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[video] The video starts with this: Are you ready for the greatest heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to choose a team? I wonder who "chooses a team" here. "You" (the viewer) or the heroes? Also, at 51 seconds, she says "Are you Team Cap or Team Iron Man?" Is it ...
listeneverI wonder who "chooses a team" here....
What she actually says means that the heroes choose a team. Does this make sense in the context? I'm wondering, given the rest of the clip, whether it was supposed to be the viewer choosing a team (to support), but somehow the sentence went wrong.
listeneverAlso, at 51 seconds, she says "Are...
I think ...
Anonymous replied to an anonymous question.
Choose: He is a short .......... Italian boy. friendly - fat - old - slim Thanks
 Which do you think is most likely?
Anonymous If you please I need the answer. Aren't friendly,fat,slim suitable here? It's a choose question so I have to choose just one answer. What will it be ?
replied to an anonymous question.
Should it be ahold/a hold/hold when refering to trying to talk to someone on the phone? It is hard to get ahold / a hold / hold of John these days. Thanks.
I agree with Clive there. I can't get hold of John on the phone at the moment
But ahold does have good US informal usages ...
- Just don't seem to be able to get ahold of myself
[= I am not taking control of my life]
 Hi. I did look it up, and what I found led me to "ahold." I could be wrong.
EnglishmavenI did look it up
So did I, and there it was: ahold
And there was a quote there with it, where 'ahold' was used just as the OP is using it.
replied to an anonymous question.
Is it correct to say "Her cake is a twelfth as big as mine."?
 'Her cake is one twelfth the size of mine' is more natural to me.
replied to an anonymous question.
I don't like Sara being annoyed. Is it correct?
 The noun or pronoun before a gerund should be in the possessive form.
I don't like Sara's being there.
I'm sick of your singing in class.
His worrying will make him crazy.
Fred's drinking is getting out of hand.
I don't think their planning the ...
EnglishmavenThe noun or pronoun before a gerund...
When speaking formally but, it is common in informal language for it not to be. Informally, people often say things like I don't like Sara being there.  ...
 That's true, but that doesn't mean it's acceptable. We frequently hear a lot of errors from native speakers in formal and informal settings. It's still not standard English. I'm not being prescriptive. This is still being tested on standardized  ...
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