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replied to 's question.
Who may he be? Or who can he be? What's the difference between these two sentences?
rpshWho may he be?
This one doesn't even sound like modern English. It's very rarely used if at all.
rpshWho can he be?
This is correct. Very formally, Who might he be?
replied to 's question.
Let's not wait any longer. He may not come at all. Let's not wait any longer. He can not come at all. Which one is right? And could you explain it?
rpshHe cannot come at all.
If it's true that he cannot come (that is, he is not able to come) at all, then we are fools to wait at all. Why would we be waiting for someone who will never come because he cannot come?
So the second one makes so little sense that only the ...
replied to 's question.
You have been not smoking a year. If you cannt resist the temptation to smoke now, you wil eventually come to full circle. A: Three cups of coffee are good for health, reducing the possibility of getting stroke. B: But you smoke a lot. If you keep ...
 There is no 'to'; it is 'come full circle'.
You have the right general idea, but it is usually used for a more variegated peregrination, not just 'there-and-back-again'.
If you cannot resist the temptation to smoke now, you will eventually start again.
Read ...
Mister MicawberRead through this interesting note: link
Thank you. The link does not work.
Odessa DawnThe link does not work.
Be patient. It takes a while for the software to check it out and approve it.
asked a question.
I know that the 'linking verb' is followed by a noun (phrase, clause) or an adjective (phrase, clause) , same as the following sentences. I am a boy. (a noun) I became a doctor.  ...
replied to 's question.
Hello everyone. As you see from the title, I have a really hard time with the word toothache. Some people (native speakers) say there is no pause between tooth and ache, and it should be pronounced as one word. I am not satisfied with that answer ...
 First of all, stop the drama. There's enough of that disease going around.
Second, if NATIVE English speakers have given you the answer, what's the problem? If you aren't satisfied with their response, then you won't be satisfied with ours. You ...
Odessa DawnAs you see from the title, I have a...
It does have two syllables, but many speakers say TOO-thayk rather than TOOTH-ayk. We don't usually say it as two distinct words as we would with tooth mark or tooth fairy.

Odessa DawnSome people (native speakers) say...
All words are run together in a constant stream of sound in virtually all languages. You could say that "What do you want to do next?" should all be pronounced as one word.
CJ ...
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