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replied to 's question.
I would like to improve on the sentence 1) and made the the sentence 2). Could you please tell me if the sentence 2) is intelligible and concise enough? 1) If you have a personal computer, Internet can be used for free. Please put LAN cable near ...
 The internet can be accessed free from your personal computer. Please connect it to the LAN cable near the TV. If the connection is slow, the line may be crowded. Please try again later.
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Hi Please tell me if interplay is OK here. You must be good at vocabulary and grammar, for a fine writing piece is an interplay of the two.
 Rather imaginative, but yes, it is fine.
replied to an anonymous question.
Okay so she put underdeveloped on the side what does that mean?
 She ignored 'underdeveloped' or she removed 'underdeveloped' from inclusion or consideration.
replied to 's question.
Is this correct English, "I have taken a debt of twenty five thousand dollars from him"
tostyle unIs this correct English,
Well, it is certainly not clear English. Please explain what has happened.
 I have taken a loan of that much from someone.
I have borrowed $25,000 from him.
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You were not available online as well as on the phone.
 You were not available online or by phone.
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