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replied to 's question.
I often see the word "street" is accompanied by "the" as in the sentence below. > He sold drugs on the streets. Is it rather idiomatic for "street" to be used with "the"? Is it OK to add "the" to "street" even if I have no idea which street the ...
 Thank you !
  But we can say,"he used to drugs on streets", right?
tenjingBut we can say,"he used to drugs on...
No. That's not grammatical. I don't even know what it means. I'm not sure what you're trying to say.
CJ ...
replied to an anonymous question.
What is the difference between "I did myself" and "I did by myself"??? Which one is right?? Please give me a grammatical reason
Anonymous What is the difference between "I...? Which one is right? Please give me a grammatical reason.
AnonymousWhat is the difference between "I did...
Neither seems correct as a complete utterance out of context.
AnonymousPlease give me a grammatical reason
The verb "do" normally needs an object, for example:
1. I did it myself.
2. I did it by myself.
#1 focuses on the fact that it was the speaker who did it, whereas #2 suggests that nobody ...
Anonymous"I did it myself" and "I did it by myself"
They can have the same meaning.
1. myself.
a. No one else helped.
b. Even I too (did it).
2. by myself.
a. No one else helped.
b. I was alone when I did it.
replied to an anonymous question.
The voice on the bus say the bus stops at each station and the accent is British. Its an automated voice pre recorded. How do I say: The automated person/voice/person's voice on the PA system in the bus has an British accent yet we are in Canada. Thanks
AnonymousHow do I say
Like this:
The automated voice on the PA system in the bus has an British accent; yet we are in Canada.
replied to 's question.
Are these two sentences worded in the correct and best way, particularly the second one? She secretly ordered her spymaster, Malark Springhill, to journey to the town of Surthay to learn the truth about the battle at the Gorge of Gauros. ...
cboutin3is this revision better?
Yes. Now my attention is drawn to something else, though. "was gifted with eternal youth ... and had ... become a Monk" doesn't read well. Compare: I was skilled in carpentry and had become a priest. The two thoughts aren't related enough ...
 Yeah I see what you mean. How about this version? Originally from the cities and settlements of the Moonsea, Malark was gifted with eternal youth due to a potion that he had drunk many centuries earlier and was also a Monk of the Long Death
cboutin3How about this version?
replied to 's question.
The road continues beyond the village up into the hills. Does it mean the road ends at the beginning of the village and continues from the end of the village? I mean there is no road in the village, right? Please help me out.
  I am trying to get the meaning of 'beyond: in this sentence. To me, it sounds like someone is asking about the road and someone is telling about the road with this sentence above. The sentence could mean the road continues from the end(opposite ...
  Yes. Most likely, the road goes from where they are now to the hills, passing through the village on the way.
tenjingThe road continues beyond the village...
The road (wherever it is) keeps on going. It goes farther than the village, that is, past the village, and keeps going up into the hills.
Nothing is said about whether there is a road in the village, but I would assume so. I would assume that ...
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