.
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I am surprised to receive your reply so promptly.

Thank you for your prompt reply.
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