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Anonymous asked a question.
In the sentence: Students investigated the effect of temperature on the length of time it took painted butterflies to emerge from the pupa stage. Should "took" be left as is, or changed to "takes." I'm copy editing for a text book, and I believe it ...
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Are these 2 sentences natural? She's not my style. Her hair is a turnoff and her lips are even more a turnoff. Thank you
AnonymousAre these 2 sentences natural?
Yes, they're natural.
commented on their own question.
1- Your health had been generally good, but you do have a few minor problems. 2- I thought I heard him come in while we have had dinner. 3- Thanks for scientists' discoveries, people live happy lives.
 As for the third sentence, why can't we say ................
Thanks for.................
Would you clarify changing " for" to " to "
My regards.
esalim80Would you clarify changing " for" to...
Emotion: tongue tied "thanks for (someone doing something)" is wrong. "thanks to (someone doing something)" is correct.
You are not thanking the scientists personally for doing something, as if you're saying to them "Thanks for discovering the things you ...
 thank you.
replied to 's question.
Hi. The sound of the ocean called up memories of my childhood. The sound of the ocean called up the memories of my childhood. What's the difference?
 If you have not mentioned these memories before then use the first one. If you have already mentioned them then you might use the second, but in that case it might be better to say "these memories". One would need to see the full context.
Persian LearnerWhat's the difference?
To my ear, "the memories" seems to suggest "all memories". Just "memories" is more restricted. The context (the sound of the ocean) even suggests that whichever memories they are would be restricted to those memories which relate to the sound ...
replied to an anonymous question.
Hi, what is the right word in this example: "I would like to have a confirmation .... Maria." Is it: - "I would like to have a confirmation from Maria" - "I would like to have a confirmation of Maria."
AnonymousI would like to have a confirmation have confirmation from Maria.
As shown above. Do not use "a".
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