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added 4 new photos Aug 02 2014 05:18:25
Casuarina Trees
Ruellia Brittoniana
Sushi, Sushi, Sushi..
Lotus Pod
commented on 's photo 'Sunrise'
Just another sunrise, I took this morning after a long time. Emotion: smile
 Looking this pic gives like an inner peace Emotion: rosethe boat, the birds and the clouds seem to be taking care of the sun Emotion: clapEmotion: star
commented on 's photo 'GoodToRememberThat'
Sometimes we must get hurt in order to grow, We must fail in order to know that sometimes our visions clear only after our eyes are washed away with tears. All darkness is followed by sunshine.
  Agree, ignorance can drives us through suffering, and suffering can awake us and make us wiser.
 No pain, no gain. Emotion: smile
 Wowww impressive words Eiya Emotion: surpriseEmotion: crying should be a must to learn these words by heart so that avoids same mistake Emotion: thinkingEmotion: lightning
added 2 new photos Aug 02 2014 01:58:18
Sorry For Invading
commented on 's photo 'D686362'
The gas explosion in Taiwan really scared me!!!
  OMG, it looks like an earthquake! Hope nobody got hurt.
  What is that? What happened?
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