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 Hello! I´m Mexican and have 30 years old, I want to meet new friends like me want to improve the english skills. I hope to meet you soon.
Wants English chat: Yes
  Hello VeFa, nice to meet you.
 Hello everyone, My name is Rafael Maximo and I'm here to improve my english with you all. Feel free to contact me via e-mail or phone "55 11 98441-2010". Hugs.
Wants English chat: Yes
Wants English chat: Yes
 Hi guys i'm kn I wanna know how to speak in english
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  I know how but a little but ..
  Correction "i know how but a little bit"
 Hello everyone, I always love english as a mother language. So, I am very happy when anyone becomes my friend because we can help as well as share experience together. Please add me via my account skype: Email Removed or facebook: Email Removed . I am ...
Wants English chat: Yes
 Hi, Hiến Trần Văn. Welcome to the Forum. In order to make it harder for scammers and scammers to get your contact information, we don't allow email addresses etc. in posts. If you wish to share contact information, please put it in the "Contact ...
  thank you so much. I will correct it.
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