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commented on their own question.
From Devil May Cry (a video game). Two millenniums ago, there was a war between the human world and the other, the underworld. But somebody from the underworld woke up to justice and stood up against this legion alone. Doesn't it sounds a bit ...
 Sorry, I hate this, but I should ask. It still bugs me. Does he became aware of the concept of justice (i.e he realized that everyone should receive what they deserve and treat others fairly), or something else? I just want to get it straight.
 Yes, that seems to be the case.
 All right then I'm happy. Thank you for your help.
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In the Europe Champions League Cup two teams are in the final game. The turbines are full of football lovers. Two teams starts the game and they are holding a football match. The match ends and one team become champion. The members of the ...
hhttIn that picture, chairs are...
Your photo has not been posted, hhtt. Please try again. ...
 I think 'bleachers' is an American word,and more associated with traditional American sports.
eg the stadium
eg the stands
 In British English, they're the stands,
replied to an anonymous question.
Hi, 1. When you go to a concert, observe (the) other concertgoers. 2. At the party he looked around. (The) other guests were drinking or socializing. From the point of view of correct grammar, is it "other" or "the other"? I was told that "the" ...
 That's right.
It's implausible to observe all the other concertgoers, but you can look at all the other guests at a party,
replied to 's question.
"Bill's theory about UFOs is downright implausible." Above is the original? Which of the following is correct, idiomatic and in the same meaning as the original? 1) Bill's theory about UFOs is completely implausible. 2) Bill's theory about UFOs is ...
 This is the closest in meaning and sentiment:
Bill's theory about UFOs is utterly implausible.
#1 is somewhat plausible.
#2 is rather implausible
#3 is implausible.
commented on their own question.
Hello, When someone replies, with smth like, "I'm a violent person, bah! How did you come up with that?" How do you call that the man did, taunted, jibed, jeered, or what? The case when the matter is found as absurd, and / or ridiculous, but not used ...
Zenith667How did you come up with that?"
How What do you call that the man did,...
ridiculed the idea, dismissed it, scoffed at it, laughed at it, pooh-poohed it
CJ ...
Zenith667So, when using direct speech (someone..."I'm a violent person!" he taunted, then continued, "How did...
The part in boldface would very likely be said as an MMS (Mad Magazine Sentence), as it is called in linguistic circles — or more formally, an "incredulity response".
What, me a violent person?
CJ ...
 Yes, I think sarcastic might do it...
let's consider this scenario:
Joe got into a quarrel with someone and he punched him the face.
When he tells that to a friend, his friend remarks "You're quite a violent person!"
Joe replies: "I'm a violent ...
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