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I found the passage as follows: When she sneezed and a nurse enquired, "Do we need to blow our nose?" Ursula replied coldly, "I wasn't aware we shared a common nose, but if you need to blow yours, go ahead. It's big enough." What does the nurse mean ...
 Somehow the topic has shifted from "our nose" to "your nose".
 I think of it as peculiar to doctors and nurses. My veterinarian does it too. "Are we still having trouble with hairballs?"
khoffAre we still having trouble with...
Yes. Emotion: cat Emotion: tongue tied ...
What is the difference between a Frog and a Toad? People usually mix up frogs and toads because they are both amphibians and are from the same taxonomic order. However, there are some significant differences between frogs and toads. To begin with, ...
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Hi everyone, I've got a quick question. I haven't noticed that until now. and I didn't notice that until now. I'd probably use the first one but I heard people using both. I undestand that if I was talking about the past I'd choose the second one but ...
 So I'd say: I didn't mean to call you so late but you forgot your bag in my car. I'm sorry but i hadn't noticed that before.?
Would there be a case where you would be more likely to say 'I haven't noticed'?
Thank you again!
 I didn't mean to call you so late, but you left your bag in my car. I'm sorry, but I didn't notice it earlier.
Ann225Would there be a case where you would...
Anne: Have you noticed that Mary's been hanging out with a new boy friend?
Jane: No, I haven't noticed anything concerning Mary. We haven't been on speaking terms for a month. ...
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Hi. What are the most difficult aspects of learning English? There are some problems in the journey of learning any language, and English as the most spoken language by non-native speakers is no exception. English learners usually face some ...
 There are some problems in the journey of learning any language, and English, as the language most spoken by non-native speakers, is no exception. English learners usually face some difficulties in learning the language and which some of them will ...
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Hello everyone. I have a couple of questions. Regarding the following question: He's made me the person that I am today. = He's made me [ ] I am today. Q1 What is the best word to fill in the bracket in the above sentence? Is it "what," or ...
 For me, "what" feels rather more idiomatic, but "who" is used too. I see no difference in meaning. The graph below suggests that "who" is quite a recent innovation:
 I understand.
Thank you very much, GPY, for your answer and clear explanation.
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