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replied to 's question.
good day! please help me... is this sentence correct with the preposition 'by' 'i usually fall asleep by 12 midnight.' ? thanks
 Hi, kailah. Welcome to the Forum.
By is fine here.
 Hello, kailah—and welcome to English Forums.
kailahis this sentence correct with the...
Yes, but you must always capitalize the first word of a sentence and the personal pronoun 'I'. ...
replied to an anonymous question.
Which of these words you know? Afore Bard Brochure Cowl Erudite Fang Foray Forgo Gill Guile Heckle Jittery Mire Nee Purge Quibble Riff Sheaf Smatter Toil Tusk Veal Zeal
AnonymousWhich of these words you know?
All but 'nee'—until I realized that it is missing its accent: née.
 All of them. Emotion: smile
Smatter is very rarely heard. Smattering is far more common.
replied to an anonymous post.
how to write a leave letter to my office for my marriage
Anonymousrespeted sir,
as i m sufering form high fever i...
so, kindly requst u to granty me 2...
Please correct your letter and repost it. Do not use "SMS texting" abbreviations. Look up the words for correct spellings.
Grammar GeekRemember that proper writing includes capital letters and punctuation.
Anonymous i want to write letter to principal...
Chinmaya educational
Trust (R) challakere-577522
Dear sir,
I glad to inform you that i want 1 day leave because shab-e-khadar festival 25/07/2014 . So please grant me one day leave.
Thank you sir. Yours faithfully
 Chinmaya Educational Trust (R)
Dear Mr [surname],
I would like to request 1 day of leave because of the Shab-e-khadar Festival July 25th.
Thank you very much for your consideration.
Yours sincerely,
Kaleemulla R
replied to 's question.
How can I send my message to a certain person.
 I clicked the screen name - park sang joon, but couldn't find such as 'start private conversation'
I'll give up; anyway, thanks.
park sang joonI clicked the screen name - park sang...
Don't click your own name! Click the name of the person you want to send a message to! ...
 Thank Mister Micawber.
Have a goo day ^^.
replied to 's question.
(1) It will be interesting to see whether he recognizes you. (2) It will be interesting to see whether he will recognize you. (3) It is interesting to see whether he recognizes you. (4) It is interesting to see whether he will recognize you. Are these ...
 The first three are possible; the fourth is not. The first and third are natural.
 Thanks, MM.
How about this context?
The listener is going to meet 'him' in a few days in their high school reunion or something.
It's been like 40 years since they went to high school.
In this context, I think it's between (2) and (4). Don't you agree?
Also, ...
 #4 is not possible because a possibly interesting future event cannot be interesting now.
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