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yes!!! I got 10!!!
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I scored a perfect 10 .Clean sweep:).Although i faced difficulty in answering no. 4 and 6.I had only heard of spelling of no.6 as manoeuvre but it is good to know that it can also be written in three possible ways
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I got 9/10.
New Member41
this is great exercises. its helps a lot. i'v got 10 points. hehehe
New Member05
thank you it was funnyEmotion: wink
Junior Member58
Nice to find an English one. But still wrong with "amateur"
Full Member316
My score is 8/ 10

I think it is good

nice test
New Member04
Thank you so much for your test . It was very helpful because I always have problem with spelling .
Very instructive exercise.
Junior Member59
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