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Is it correct to say that fatigue has passed ? My fatigue has passed. I was tired a few minutes ago but I no longer am. Thank you
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Talking about a cook She burnt the fish to a crisp and passed it off like she didn't see it. Is pass it off correct? Is it pass it off Or is it pass it off to someone as in give the dish to someone ? Thanks
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What is the predicate in this sentence: "The girl is eating" As far as know the predicate is a verb, but "is" is an auxiliary verb.
 There are at least two opinions as to what the term "predicate" really means. You can read about it here:
 Traditional grammar.
Wikipedia only shows these examples:
She dances. - verb-only predicate
Ben reads the book. - verb + direct object predicate
Ben's mother, Felicity, gave me a present. - verb + indirect object + direct object predicate
She listened ...
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Would you let me know whether the following sentences are right or wrong, and explain why? #1. The company’s third loan payment is expected from ABC Bank on Friday. (O/X) #2. He expects the company’s third loan payment from ABC Bank on Friday. (O/X) #3. The ...
 #1. The company’s third loan payment is expected from ABC Bank on Friday. (O/X)\
Wrong. Sounds like the bank is supposed to pay the company. Perhaps you mean 'expected by the bank', which means the company is supposed to pay the bank.
#2. He expects ...
 Thanks, Clive.
Let me post the final question.
Originally, I wanted to ask you the following question in an official TOEIC test:
"The company's third loan ( ) is expected from ABC Bank on Tuesday.
A. pays
B. paid
C. payable
D. payment
(There is NO ...
 I revised my qustion:
Do you mean the following? :
In #1, if the bank is expecting, #1 is CORRECT, because the sentence can be understood as this:
From ABC Bank, the company’s third loan payment is expected. =
By ABC Bank, the company’s third loan ...
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Is this sentence OK: Hello group I was wondering if we would have classes the next Saturday since some people in the university (like me) starts Thursday
 I don't understand.
What do you start on Thursday?
Please explain.
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