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Hi. What is the accent the actors use in the movie, "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof"? Thank you.
WildblueBy "stage accent" you mean the accent...
Not 'only', but it is usually an adaptation of authentic accents to suit actors' abilities and script demands. Some actors have excellent accents and others do not, but they have usually had to learn it instead of speaking it from childhood. ...
 If you're interested in theater/film accents from the 30s and 40s, see also "Mid-Atlantic English".
 Thank you very much, CalifJim. Emotion: smile
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Hi, I have a problem with the pronunciation of English words. Is there any guide books/ audio books that is useful for beginners? How else can I perfect my pronunciation? Thanks.
 There are a lot of videos on Youtube that help with pronunciation. You may want to start by having a look at the videos on this page:
There are many pronunciation books on the market. Which book you go for will depend on which English accent you ...
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hi If somebody asks me "how are you?" Instead of the most common one "I am fine" Can I say "I am good"? It looks like when we say ' how's your wife? is she okay? " then we won't answer "she is good"
kenny1999If somebody asks me "how are...
You certainly can.
kenny1999It looks like when we say ' how's...
Yes, you could answer 'She is good.' ...
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which site available for british pronunciation
 Here are the sites I recommend for British pronunciation:
http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish/grammar/pron /
(a good comprehensive look at British English pronunciation)
http://teacherluke.co.uk /
(a great podcast for listening to spoken conversational English)
(good for exploring different British regional accents)
http://pronunciationlondon.co.uk/blog /
(they ...
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[video] At 1:25, Jimmy says "And we wanted to learn to dance like that." What does the girl say right after? "Sure, ________ stand up there. I'll show you..." Could someone please fill in the blanks?
JungKimAs for the second one, it's "maybe...
The girl: _____________________. A little creepy, though.
Considering the presence of "though",...
The guy doesn't seem to say "the devil". He seems to stop before that, when he saw the girl was speaking over.
She's probably saying something positive, yes, but I can't catch it. All I hear is something like "... see it" at the end. I can't hear ...
 When he said "possessed by...", she said something like "he's hitting" at the same time.
Right after she said what you think is "...see it", he said "the devil", which I heard clearly.
Maybe what she said is "Sia", which is the name of the singer? ...
JungKimRight after she said what you think...
Oh, yes! I heard "the devil" now. He makes a pause before saying it.
But I can't catch what the girl says there. Well, if it's not too important, maybe we should drop it... ...
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