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Choose which word is spelled correctly. Check our article on the most common misspelled words .

1. of these books do you want to read?

2. your hand if you want to speak.

3. I couldn't catch the ball, he it too high.

4. A is used like an onion in cooking.

5. Cornflakes are a type of breakfast

6. I really don't like !

7. How do you like my new ?

8. I need to start exercising.

9. I need to know or not we're going.

10. The is in charge of the school.

 great, where did you lose mark
Anonymous I got 7 but it's very useful .
 yes this shows our level
i am perfect in simple grammer
1-10 states your percentage like 10%=1 20%=2 30%=3 ...............................100%=10
i got 10 which means perfect.
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Pronunciation exercise for advanced students

Improving your accent by analysing a recording of your speech. This is an exercise that can help improve your English pronunciation and reduce your accent. It involves developing a critical ear on your pronunciation of English. Find 3 ...
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  happy winter holidays to all
Happy Valentine's Day 2013
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Глаголы to GO, to COME, to WALK, to STEP...

TO GO Применяется очень широко, и его значения сопоставимы со значением русского глагола "идти": идти может человек, животное, часы, дорога, время, жизнь и т.д. Сам по себе глагол GO стилистически нейтральный, т.е. он не ...
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