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have you got a ticket yet?
Anonymous  The last 2 questions are corrects ? Thank you.
AnonymousDid you get a ticket yet?
That’s common, but the perfect is preferable with yet, in my opinion.
AnonymousHave you gotten a ticket yet?
Correct in AmE.

Correct in AmE.
I agree.
BrE speakers do not use 'gotten'.
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He has much more money than I. Is it a correct sentence?
 Yes. - CB
 It's correct but very formal. Most speakers would use one of the following:
He has much more money than I do.
He has much more money than me.
The second is somewhat informal.
tenjing He has much more money than I.
Is it a correct sentence?
Yes, but I'd put "do" on the end.
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  the eyes are pretty
nice design
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Hi, please help me, i'm confused! Which sentence is correct and why? "Maria feels she needs to apologize" or "Maria feels she need to apologize"? I'm not sure whether the latter verb needs an "s"?? or should it be verb 1? Why? Thanks a lot!!!
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I extracted sentence A from CNN news script, but I think it is wrong because it is missing a relative pronoun between 'explosion' and 'claimed,' and so I corrected it like sentence B and C. Could you check whether sentence A is wrong or not? And how ...
lucas21cCould you check whether sentence A is...
It’s not wrong: an explosion claimed lives and homes is a declarative clause.
lucas21cAnd how about sentence B and C?
B is wrong. C is OK. ...
 I got it now. I just mistook 'after' for a preposition, but it is a conjuction.
Thank you.
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