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Anonymous replied to an anonymous question.
Just think that I have never seen an elephent before. When I go to a zoo and see an elephant for the 1st time there, should I say "I haven't seen an elephant before" or "I hadn't seen an elephant before" in the meaning of "it is the 1st time ...
AnonymousI am enlightened.
I think you have a much better command of the simple past and present perfect tenses.
Anonymous Yes, thank you Emotion: smile
Anonymous It should be "when someone says" in the text, not "when someone say", sorry about this typo. Thanks a lot for all replies again.
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Please correct this. 1.A piece of stone bumped into his head slipped by tyre of car on the road.
rashid rajal Please correct this. 1.A piece of...
A piece of stone hurled into the air by a car tyre hit his head. ...
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Hello, Many thanks for the questions and answers that helped me a lot for having a better understanding on many aspects of English. Here let me upload a question that has stayed long in my note unsolved, which is ; <Quote> The Volt is just ...
AnonymousIf I change that part into "Hitting 5...
No. It certainly won't make the sentence any more awkward than it already is.
Anonymousdoes it make a slight difference in...
In the subject position the gerund is much more commonly seen than the infinitive; nevertheless, both are grammatically acceptable.
CJ ...
Anonymous  Dear CalifJim,
Thank you very much for the reply, the thing is though,,,,I made a mistake in my second question... If ok, can I ask for your kind help again?...
Corrected question ;
Does it make a slight difference in the nuance?
AnonymousDoes it make a slight difference in...
"nuance" actually means something like "slight difference", so if there's a difference in the nuance, I don't know what it could be. I'd say no.
CJ ...
Anonymous asked a question.
He was absolutely blue with cold. He was absolutely blue from cold. Are prepositions in the above sentences correctly used?
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