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replied to an anonymous question.
What does the sentence "she's morbidly sexy" means? Does it mean that she's really hot, or that she's sad and depressed and it makes her look sexy?
Anonymous This means she's sexy but in an unpleasant way, for example, a female vampire, zombie, or ghost.
Anonymous Are you sure about that? I heard this on a movie. A stripper had just quit and her boss commented to someone else: what a shame, she was morbidly sexy. And there was no reference to zombies.
  How it can have any kind of sexy meaning is beyond me.
From World English Dictionary -
— adj
1. having an unusual interest in death or unpleasant events
2. gruesome
3. relating to or characterized by disease; pathologic: a morbid growth
replied to 's question.
Hi Is it OK to say I type my passwords on muscle memory. I type my passwords by muscle memory. I really do let my fingers do the "thinking" when I type my passwords, I don't use my brain. Thanks!
 I'd say by.
 I'd say by also.
replied to an anonymous question.
What does this sentence exactly mean?"At Boeing, the backs of the engineer’s badges have criteria that is wanted for the engineers to work on at Boeing"
  I have a brother-in-law who works at Boeing-Everett (Washington). I sent him your question, maybe he can answer it for us.
I will post here when he responds to my message.
replied to an anonymous question.
pregunta (Question) are there some pictures in the classroom? respuesta (Answer) it´s got any pictures in the classroom quisiera saber si la respuesta es correcta (I wonder if the answer is correct)
 No. There are some pictures in the classroom is a possible answer.
  Or just a simple "Yes, there are." would also be a correct response.
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