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replied to 's question.
Please which of the following is correct? The first and second notion may seem contradictory, but the third and fourth do not/are not. Thank you
 Thank you.
I hope to see other members' views.
GPYI wondered whether "the first and...
That would be my interpretation, but it still sounds wrong to me. ...
GPYI wondered whether "the first and...
I would use only the plural notions, but I hesitate to say the singular is wrong.  ...
replied to 's question.
Kenny is rarely late for his appointments, is/isn't he? Which word should I use? Thanks.
 The main clause is positive, so the reversed polarity tag is negative: Kenny is rarely late for his appointments, isn’t he? This asks for confirmation of what is said in the main clause.
The positive tag is also possible, but it would suggest ...
Aspara GusThe main clause is positive, so the...
For me, the word 'rarely' has such a negative idea, that I would use the positive tag:
Kenny is never/rarely/seldom/hardly ever late, is he? ...
 He's rarely late, is he?
He's rarely late, isn't he?
Yes, I have a hunch native speakers would split pretty evenly on this. I've just said them to myself three times, and now I am totally confused. I'd scrap it and use "He isn't often late, is ...
replied to 's question.
"She remembered his funny voice and smiled at/about it"
 She remembered his funny voice and smiled.
edit: cross-posted with AS
  Okay so if my sentence was 'she remembered his voice that she always found a bit funny and smiled "at/about" every time she heard it"
Haddie if my sentence was 'she remembered...
...then it is too long and needs editing down. ...
replied to 's question.
Messi has surpassed Maradona by quite a few miles. I know we generally say ' a mile' . Is it correct to say 'quite a few miles'?
 That seems all right to me.
replied to 's question.
There are just two games left in the 2014 World Cup, a tournament that has been filled with drama and amazing performances, and that managed to capture the attention of fans across the world. Whether you’re new to the sport or a fan who’s followed  ...
 “kept abreast with the sport”
 Thanks a lot, AG.
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