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commented on their own question.
Can someone please check my paragraph? It is the last paragraph of the first part of my introduction. Are there any spelling or grammar mistakes? Furthermore, I find it difficult to connect sentences, any comments on that part? I would really ...
Sorry if it sounds like I demand anything, but this forum has really helped me, and it would really help if one of you can read my paragraph.
I'm going to sleep right now, maybe I'm the lucky guy when I wake up. Emotion: smile
 Hi, you asked me to comment...
"Lastly" and "Finally" are both fine.
"Having said that" doesn't seem quite right to me in that place. Perhaps you could link the two statements with "..., but ..."?
Typo: "Negative side effects".
"increasing corruption" ...
 Thank you for helping me out!
commented on their own question.
Can someone please check this little section of my paragraph? I'm not sure if the reference is logical, and if 'As a consequence' is a phrase to connect these sentences. I want to express the importance of globalization and infrastructure in the ...
 I skipped the quote by Demurger.
Yes, the citation should go within quotation marks.
What do you think about this?
Another factor that encouraged the rapid development of infrastructural provisions is ‘globalization’. Powerful evidence in favor of ...
 Just to be clear, when I say "citation", I mean the part "(McKibbin & Henckel, 2010: 3)”, for example. Putting that within the quotation marks that contain the quote seems illogical to me. I question whether it really can be correct.
I see no ...
 I wasn't sure about the quotes with globalization.
The other quotation is correct according to my document. See text below.
Thanks for the advice!
The Harvard Method
Source: (adapted)
This ...
asked a question.
"Sometimes it's the people who no one imagines anything of, who do the things that no one can imagine." I know there are so simple words in it but I can't get the meaning and i'm just confused. Please help me!
asked a question.
Hi Does the following sentences mean 'Hames has a higher GPA than Nector? James's grade point average puts him in the top third of the graduating class of college A. Nestor is in the top tenth of the same class. Thanks
commented on their own question.
Is this sentence correct? "The funds are not being added into your account balance anymore." The context is that somebody who has regularly received money for the work done, is fired and doesn't receive funds anymore.
 Thank you very much for your reply!
Yes. That construction is OK.
was being sent; were being hired; are being attacked; is being watched; am being harmed; ...
 Thank you very much!
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