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Hello. “How many of the 50 states of the U.S. can you name?” “Well, there's New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, to name (but/just/only) a few.” Is "there's" correct? Should it be "there're"?
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We only have two pound of potatoes left? This is not/ Those are not enough? Is or are?
 We only have two pounds of potatoes left.
Those are not enough would not be correct. You could say This is not enough, but I would use that or a relative clause (…potatoes left, which is not enough). I use the singular verb because I see two pounds as a ...
 Thank you.
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Hi. 1) He was trying to find a place in which he could hide himself. 2) He was trying to find a place which he could hide himself in. 1) Is the clause beginning with in which an adverb clause? 2) Is the clause beginning with which an adjective clause? Thank you.
 They are both relative clauses, modifying place.
Anonymous Thank you, AG, for your comment.
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", all of which should make me an ideal candidate for the position of Technical Recruiter." Is the name of the position capitalized there? Thanks!
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Replies A really good French dictionary, that's what I'm after. What would Americans say instead of "that's what I'm after"? Would they say "that's what I'm looking for"?
Aspara GusNot at all.
Whereabouts are you from, if you don't mind my asking?
 I’m in Minnesota.
Aspara GusI’m in Minnesota.
That's very strange then. For me, in the UK, "named for" seems familiar enough, but decidedly American.
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