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commented on 's photo '3..2.'
Emotion: big smile
 That made me laugh Emotion: big smile
Poor unsuspecting guy!
commented on 's photo 'unexpected shot'
unexpected shot
unexpected shot Emotion: big smile
 thankyou so much Regal Emotion: smile
Internet Explorer
The best browser to download a faster browser. Emotion: stick out tongue
 Emotion: big smile hahahaa
 Emotion: sad Poor Internet Explorer it's good
 Hehehehehe it says rightEmotion: rofl, Internet Explorer has made me nervous latelyEmotion: tongue tied
commented on 's photo '^_^'
A friend in need is a friend in deed Emotion: big smile
 Afternoon? No.. it's 10 in the morning Emotion: smile
 Emotion: big smileproof copy
  intelligent boy, good at drawing
People don’t come with a tag of awesomeness or genuineness. They can be intimidating, terrifying, horrible or frightening. Some of them can even put you in dreadful situations or stab you in the back. There will be people who will shatter you, ...
 " Forgive the people who hurt you. Forget the people who left you "Emotion: nodding
Anonymous  And sometimes we should be able to forgive ourselves. We could be in the place of hurting others unknowingly.
  I believe that is the biggest achievement if we admit our mistakes and realize that we have hurt someone.
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