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replied to 's question.
Hello! If a small child asks pointing to my head: "What's that?" Do I say: "That's a head." "That's the head." I did research on internet and I think I learned that "a head" is when you describe the noun and "the head" when you expect the person to ...
 If your daughter was 5 years old (usually less), I would say, with the accompanying hand gestures, "That's mommy's nose! This is daddy's nose. And this is your nose!"
If there are some stuffed animals or dolls about, you can find lots more noses.
AlpheccaStarsIf your daughter was 5 years old...
Thank you, AlpheccaStars. I am more interested in articles because, it works with mommy's nose but there are many dolls and I can't remember all their names. So I am interested "this is a head/the head" - I just don't want to make an error when I ...
Mani P in our culture it is impolite to say...
That is not a problem in that situation in English.
Mani Pno matter which one I use in this...
You are, unless you consider grammar only structuring and not vocabulary. ...
asked a question.
The author says about a writer writing penny novelettes ............................................ There were one or two publishers who made a specialty of that sort of thing, and she had as much work as she could do. It was ill-paid, she received ...
commented on their own question.
Hello! Is there a rule that you can't use the definite article in sentences like this: "This is called a windshield." NOT "This is called the windshield". I would not say "this animal is called the cat". but I think "called the windshield" is ok too. because ...
Mani PIs there a rule that you can't use...
No, either is possible.
Mani PI would not say "this animal is...
Nor would I, normally.
Mani Pbut I think "called the windshield"...
Mani Pbecause: "this is called a...
Mani PIs this a nonsense or am I making sense?
The latter. ...
 Thank you very much again for your clear and concise answers! English is very hard for me still, but I will get there!
Hi everyone, This is my IELTS writing. Could you please check and give me some advice to improve it? Thank you very much. Many people decide on a career path early in their lives and keep to it. This they argue leads to a more satisfying working life. To what ...
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The protagonist, Philip moved in with his uncle Mr. Carey, the Vicar of Blackstable after his mother's death. He goes to the medical school St. Luke's in London. He met his friend and a painter Lawson at London; they had studied together in Paris. Lawson ...
park sang joonI'd like to know what "in the...
You have dissected the sentence wrong. It is:
...but [in the necessity with which [one follows the other]] lay all tragedy of life. = ...but the fact that one necessarily follows the other is a tragedy of life. ...
 Thank you, Mr. Micawber, for your enlightening me. Emotion: smile
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