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replied to an anonymous question.
Research show that there are cross-cultural differences in [what] families expect of their children and in how they socialize them to behave appropriately. can we say that "what" is the object of "expect"? What part of speech is "what" here?
 Research shows...
The answer to your question depends on whom you ask.
Anonymouscan we say that "what" is the object...
In Scandinavian grammar, yes.
AnonymousWhat part of speech is "what" here?
Again, in Scandinavian grammar what is a relative pronoun in your sentence, but native speakers may have another name for it.
CB ...
Anonymous It can't be a relative pronoun if it's not introducing a relative clause.
AnonymousWhat part of speech is "what" here?
A pronoun.
Anonymouscan we say that "what" is the object...
Yes. ...
replied to 's question.
I have problem understanding the meaning of the highlighted sentence. Why should one "disagree about what actually works"? Context; But it was not merely a discussion about historical and political issues. It was also one of aesthetic form, ...
red apple Why should one "disagree about what...
Why? Because it is human nature to state our opinions.
Public art may be hard to define, but it is always easy to detect: shrieking for attention, but pitiably inarticulate. Brash rather than brave. Assertive but dumb. Ham-fisted rather than ...
replied to 's question.
It is worth a careful consideration. It pays a careful consideration. It repays a careful consideration.
 It is worth a careful consideration.
After removing the indefinite article, it becomes natural English.
The others are not.
replied to an anonymous question.
As discussed, we will process our purchase order against your quotation for carrying out work in the above project as in the attached quotation.
AnonymousAs discussed, we will process our...
Yes, it is grammatical, but it is very bad style. ...
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