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In slang if you say anything ish you mean a "little bit of"?
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Hi Jessica

"ish" certainly can mean "a little bit".
For instance:
A: "Are you warm yet?"
B: "I'm warmish."

It's also a way of indicating that you are not being exact, but approximate.
"I'll be there nineish" = I'll be there at about 9 o'clock.
"She is fortyish" = She's about forty years old.

"ish" has the advantage of being able to be tagged on to a sentence you have already uttered (i.e. without recasting the sentence to indicate that you're not being exact).
For instance:
"Well it's blue ... ish" = The speaker's first impression is that the colour is blue, but there is some doubt in his mind.


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thanks john, very helpful indeed!
To add - "ish" in current slang also means a word that begins with "S" and ends in "T" and has "H" and "I" following the "T".

This is mainly used by many hip-hop/r'n b artists. E.g. This ish is hot!

[editor] erm.. Jules? Steady on.. [/editor]
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A:How do you feel about your wedding plans?


A:But you do love him?

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ish ish ish. What do you think that means?
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the hiphop-originated word "ish" means ***, as posted above. But you might be interested to know that it comes from the common practice of backmasking foul language in records for radio play. So your favorite album has the lyric, "blah blah *** blah", on the radio you hear "blah blah ish blah" The "T" sound isn't really audible when played backwards, but the "ish" is.
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