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How do you pronounce the word family? I know it's supposed to be pronounced as /ˈfæməli/, but too often I hear something like /ˈfeməli/ instead. Which do you think is more proper? /ˈfæməli/ with /æ/ or /ˈfeməli/ with /e/? Here's a clip from a ...
CharmYouThere're many words like "family"...
It's possible that some people pronounce /æm/ as something close to /em/, and with nasalization, but I do not recommend it. Do not replace sounds like that. You will form bad habits.
CharmYouI'd like to make myself sound a...
Oof! I would call this "too much information". It's best not ...
 Thank you very much Emotion: smile
 An interesting question indeed. Thanks for it and all the answers.
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Would you say that having a good intonation is the key part of sounding like a native English speaker? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcUi6UEQh00 After seeing this video, I think it is.
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Hello How would a native speaker (us-english) pronounce the following two terms/phantasy name for a brand spontaneous? Divvs (2 times a v not a w) Divva my deliberations and am not a native speaker at all; divvs: like the term thiefs or like di ai ...
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Do BrE speakers pronounce "been" and "being" differently? I recently heard an Australian speaker pronouncing "been" as "being", which is not nearly as intelligible.
 Can anyone please record a BrE been and a being that are pronounced differently?
 There are British pronunciations of the words available in the Cambridge Learners Dictionary.
http://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/british/being?q=being #
I would record them for you, but my recordings here are poor quality and probably wouldn't help you much.
 Thanks. I'm able to discern the difference now. Being is like a diphthong. It's longer than been.
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