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replied to an anonymous question.
The answers of A, B and C are better than that/those of D.
  If "D" has only one answer, then use "that".
If "D" has more than one answer, use "those".
replied to an anonymous question.
I don’t think there is any doubt that he has put forward an idea. Does the above statement mean that the speaker has no doubt about him putting forward the idea, i.e., that the speaker is sure that he has put forward that idea?
 Yes. Essentially, you are saying, "I am pretty sure that he has put forward an idea".
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Is it "don't stay too long in hot weather" or "in the hot weather"? Also is it "don't go into hot weather" or "into the hot weather"?
onizoIs it "don't stay too long in hot...
onizoAlso is it "don't go into hot...
"The" is better in your examples, perhaps even the only correct choice. When you advise someone not to stay outside too long in hot weather, presumably it is hot outside and both of you know it. So, "don't stay too long outside in the hot ...
asked a question.
We have contacted The Lady Eleanor Holles School (LEH) and have decided that we (Hampton, Denmead and LEH) will close the schools at 3:00 pm on Friday 18 September 2015 so that vehicles are able to leave before the traffic gets heavier. This is a ...
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