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commented on their own question.
Hello teachers, This is what a doctor tells the patient after an eye operation Which one is more appropriate? a) Remove the dressing in the morning/in the afternoon/at night. b) Remove the bandages in the morning/in the afternoon/at night. Thanks in ...
 You know, these terms have confused me for many years. To me, 'bandages' are one thing, but I have to believe that 'dressing' involves a salve or a lotion under the bandages. Perhaps someone with more acumen in the medical field can clarify.
Correct ...
 Hello Philip,
Thanks a lot for your reply. I really appreciate it.Emotion: yes
replied to 's question.
Hello teachers, According to this sentence, 'She will drive her car tomorrow.', both of the following questions are possible, aren't they? a) Which car will se drive? b) Whose car will she drive? Thanks in advance.
And I think you should choose "Whose" because it will be suitable for your answer "Her".
Both of those sentences are correct. Emotion: smile
Thuyzerowhat do you mean when blacking "her"...
That's simply one way some of us draw attention to a particular point. We also underline or italicize to do the same thing. It's common on internet sites. ...
 I like it.
commented on their own question.
Hello teachers, Could you please confirm my assumptions? Letter 'a' is a wrong answer, and letters 'b; c' are correct answers according to the question. I think I would only use 'because' at the beginning if I had both the cause and effect; right? Why doe ...
 Yes, in elementary school they always teach you to use complete sentences, but in reality no one does. It is a very impractical way to speak. Emotion: wink
ElanguestYes, in elementary school they always...
Hello Elanguest,
Thank you for your comment.Emotion: yes
TL ...
Surferb is a correct statement and delivers...
Hello Surfer,
Thanks for your help once again!Emotion: nodding
TL ...
replied to 's question.
Hello teachers, I found this sentence on the internet: Nadal ranked World No. 2 behind Federer for a record 160 weeks. Shouldn't it be, '... for a record of 160 weeks'? Thanks in advance.
 I can't speak for how English is used outside of the US, but I trust by and large, most English speaking countries adhere the grammar rules, and therefore people basically can communicate and understand either other without major problems. The ...
grammarfreak In many developing countries, due to...
Hi grammarfreak
In Finnish schools, too, the teaching of English is done exclusively by teachers whose native language is either Finnish or Swedish even though Finland isn't exactly a developing country. No doubt this results in some unidiomatic ...
Cool BreezePS I like the Untied States!
So do I. Every time I heard people bashing the US saying US this and US that, especially when they are born American, it really irritates the hack out of me. To put things in perspective, United States is not perfect, and I don't believe there is ...
commented on their own question.
Hello teachers, I have written a manuscript for beginner students, though that's not the point. Many of them do the exercises in the manuscript, before we actually explain them in class, with very few mistakes. The ones that don't do that in ...
Tenacious LearnerAlpheccaStarsThey need more practice...
When I was learning to be an ESL teacher, the course indicated that language learning got more difficult with age. Now I am reading that this is a myth, and that (except for vocalizations) adults can learn just as readily as teenagers and younger ...
AlpheccaStars Tenacious LearnerAlpheccaStarsThey...the course indicated that language....Myth-busting is a good thing!
Well, speaking from personal experience, that is not a myth. With age, learning a language or any skill that requires memorization indeed becomes more challenging. Older learners may be able to manage learning conversation English by minicking ...
 Hi A-Emotion: stars, and grammarfreak,
Thanks a lot for you commentaries. I'll keep them in my mind for teaching.
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