What is the exact meaning of the expression "How's it hanging?" ?

Is it like
1 - "how are you doing?"
2 - "how are you?"
3 - "what are you doing now?"

And in which cases is is used? (I already know it's quite informal and between friends).
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Um, I would be a bit careful with using this one. V. informal and 'slangy'.

It does have those meanings, but let's just say it is more relevant if you ask a man! Can you work out what is 'hanging' from that?
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So I won't ask a female friend "how's she hanging?" Emotion: smile
Hi Kayaker,

The expression is the very informal equivalent of "how are you doing?"
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It's a slang used by Red Necks which you can compare to How is it going?
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jigans It's a slang used by Red Necks which you can compare to How is it going?
I believe the term "Red Neck" is also very informal, if not politically incorrect.

On the contrary, I'd say that 'Red Necks' is a politically-correct term.

Red-necks are one of those groups that many kind and thoughtful people feel free to speak negatively about.

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