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replied to an anonymous question.
Anonymous what tone does the speaker convey
Which speaker are you talking about, and what is he or she saying?
replied to 's question.
In what situation do you utter?
 Utter has more than one meaning. It can mean say, or make a sound.
He did not utter a word.
He uttered a groan.
It can mean complete, total.
She stared at him in utter amazement.
It can mean to distribute counterfeit money.
He was convicted of uttering ...
Blue JayIt can mean to distribute counterfeit...
Wow! You must be very smart. Emotion: smile
Never heard of it.
CJ ...
CalifJimNever heard of it.
It's probably a British usage. Now that I think about it, it can also be used concerning forged checks and other forged financial documents.
CalifJimWow! You must be very smart.
No, just bilingual in English. Emotion: smile
replied to 's question.
Hello. “How many of the 50 states of the U.S. can you name?” “Well, there's New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, to name (but/just/only) a few.” Is "there's" correct? Should it be "there're"?
HUBLOTIs "there's" correct?
HUBLOTShould it be "there're"?
There’re is not really used in writing. There are wouldn’t be wrong here, but there’s is the native choice.
 Thanks a lot, AG.
HUBLOTIs "there's" correct? Should it be...
I'm just curious. What in the world made you think there would be a grammatical error in a learner's dictionary, of all things? Yes, even native speakers sometimes make mistakes, but in a book designed to teach English? As we say, "That takes ...
replied to 's question.
How do you pronounce the word family? I know it's supposed to be pronounced as /ˈfæməli/, but too often I hear something like /ˈfeməli/ instead. Which do you think is more proper? /ˈfæməli/ with /æ/ or /ˈfeməli/ with /e/? Here's a clip from a ...
CharmYouThere're many words like "family"...
It's possible that some people pronounce /æm/ as something close to /em/, and with nasalization, but I do not recommend it. Do not replace sounds like that. You will form bad habits.
CharmYouI'd like to make myself sound a...
Oof! I would call this "too much information". It's best not ...
 Thank you very much Emotion: smile
 An interesting question indeed. Thanks for it and all the answers.
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Can fulfill be used this way? ''He went there to fulfill his work'' ''You will never fulfill your work''
 I got it and how would you put the above sentences correctly?
tostyle unI got it and how would you put the...
Use "complete" instead of "fulfill".
CJ ...
 That was very helpful, thank you.
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