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replied to an anonymous question.
I have a sentence that has a thought and it goes like this: Locate holdings in the shelf list without the assistance of a librarian, without checking the card catalog or even without physically browsing the shelves. Note: See the redundant use of ...
 Yes, you can simplify it like you've written.
replied to an anonymous question.
"Save me from drowning in the sea" Is "drowning" a gerund, a verb behaving as a substantive? Thank you!
 After the preposition, a verb must be with ing
asked a question.
Dave and Ron are good friends. Dave, Heyo. I got your note about "needing... I don't even know how I could really...throw a case back with and go time-traveling, Ron's your... Later, Ron
This is a note from Ron to Dave. I don't understand "throw a case back with". What does it mean? Thank you. ...
asked a question.
#1 Don't get panicked in emergencies. Book says it should be panicky here. But I have many times hear people saying "don't get panic". Thank you
replied to 's question.
Hello, How would you differentiate between: - I avoid/shun familiarity with pirates. - Since then I shun/avoid all forms of luxury. As far as I know shun means "to deliberately avoid", whereas "avoid" could be both deliberate/indeliberate.
 "Shun" is usually stronger (more deliberate/persistent) than "avoid."
Gene93- I avoid/shun familiarity with pirates.
That's unnatural; I'm not sure what kind of pirates you're talking about!
Gene93- Since then, I have shunned/avoided all forms of luxury.
 Here are a few comments on how I hear and see this word. used
'Shun' is most often used with people. eg I shunned Tom.
There is also a sense of punishing the person,
eg I shunned Tom because he was a thief.
It also implies that you know or have an ...
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