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replied to 's question.
To the extent that our fate hangs in the balance ... what does this sentence mean???
jalehwhat does this sentence mean???
It's not a sentence, but a fragment.
"his fate hangs in the balance" = Someone will make a decision that will dramatically affect the rest of his life.
  And what does " to the extent that..." Mean?
jalehAnd what does " to the extent...
What is the rest of the sentence? ...
commented on their own question.
We belong to a family that contains a bewildering array of members united by physiology that allows us to react to our environments more effectively. what does "united by" mean?
 And what does "having in common" mean?Emotion: embarrassed
 We belong to a family that contains a bewildering array of members
each of which has the same physiology and that allows us to react to our environments more effectively.
  Thank you so much
asked a question.
Hello, When someone replies, with smth like, "I'm a violent person, bah! How did you come up with that?" How do you call that the man did, taunted, jibed, jeered, or what? The case when the matter is found as absurd, and / or ridiculous, but not used ...
asked a question.
Hello Is the following sentence grammatically correct? "Mark and Karl leave the room and go to the terrace of the apartment to talk." Thanks
asked a question.
Why should I omit for* and *the from the end of this sentence? Did you watch TV for all the evening?
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