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replied to 's question.
We're selling what they're making. And We sell what they make. What's the difference between the two? Do they essentially mean the same thing?
  The first one is like your using it in a present time while the second seems to be like just a posted message on a vendor glass message.
  What if I'm saying it during the present time but we're not actually selling the made products at that exact moment?
Could the first one still be used?
PreciousJonesWhat if I'm saying it during the...
Yes. Both have to do with time near the moment you're speaking. These things don't have to be happening at the exact moment you're speaking.
CJ ...
replied to 's question.
It wouldn't be long before they started shooting. It wouldn't be long until they started shooting. It wouldn't be long till they started shooting. I guess I use these interchangeably, but there's always a question in the back of my mind whether ...
  this one sounds so right...
It wouldn't be long before they started shooting.
electrumWe say "five minutes before nine" and...
Oh yes you're quite right. Well I suppose it's obvious now that my choice would be 'until'; but so far it's two against one, might as well choose 'before'.  ...
makka2802but so far it's two against one,...
Now I'm beginning to think that 'until' is better than 'before'. Here's why:
Begin with the two original sentences:
It won't be long before they start shooting.
It won't be long until they start shooting.
Elide the expletive 'it' and move the ...
replied to 's question.
Do you think this sentence is correct grammatically? Even if it is, is it appropriate? Stella know Edward came for his education so life is difficult now.
  Stella knew Edward came for his education is the right one.
kindaichi000Do you think this sentence is correct...
Stella knows Edward came for ...
kindaichi000is it appropriate?
You haven't said in what context you would use it, so a judgment about its appropriateness is not possible. In any case, it doesn't make any sense to me. You don't say where Edward came for his education, and ...
replied to 's question.
 emot-aykon is the right pronounciation for it.
  It is pronounced as "e-mo-ti-kon"
We might have different acsent but even ni wikipedia stated that as how we pronounced.
Find out your lifestyle design
Anonymous For those of you arguing that it should be with a 'sh' sound, solely because the "emot(i)" part it comes from "emotion"... Sorry to burst your bubble, but it's also extremely likely that it comes from the word "emote". And in that case, it would ...
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