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replied to an anonymous question.
Hi teachers, Here is a question prepared by professional test makers: When compared with petrol, hydrogen is ---- clean and does not produce carbon emissions when it is burned. A) severely B) fundamentally C) promptly D) gradually E) relatively Of course ...
 Thanks CJ. But I didn't see any hyphen in my earlier post where your red cross are inserted. Anyway, I didn't know that and I'll keep that in mind. Appreciate it!
... Cleaner +means less emission than petro. But everyone knows, petro products are ...
 I will edit your previous reply to remove the hyphens.
grammarfreakWait ! I don't think "cleaner" can...
This means that when hydrogen is said cleaner than petrol, we convey an idea that petrol is also clean, which is not a fact.
Am I right? ...
Anonymous asked a question.
Are these both correct? How would you say this sentence? Sam wears the latest (in) fashion Sam is at the cutting edge of fashion. Can you also say 'on the cutting edge of something' or is it just 'at the cutting edge of something'? Thanks
replied to an anonymous question.
Is 'occupy' correct? Can you say 'lowest position'? What does lowest position me to you? He occupies the lowest position in the company. Thanks
AnonymousIs 'occupy' correct?
AnonymousWhat does lowest position me to you?
It means he is engaged in the least important job.
Anonymous I doubt it is very natural to say 'He is engaged in the least important job'
 I understand. But, I don't know for certain that engage is not OK here.
I think we can say, "He is doing the least important work."
commented on their own question.
Hello teachers, Aren't both of the sentences correct? I would use the present perfect in the first one because there's a present time marker, so it means that the time period has not finished yet, and I would use the present perfect continuous in ...
Tenacious LearnerShe has phoned him several times this...
She has completed the phone call. This is a result. She has even done it several times. Several results.
By the way, mentioning the number of times something was done (or the equivalent) often indicates that a non-progressive form is ...
fivejedjonGrammar books often give only a short...
Hello fivejedjon,
That's true. To write the pros and the cons of each tense in a context would be an endlessly work.
TL ...
CalifJimNow, to be specific, if you want to...
Hello Jim,
Thanks a lot for your very detailed explanation. I think I have digested it! Of course after reading or better eating it, a few times.Emotion: nodding
Let's see if I really did it.
So because I'm talking about duration and not the result It's much better ...
replied to 's question.
Hi. Emotion: smile Can someone tell me please what is the clearer meaning of the word "reformulation" in this sentence? Can it mean "translatation", or "interpretation"? I need to find some other synonym to translate it into my language. This is the sentence: In spit ...
 In this sentence I guess it means to formulate again the words and their meanings from the first language ( the language of the main text) to the second one ( the target language).
nazanin saryazdi I guess it means to formulate again...
It's not about doing anything again. It's doing it in a different way:  ...
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