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Anonymous replied to an anonymous question.
He will take the plane to Malaysia. OR He will fly the plane to Malaysia. P.s: I am talking about a pilot here
 Usually we say that a pilot flies a plane.
Anonymous So can we say that he flew a plane to Malaysia too?
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When will the weatherman say something reliable? Maybe, not in this millennium. Partly cloudy with occasional rain? Then what'd you call that pouring rain out the window? [From my English grammar book in Korean] I don't think "out" can take an ...
AnonymousUse of "off of" instead of just "off"...
Not in mine. At least when speaking, I seldom bother with the extra preposition: Get your feet off the couch! ...
AnonymousUse of "off of" instead of just "off"...
I speak AmE, and I'd say "swept it off the table" and "threw it out the window".
See Is it correct to use words "off of" together? for non-American examples of "off of".
CJ ...
 I can't imagine "off of" ever being acceptable in formal or educated British English.
Anonymous asked a question.
Hi, are the answers to the questions "You don't want to play" and "Don't you want to play" the same? For example: Question: You don't want to play? Answer: No, I don't want to play. And Question: Don't you want to play? Answer: No, I don't want to play. Is this ...
replied to an anonymous post.
"And... And in your lonely flight, Haven't you heard The music in the night? Wonderful music... Faint as the will o' the wisp, Crazy as a loon, Sad as a gypsy Serenading the moon..." (From the song "Skylark" by Gregory Porter.) Does phrases Faint as the ...
AnonymousDoes phrases Faint as the will o' the...
Yes. ...
replied to 's question.
Can I use 'intrinsic' instead of 'natural'? Ex: Arrogance is his intrinsic behavior.
Chandrasekhar ReddyCan I use 'intrinsic' instead of...
Yes, though you may mean 'inherent'; but the rest of your sentence is not so good.
Arrogant behaviour is intrinsic to him / natural for him.
He is intrinsically/naturally arrogant.
He is arrogant. ...
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