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Hello all of you As we know we use "mean" in present to say about our main intention or describe and express something for instance : "this paper means they eager to meet you" and we use "meant" to do the same thing I mentioned above but in the ...
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Hi. Please tell me which one of the sentences below is correct. If both are correct then if you would please explain your answer a bit. 1) It seems to be better to me. 2) it seems better to me. Thanks in advance.
MIG1) It seems to be better to me.2) it...
"seems to be" is a substitute for "is", to show that we're talking about appearance rather than reality. You can have an adjective in either case.
He [is / seems to be] tall.
They [are / seem to be] rich.
She [is / seems to be] worried.
I can't ...
 As always, thank you very much CalifJim, for your kind and detailed answer.
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 He and Ned are the co-captains. (This one seems better to me)
Ned and he are the co-captains.
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Hello teachers, I think the correct one is 'a' because the past perfect requires another verb in the simple past tense. For example: "She had been out of the house almost the whole day when I arrived'. Am I right in my assumption? a) Mrs. Taylor has been ...
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Hi all, There is a multiple choice question that I couldn't understand. Here it is: The valley gradually ----------- up with water, creating a huge artifical lake, once the dam over the river ------------. Opt. 1 will fill / has been completed Opt. 2 ...
 Only the first option is correct.
AnonymousI think both of them is are suitable here.
No. The second one doesn't make sense.
"Once the dam is completed" means that we are waiting for the dam to be completed. It is not yet completed.
"has been filling up with water" means that for some time now the (completed) dam has been causing ...
Anonymous Thank you very much for all your explanations.
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