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replied to 's post.
Hi, teachers, please help me correct my report if there are any mistakes, Thank you~ The purpose of this report is to describe the movement of the balance of trade between 2005 and 2015, for a particular country, concerning manufacturing and ...
 This report describes the changes in the balance of trade in manufacturing and agriculture between 2005 and 2015 for a particular country.
Imports increased steadily. The figures show a $4 billion rise over the period with no ...
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The joys of childhood should be such as children extract himself. 1. After "such," joys are ommited. 2. "as" in this case is a relative pronoun.
Mister Micawber10.with the result or purpose: He...
Well, at least one dictionary agrees with me... Or I think I should I say that I agree with one dictionary. ...
Mister MicawberWell, at least one dictionary agrees...
I would say that the use of "as" in the original sentence is more like sense 3, pronoun, at http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/as :
that, who, which—used after same or such<in the same building as my brother> <tears such as angels weep — John Milton> and chiefly dialect ...
GPYOn the other hand, opinions may vary.
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Regarding the two sentences below: (A) Kate is the prettiest of the four. (B) Kate is the prettiest of them four. I think there's no problem with (A), but I'not sure about (B). Is it also natural?
seagullbut I'not sure about (B). Is it also...
Among the uneducated it may find some currency, but I have never heard it said. 'Those four' is a better alternative. ...
 I understand.
Thank you so much, Mister Micawber.
Mister MicawberAmong the uneducated it may find some...
Yes, you hear it among the uneducated where I live in England. I suppose you could also more charitably say that it is dialect. In any case it is not standard English here either and learners should definitely avoid it. ...
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How about the dialogues below? Isn't correct? A: Mum, I hope I'll win the storytelling competitiin tomorrow. B: All the best! / Good luck ( to you) /
 'Competition' is so spelt.
Mother's response sounds rather distant. It sounds like a letter to a colleague.
A: I hope I win the storytelling competition tomorrow.
Mum: I hope so too, honey. Just do your best.
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What is the difference between "with the" and "without the"? I think there are two sentences in this case. I'm wondering about the difference between these two sentences: "This lake is the deepest around here." and "This lake is deepest around here." Could ...
Takehisa Tanakadifference
There is no difference. "the" is optional.
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