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The protagonist, Philip moved in with his uncle Mr. Carey, the Vicar of Blackstable after his mother's death. He goes to the medical school St. Luke's in London. He fell for the waitress Mildred. He went out with her, but she didn't like him, and ...
 Yes, it means to tidy it up and clean it.
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What is the difference between "lights came on" and "light went on/off? Could someone please answer? Thanks in advance.
fatimah0786lights came on
fatimah0786light went on
The light(s) got turned on/switched on.
fatimah0786light went off
The light got turned off/switched off.
Note that you can't say "the lights came off" to mean that they got turned off.
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Hello, Trying to help out friends with their research paper (just proof-reading), I've come across a lot of references that seem to use verb tenses rather inconsistently, oscillating between the present simple, present perfect and past simple. I've ...
 I agree that there is sometimes simply inconsistency, with no clear differences intended.
However, here are a few comments on slight implications I feel in the A section.
(1) Smith (1958) suggests the structure is rather different. Implies to me ...
 Many thanks, Clive!
That's how I perceive them too. So, in fact, there is no such thing as a fixed or prescribed tense in scientific papers, right? If I understand correctly, the individual choices simply depend on the usual functions and ...
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Currently I am seeking a supervisor to instruct my master thesis. How can I write a letter to him/her formally?
 You write a letter and post it here. We'll make suggestions and corrections.
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Hello everybody, I've just come across the following sentence: [Species name], on the other hand, was evaluated as a primary plant feeder ([Author], [Year]). As such, the sentence seems alright - until one realizes that the intended meaning of 'evaluated ...
 I see. Thank you, CJ!
We'd probably agree, however, that this isn't the case. I'm no biologist, but whether a particular species is a primary plant feeder or a carnivore or what, seems to be a matter of observation (in this case of the species' ...
petusekThe following would probably be too...
Not at all; that is the gist of what I would do. ...
 Excellent! Then I'll do just that. Many thanks! You see, my native language, being replete with nominal inflection, is pro-drop, which always makes me cautious whenever I have to decide whether to elide anything in English sentences. 'Is it going ...
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