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hello im learning english now i have a question. if you make me understand of it. im really appreciated of you sometimes english speakers said "subjective + get + ~pp" "i get bored" "i get dressed in black" "my car got stolen" but why doesnt "we got ...
 "pretend" is not a transitive verb. We don't say "Someone pretended me".
We can say that someone (or something) bored me, or dressed me, or stole my car, but we can't say that someone pretended me. We have to say that someone pretended to be me or tha ...
 Get means to change from one state to another
I use this (---> ) to mean "get"
"i get bored"
I am not bored ---> I am bored
"i get dressed in black"
I am not dressed ---> I am dressed (in black clothes.)
My car got stolen.
I have my car ---> ...
Anonymous asked a question.
secret <------- secret secret secret secret solve please help
Anonymous asked a question.
How to ask my boss to write me a supporting letter for my visa
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Hello, Which verb collocates better with tension in your opinion? I think that both of them work: - The tension in the room was building/building up. Build up might be a little stronger. Do both of them work for you?
 Both are OK.
'Building' seems to me a little more formal and stylish.
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Either you please book the ticket on Qatar airways or Emirates airless, but it should be less transit time or early connection as in the attached details Please ook the ticket on either Qatar airways or Emirates airless, but it should be less ...
 Please book the ticket on either Qatar airways or Emirates airlines whichever has the shorter flight time. The arrival time must be early enough to make a connecting flight. Please see the details attached.
AnonymousThe booking is to be less transit...
I don't understand this. I don't know whether AS's interpretation is correct or not. ...
GPYAS's interpretation is correct or not.
I made an educated guess.
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