Hi there,

I was wondering when do I use loss and lost? I always get confuse.

For example,

The lakers lost. or The lakers loss the game.
I lost my toy or my toy is loss.

I never know which to use.
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"loss" is a noun, while "lost" is the past participle form of "lose".

Therefore, " The lakers loss the game." is wrong. It should be "The lakers lost the game". Likewise, the sentence "my toy is loss" is wrong, and it will be " my toy is lost".

"loss" should be used as noun. For example, 1 The businessman suffered a huge loss . 2 I have lost my toy and the loss is due to my negligence. 3 "asianbma is always at a loss regarding the uses of lost and loss". Here, the expression " at a loss" means confused
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no i understand..thanks a lot..
Hi, can u help me? can u check the right one? We are not responsible for any loss. Or We are not responsible for any lost.
... for any loss.

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