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asked a question.
Hello. Is it okay to say "be getting along in years" to mean "be getting on in years"?
replied to 's question.
Hello. “How many of the 50 states of the U.S. can you name?” “Well, there's New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, to name (but/just/only) a few.” Is "there's" correct? Should it be "there're"?
HUBLOTIs "there's" correct?
HUBLOTShould it be "there're"?
There’re is not really used in writing. There are wouldn’t be wrong here, but there’s is the native choice.
 Thanks a lot, AG.
HUBLOTIs "there's" correct? Should it be...
I'm just curious. What in the world made you think there would be a grammatical error in a learner's dictionary, of all things? Yes, even native speakers sometimes make mistakes, but in a book designed to teach English? As we say, "That takes ...
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Replies A really good French dictionary, that's what I'm after. What would Americans say instead of "that's what I'm after"? Would they say "that's what I'm looking for"?
Aspara GusNot at all.
Whereabouts are you from, if you don't mind my asking?
 I’m in Minnesota.
Aspara GusI’m in Minnesota.
That's very strange then. For me, in the UK, "named for" seems familiar enough, but decidedly American.
commented on their own question.
Hello. - in spite of someone's efforts - after all someone's efforts Here is an example of each phrase:  ...
HUBLOTDo these two phrases mean the same...
They are similar, but not necessarily the same.
In spite of someone's efforts is usually used in instances where someone tried very hard, but was unsuccessful.
After all someone's efforts could be used in an instance where someone was eventually ...
HUBLOT- in spite of someone's efforts-...
Oh! You had a question! You didn't say. I guess Blue Jay answered it while I was taking a dinner break. Emotion: smile
CJ ...
 Blue Jay,
Thanks a lot for the response.
I forgot to put the question in my first post.
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Hello. I've had my run What does "have one's run" mean?
 He's finished "running around"
 Thanks a lot, AlpheccaStars.
HUBLOTWhat does "have one's run" mean?
When plays, musicals, and the like are performed, they "run" for a certain amount of time. That's because, after running for month after month, the public is no longer interested, and audiences get smaller and smaller. Eventually, it's not ...
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