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replied to an anonymous question.
He states that "the fabulae personae whom Beckett selects as representative of today's mankind can only be clochards,creatures excluded from the scheme of the world who have nothing to do any longer, because they do not have anything to do with it. Could ...
 I will help you, but first: what do you think it means?
Anonymous Characters author chose can only be bandits(?) or freaks and do not belong in the world because they are irrelevant to the said world.
Anonymousbandits(?) or freaks
Not really. More like vagrants and beggars. Homeless people.
replied to an anonymous question.
Anonymous Is this correct? Three candles...OK.
Correct as shown.
CJ ...
replied to an anonymous question.
Are these @ sentence correct? I'm not sure the tenses are correct. I started to see the potential in him as time was going by. As time was going to go on, I felt like I had a chance to win. Thank you
The simple past is best in these cases.
... as time went by.
As time went on, I felt ...
replied to an anonymous question.
putting or making Which is correct please? They were putting him out/making him out like he was unstoppable but I beat him. Thank you
Anonymousputting or making
Don't use "put" there. You have two choices there.
were making out that he was unstoppable
were making him out to be unstoppable
I prefer the non-continuous form (made out) in these sentences.
replied to 's question.
You have to make major changes in your lifestyle and ……. . a) so have I b) I have to too c) I have too d) so do I (Answer Key) Source: school exam Hi, Can't A also work? I have asked this in WR forum too. http://forum.wordreference.com/threads/you-have-to-make-major-changes-in-your-lifestyle-and-%E2%8... / Thank you.
 Why do you not wait till other members in the WR forums reply? Usually, more than one member will reply to your post. If the non-native is wrong, I am sure that another member will give you the right answer. My advice is you should be a bit more ...
 Slightly off-topic, but we have at EF at least one non-native speaker whose responses are always first class. Indeed, I had been a member of this forum for over a year before I discovered that one Scandinavian member was not a native speaker of ...
sb70012Hi,Can't A also work?
Yes, in a pinch. But, at least to my ear, it's not the best answer. D is better, and you should always choose the best answer among those which are available.
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