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replied to 's question.
Hi, I understand that you're only meant to put a comma before 'or' if it is joining two independent clauses; however what about listing things. 'He may go to the newspapers or call the police or go to the school board.' Would you use commas in this ...
KJinCali79He may go to the press, call the...
Agree, "press" does sound better. In fact " media " is even a step better. But correct me if not so, "press" is a relatively modern term. In the comics of the 60's , Superman and Batman, wasn't the term "newspaper" more commonly used? ...
grammarfreakIn the comics of the 60's , Superman...
That is considerably before my time; however, I think I've heard the term "the papers" used.  ...
 Well, both singular and plural are used in various context. But singular form seems more prevailed.www.consumeraffairs.com › ShoppingRetail Stores
I will go to the newspaper about this if nothing is done. I don't think it is right if he is disrespecting Nancy because ...
replied to 's question.
what does this mean? The yearly bonus is subject to individual income tax and will be paid to the Employee in April of next year if the employee is active on payroll when the yearly bonus is paid. I can't understand this sentence, especially " ...
hujian1979 what does this mean?The yearly bonus...
The sentence communicates the following items:
1) The bonus is taxable.
2) The bonus is for this year, but will be paid next April.
3) In order to receive the bonus, the employee must still be employed in April (even though the bonus is for the year ...
participated here...
If I were not a superstar, I wouldn't be standing on a stage. It means I am standing on a stage, right?
replied to 's question.
What do you call Seoul people? *Seoul is a capital of Korea
 In English, I would not try to use just one word.
For some cities, there is an accepted term, eg New Yorkers, Torontonians.
But for most cities, there is not.
I'd say simply
eg residents of Seoul
eg people who live in Seoul
 I have most often heard the term "Seoulite" used or "person from Seoul." I have on rare occassion heard the term Seoul-simin; however, I think this term is just a transliteration of a Korean term, not the proper English word.
 Seoul is the capital of Korea.
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