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replied to 's question.
Hello, Would you please tell me if we could say both 'get off' or 'get down' when we are talking about enclosed vehicles? For eg, could we say either 'get off' or 'get down' in these examples? - Don't get off / get down the moving bus. - Where do ...
 "get off the bus/train/plane/etc." is fine. Just "get off" (without naming a vehicle) is fine when it is clear what you are referring to.
"get down the bus/etc." is wrong (in the relevant sense). It is not possible to "get down" something (in the ...
commented on their own question.
Hi Is it OK to say 1.the faucet is running hot 2.the faucet is running hot water? Thanks!
 Do you mean that it is the hot water tap and not the cold water tap, or do you mean that it is hotter than normal?
 hotter than normal
asked a question.
Hi Everyone, I am a native speaker of English but I am having some trouble remembering all of the things that I may have or may not have learned as a child. According to a piece of English teaching material that I have downloaded, "the most slow ...
Anonymous replied to an anonymous question.
In a paper, after trying to show the veracity of a claim and thinking that we have shown its veracity, can we right: “we believe that our claim has been argued accurate” Thank you for your help.
Anonymous, can we write:
We believe that our claim has been argued effectively.
Anonymous thank you Mr Micawber!
Please tell me, if I had written:
"“we believe that our claim has been proven accurate”
then the sentence would be correct, right?
asked a question.
Hello, I was looking up the word 'notions' (in sewing), and I was led to this entry from the New Hampshire's History Blog: - Yankee notions: goods made in New England, made widely known by traveling Yankee peddlers. These items included (but were ...
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