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I realized that my main photo was changed! The title of the photo is "Playing PSP with BOSE earphone", which is a picture of my son wearing BOSE earphone. But I can't find the picture, instead a picture of a man, who looks like Indian is on my page! I don't ...
 Hi Hiroshi
Unfortunately there is a bug in the system which is causing this. It's on the list of fixes to be implemented.
Your account hasn't been hacked.
 Hello Opti,
I'm glad to hear that.
But it's spooky.
Could you let me know when it will be fixed?
 No ETA for that, sorry Emotion: sad
added 2 new photos Nov 05 2013 12:17:41
commented on their own question.
Dear sirs, Would you advise me whether sentence #1 is correct or not? If it's correct, which sentence is usually used between #1 and #2? 1. I regret that I didn't study hard. 2. I regret not having studied hard. Thank you for your advice in advance. Hiroshi
Hiroshi Dear sirs,Would you advise me...
There is also "I regret not studying hard." I find all three acceptable, equally likely and identical in meaning. ...
 Thank your for your advice, enoon.
commented on their own question.
Dear teachers, I saw questions that asked which type of verb must be used after 'do nothing but'. The answer is verb without 'to'. This type of question is very basic, so ordinary students can answer the question in Japan. But I don't see the phrase ...
 But would normally be followed by another verb:
They do nothing but sit there in silence.
He did nothing but cough during the entire lecture.
We are going to do nothing but relax at the beach.
  Thank you for your advice, Mr. Philip.
I'm sorry to be so long in thanking.
replied to an anonymous question.
Dear sirs, Can noun come after 'by no means' ? I think adjective can be used after that, for example, 'She is by no means stupid.' But, how about the phrase, 'Life is by no means a series of failures.' I feel it weird... Can somebody advise me? Thank ...
 I don't feel it weird.
"By no means" can substitute for "definitely not."

Life is by no means a bowl of cherries.
No matter how you slice it, this is not the answer to our prayers.
This is by no means the answer to our prayers.
Thank you for your advice.
I seem to have a good night.
HiroshiI seem to have a good night.
Glad to hear it!
- A.
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