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Can somone explain to me if I should use interpunction after the word 'input'. I want to avoid the word 'variables' twice. Maybe the current sentence is fine, or perhaps it needs a '-'? Sentence: "Table 7 shows the correlation matrix of ...
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Dear Dr. Fred, I would like to apply for the PhD position at National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training titled ..... Unfortunately, I have one problem. The problem is that one of my referee is on the summer holiday and he is not ...
kouroshhDear Dr. Fred,
We do not use a title with a first name; you must use the surname.
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"An RM or an MMT are not necessarily authorised as advisors, they are execution platforms and they action orders from members." What punctuation should be used to connect these two clauses (problem bit in bold)? Many thanks in advance.
AnonymousWhat punctuation should be used to...
A semicolon. ...
 The most common approach would be simply a period.
[ Note that your sentence is flawed, because 'an RM or an MMT' forms a singular subject. ]
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Watching from behind the police lines as the milk trucks charged, one 18 year old youth noted that the police" were dropping like ninepins. The crowd would attack, and some more would drop. It was a massacre." Recalled Constable Leslie ...
 Sorry for the late reply; I have just read your post.
We can use 'would' this way even though a repeated action last for a very short time?
Which is correct - 'a repeated action' or 'repeated actions' ?
Anyway, Thank you so much Mister Micawber.
park sang joonWe can use 'would' this way even...
Yes, as it is used there.
park sang joonWhich is correct - 'a repeated...
It depends on how many actions. ...
 Than you for your quick reply.
Your post is short but very helpful ^^.
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The company's third loan ................... is expected from the ABC bank. (A) payable (B) payment Actually, I chose (B) payment cause I thought I needed a noun to make 'The company's third loan payment' as a whole A SUBJECT in this sentence. Plz let ...
 A is the answer. Banks lend money to companies; companies do not lend money to banks.
'Loan payable' is an adjective following its noun (some may consider it a truncated relative clause), just like 'accounts payable' and 'receivable', which are ...
Mister MicawberBanks lend money to companies;...
But I can request the ABC Bank to issue a check for the payment from my account. The payment will come from my bank, not directly from me. ...
Anonymous Thanks a lot , both of you. I understand both answers. I really appreciate your clear explanation as well. However, I'm still baffled as to which one is absolutely correct. Actually I came across this question on the TOEIC test the other day. ...
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