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I need to learn British dialects and I don't where to start from. I googled a lot and arrived here, I am unable to find any scripts with audio which is based on current British dialects (something like they speak in radio). I couldn't find any ...
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what is the plural of the noun head of state?
 Heads of state.
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Do you pronounce opposite with a "s"? Or do you pronounce it as 'oppozite"? I think Americans pronounce it with an "s" while Brits do it with a "z". Right?
Mister MicawberCharmYouDo you pronounce "boys and...
Wow. I didn't know that. Does this apply to any plural? "2 applez, 2 eyez, 2 earz, 2 pairz of flip-flopz"? ...
 Not to 'flip-flops', since 'flip-flop' ends in a voiceless consonant.
Voiceless consonantal endings: the plural sound is /s/
Nouns that end in /s/, /z/, /sh/, /ch/ (have I forgotten any?) : the plural sound is /əz/
All other endings (voiced ...
Mister MicawberNot to 'flip-flops', since...
I see. Thanks ...
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 It's the mucous in your throat, like when you need to clear your throat.
 my mistake, thanks for the clarification. here's what I found on the two words -


[floh-em] noun
1) the part of a vascular bundle consisting of sieve tubes, companion cells, parenchyma, and fibers and forming the food-conducting tissue of a plant. ...
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 '/' is called a slash
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