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replied to 's question.
Ms. Rodan is a reporter from the International Business News. She wants to write about our company for her newspaper. She is also very interested in facts about the new film that we made in Los Angeles. I told her that "this" was private ...
But all the answers with 'Megastar' are poor, because the text dos not mention 'Megastar'.
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What does 'not a lot in some cases' mean? So what do the Americans really think about the heads of state and government they have to deal with? Not a lot in some cases and that, let's be honest, is one of the most interesting aspects of the ...
 It is saying that Americans don't think a lot of those heads of state. They either don't spend time giving them thought or they don't have much respect for them. It could mean either or both of these ideas.
 Could you please let me know what 'that' means(refers to) after the questioned phrase?
 Dare I add this, from my Canadian perspective?Emotion: zip it
Many Americans don't seem to think a lot of their own heads of state and government.
replied to 's question.
Hi! Is the sentence grammatically correct? Would you make changes? A signed ballot, scanned and sent via e-mail, shall be equally valid as a vote delivered in presence. Thank you!
 You need 'person' raher than 'presence'.
ayan86as a vote delivered
You might also consider using "cast" instead of "delivered" in the above sentence.
 I'd say
eg . . . shall be equally as valid as a vote cast in person..
eg . . . shall be as valid as a vote cast in person. .
replied to 's question.
Hi, Jorge, How are you? Sorry to bother you at work, but I want to know--are you coming to the party tonight? Today is Mary's birthday, and Pablo is having a party for her at the Sol y Luna restaurant this evening. Tonight's party will be bigger ...
 No, B.
 Which would you think is correct?
1. Did you go to that birthday?
2. Did you go to that party?
birthday = the day of the year on which you were born
party = an event when everyone gets together to have fun and eat and drink.
replied to 's question.
Hello, 1. Why do Jim and his friends go to town on Sundays? 2. Why does Jim and his friends go to town on Sundays? Are both sentences correct? Thank you. ac2000
 #2 is wrong, It's a plural subject..
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