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Hi There were ten choices of [pizzas/pizza] on the menu. The agent presented ten choices of [house/houses] for us to buy. I'm not sure here. Is it plural or singular? Thanks and Happy Easter!
 Hello. I'd say pizza (singular), and houses (plural).
 I would use singular.
SurferHello. I'd say pizza (singular), and...
Both nouns are countable, how you would you justify your suggestion? ...
replied to 's question.
I was wondering which of the sentences below is correct or if both are acceptable. If so, is there some difference in meaning? a) I haven't played tennis in years/months/days b) I haven't played tennis for years/months/days Thanks for your help Emotion: smile
 They are both acceptable and mean the same thing. Emotion: smile
I believe both sentences effectively mean the same.
It may be that for gives a sense of delibrateness, while in makes it sound unplanned or that just happened.. , however.
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Hi; I am wondering if "something" can be interchangeable with "anything"? What about this sentence? "I don't want you to do something stupid." Can you please advise? Thank you
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Hello teachers, Could you please confirm my assumptions? Letter 'a' is a wrong answer, and letters 'b; c' are correct answers according to the question. I think I would only use 'because' at the beginning if I had both the cause and effect; right? Why doe ...
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Hello teachers, I found this sentence on the internet: Nadal ranked World No. 2 behind Federer for a record 160 weeks. Shouldn't it be, '... for a record of 160 weeks'? Thanks in advance.
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