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Why does "throw by" have the similar meaning to "get rid of"? I found this sentence in the dictionary: "We have to throw by an old custom." Its Japanese translation is like this: "We have to get rid of an old custom." I can't figure out why "throw by" ...
 See http://www.thefreedictionary.com/To+throw+by : "to lay aside; to discard; to neglect as useless". It would be a phrasal verb, similar to "throw away". However, I never hear "throw by" used in everyday English. I think it is more or less obsolete, though I am happy to be corrected if ...
 Thanks, GPY, for your input.
I watched the page.
I got it.Emotion: smile
 I've never heard it either.
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is onbdusman correctly spelt?
 No, and neither is "speling."
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You have to make major changes in your lifestyle and so do I . Source: school exam Hi, I say to myself that the above sentence isn't correctly punctuated because two people are talking in the above sentence. One person usually says the brown part ...
sb70012You have to make major changes in...
and so do I.
If that were a dialogue, the response, would be very strange. ...
 It's just one person speaking.
asked a question.
"They are going to implement some sanctions to punish the country." I made the sentence to ask about some question about modification. I think that "to punish the country" modifies "some sanctions" but I think that "to punish the country" also can ...
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This novel is set in a Chinese village before World War One. The protagonist lives with his father. Today is the wedding day of Wang Lung. But he was not too forgetful to see Wang Lung dipping the water recklessly from the cauldron into a deep wooden ...
park sang joonI'd like to know if "not" acts on...
You might say it acts on everything that follows in the same sentence.
He was [too forgetful to see Wang Ling dipping the water recklessly from the cauldron into a deep wooden tub]. (He did not see Wang Ling ....)
Its opposite:
He was not [too ...
 Thank you, CalifJim, for your So Very helpful answer. Emotion: smile
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