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replied to an anonymous question.
Anonymous Why do you study English?
replied to 's question.
In the following sentence, the word 'of' to connect two equivalent phrases is omitted. We can offer you a job ( of ) cleaning cars. Is the omission like that permitted at every exam and is it quite the thing in the spoken English? Can I take it the ...
park sang joonIn the following sentence, the word...
No, I don't see that.
I don't understand the rest of your post. ...
 Hi Mister Micawber!!
I'm so sorry for my poor English ;;
Do you agree with me about 'cleaning' being a gerund and about 'a job' and 'cleaning cars' being apposition?
Don't you agree with me about the word 'of' being omitted?
  You're right the 'of' is omitted. We can offer you a job cleaning cars. He took a job writing ads.
I don't see any similarity between this and your example about Of Human Bondage.
replied to 's question.
Hi. What does 'consistently' mean in: Nobody likes to work with people who are consistently unprofessional. ?Thanks in advance
 Do many people have armies that they can bring out, either once or on a regular basis? The quote itself is confusing to me.
I don't agree with your suggestion that "consistently + adj" always equals "always." It means regularly and repeated often ...
BarbaraPADo many people have armies that they...
So it always means "regularly(=not on an ad-hoc basis)"?
"What is consistently bringing out his army" is the comment to a chess move (The White's 4th move, Nc3)
another example:

White consistently, and correctly, brings another piece-rather than a...
 I would infer that if you were playing White, you would expect him to make use of a piece that is not a pawn. He consistently uses pieces other than pawns. He does it regularly. It's his style of play. It's what you should expect if you were ...
replied to an anonymous question.
what is correct ? has been cancel or has been cancelled ?
 has been cancelled / canceled
Anonymous  has been cancelled
  Usually 'canceled' in the US, always 'cancelled' in the UK
commented on their own question.
Hi. Does 'beloved' mean 'popular' in: ...chess is the world's most popular board game and one of the most beloved of all games. if so, Why did the author use it? and if not, what is the difference? Thanks in advance
 It means "one of the best-loved of all games" (i.e. many people love it). For me, it seems slightly odd to use the phrase "most beloved" about chess. Opinions may vary.
  Beloved means it is loved. Something might be very popular (in the sense that a lot of people have it or do it) without being particularly loved, I guess, but the two words are pretty similar in meaning and it does sound a little repetitive there.
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