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Hi,my name is jamiu, i am from nigeria . Please help me review my motivation letter.prompt review will be highly appreciated.thanks LETTER OF MOTIVATION (MUSTAPHA JAMIU DAMILOLA) I am applying to your master program of Computational ...
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Hi, My name is Bob and I `m from Poland. I'm looking for someone who can help me improve my English. I`m a computer scientist and I need eanglish at work.
Hi there, My name is Gem. To be honest, I am in almost lowest level of English pyramid. So, i think i have to rise it up immediately before event of ASEAN gate will be opened up next year Emotion: smile) I have a small suggest: If you are my acedemic friend ...
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what is mean 'I was wondering...' ?
 It means "I was thinking."
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Is it natural to say "domesticated flowers"?
ennieIs it natural to say "domesticated...
I have never heard that. I suggest 'cultivated varieties of flowers'. ...
 It should be antonym to the word "wild" .....about flowers...:/
ennieIt should be antonym to the word...
That is what I have given you. ...
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English School in Ueda City - Nagano - Japan

Aimed at basic, intermediate, advanced, senior high students and also private tuition.

Elanguest English School in Malta.


Specialising in General English for Beginners to Advanced. Also Business & Medical English and preparation classes for Cambridge ESOL exams.

Learn Spanish in Chile


Spanish courses specially designed for foreigners traveling throughout Chile and South America.

Malta Sprachreisen, Elanguest

Die Sprachschule wurde von David und Ursula West gegründet, mit dem Ziel im Hinterkopf, eine freundliche und unterstützende Umgebung zu schaffen, in der unsere Schüler von guten Lehrern Englisch lernen können

Vocabulary Builder

Vocaboly - Build vocabulary with flash cards, dynamic test and games, for SAT, TOEFL, GMT, GRE and general vocabulary


Teach your baby to read


Amazing new course helps young children to read at a very early age.