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replied to an anonymous question.
 David is a common man's name.
Esther is a traditional woman's name.
Please don't confuse your little baby as to what gender they are.
 Every name should begin with a capital letter.
Anonymoussuggest name
A name for what or who?
replied to an anonymous question.
I want to say " I will be hanging out with my friends on this coming Saturday". Which one is correct when I have to rephrase this, I have a plan with my friends or I have plans with my friends? If I use " a plan" in this context, can it be a ...
AnonymousI have plans with my friends
This is the usual choice of words for the context you described.
AnonymousIf I use " a plan" in this context,...
No. It will just sound wrong.
CJ ...
 Idiomatically, 'hanging out' usually suggests 'no plans',
A: Do you have any plans for Saturday?
B: No. I'll just be hanging out with my friends.
replied to an anonymous question.
How to use this word would .. is it indicate present, past or future ..?
Anonymous How to use the word 'would'? Does it indicate present, past, or future...
It has several uses. It is often the future of the past. In that usage it is the past form of will.
She says she will help us.
She said she would help us.
CJ ...
replied to an anonymous question.
In which sentence we have to use have , has.
AnonymousIn which sentence we have to use have...
"Has" is the third-person singular form of the verb "to have". You use it with the pronouns "he/she/it". Generally, in the other cases, you use "have".
But if you give us specific examples, we may be able to tell you more specifically when to use ...
Anonymous In which sentence we have to use...
The question is like asking "Where do we use to-be verbs'. That depends on your ability to make sentences..
You can google using have (or has) in a sentence ...
AnonymousIn which sentence do we have to use 'have' or 'has'?
Use "have" in this sentence: We have eggs for breakfast.
Use "has" in this sentence: This movie has an interesting plot.
replied to 's question.
Hi, If you could help me? "Please provide your materials in electronic form" "Documentation in print form is no longer available" "Once the data has been presented in digital form, we can..." "It would be only suboptimal to handle measurements in ...
MUSCOVITE(1) Are the example sentences above OK?
MUSCOVITE(2) Why is the correct grammar is "in electronic form", not (sic!) "in...
Another mystery of the English language. It happens fairly often that an article is dropped after a preposition in commonly used phrases.
MUSCOVITE(3) What if we change from "form" to...
"Please provide your materials in an...t OK?
Nothing different will happen. The version with "an" is also fine.
MUSCOVITEIs my Longman right claiming that the...
Who knows! It seems somebody is ...
 Just to recap:
on one hand, we can say
(1) either "in an electronic form (format)" or ""in electronic form (format)"
(2) either "sth is in good condition" or "... in a good condition"??
on the other hand
we can only say
(1) "sth is in bad repair" (but ...
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