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replied to an anonymous question.
We were looking at names and personality trait to see what you names says about your personality. What I read about my name doesn't match correspond to my personality. Thanks
We were looking at names and...s to see what your name says about your personality. What I...correspond to my personality.
Anonymous We were looking at names and...
We were looking at names and personality traits to see what you names says about your/one's personality. What I read about my name doesn't....
.... match my personality.
.... correspond to my personality.
Both work, but if you use "match" you don't ...
replied to an anonymous question.
Which is correct and natural please? Does a person's name play a role in determining their personality? Does a person's name predetermine their personality? Thanks
 They mean different things.
"...play a role in..." -- means it has some factor of influence or participation in the outcome
"...predetermine..." -- means it directly causes, sets, or decides the outcome
replied to an anonymous question.
In Lewis Carrol's novel 'Through the Looking Glass', I frequently came across the term 'why' at the beginning of a sentence. For example: ''Alice watched the white King as he slowly struggled from bar to bar, till at last she said, "Why, you'll ...
Anonymous Is the meaning similar to an...
Hi, Anonymous. Yes, you are correct.  ...
 Most dictionaries will have a definition under "why" as an interjection acting as a statement of surprise.
For what purpose, reason, or cause; with what intention, justification, or motive: Why is the door shut? Why do birds sing?
1. The ...
replied to 's question.
My tutor says this is illiterate writing because I use th with date. He said nobody in their right mind writes like this and it's totally unacceptable under any circumstances--- On September 24th, 2013, blah..blah...blah Am I stupid and wrong for ...
 Thank You
MFGMy tutor says this is illiterate...
In AmE, it would be considered incorrect.
Acceptable options are:
On September 24, 2013...
On the 24th of September, 2013...
Keep in mind that September 24 the number "24" is like the label/name of that day...That day is September 24. When you say ...
 I always feel worryingly uncertain in my own mind about which format permutations are allowed and which are preferable. In British English, I believe that both "September 24th" and "24th September" are acceptable, though perhaps losing out in ...
replied to 's question.
such as x=3y+1. Now do I say "x equals to..." or "x equals..." or "x is equal (to or without to?)"? I haven't paid enough attention when people express math equations, so I'm not sure which one(s) are correct or used more than the others. Thank you.
 "x is equal to..." Note the form here is "equal" no "s" followed by "to" -- here equal is an adjective.
Informally, "x equals..." Note the form here is "equals" with an "s" but no "to" -- here equals is a verb.
X equals three Y plus one.
 Thanks a lot.
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