When to use "Have Been " In a sentence ?

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I'm not so good in english . I need to know the precise grammer structure of english.. thanking you
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Hello, Roshan—and welcome to English Forums.
Roshan Roxxhow to you "has been" with 3rd form of the verbs.
I suppose that you are asking for 3rd-person, present perfect, passive voice structure:

He has been told to leave by the sheriff.
The building has been destroyed by terrorists.
My wife has been driven to the station by my son.
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HAVE BEEN is used in the present perfect continuous tense.

I have been watching TV

You have been at the park since midday.

He has been busy all day.

We always have been living at this address.
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The present perfect form of the verb "to be" is "have been" (or "has been").

Yes, you can use it for the present perfect continuous, as you have in I have been watching TV for four solid hours, but you don't have to use it with a continuous form. I have been busy. You have been at the park since midday. These are both present perfect. There is no continuous here.

As an American, I would never say "We always have been living at this address." I'd say "We've always lived at this address." I wonder if BrE is that different.
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i have been completing my assignment
please tell me how to you "has been" with 3rd form of the verbs.
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