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replied to an anonymous question.
Hello I have a question about this sentence: " think that his actions might provide a hint as to what he is really planning to do." Is "what he he is really planning to do" a noun clause? I understand that "as to" in this sentence means with regard ...
 A noun can be substituted for the clause with a very similar meaning.
I think that his actions might provide a hint as to [ his real intentions ].
as to = concerning
His real intentions = what he is really planning to do.
replied to an anonymous question.
Either you please book the ticket on Qatar airways or Emirates airless, but it should be less transit time or early connection as in the attached details Please ook the ticket on either Qatar airways or Emirates airless, but it should be less ...
GPYAS's interpretation is correct or not.
I made an educated guess.
Anonymous Thank you once again
Our guest is travelling from Casablanca to Bangkok via Abu Dhabi or Doha. Both airless are operating two flights from their hub to Bangkok daily, so we need a connection flight from Abu Dhabi or Doha with a short transit time ...
 I am really confused. I get that there is no direct flight between Casablanca and Bangkok, so the simplest itinerary will be one stop in one of the hubs. The options are:
1. From Casablanca to Bangkok via Abu Dhabi
2. From Casablanca to Bangkok ...
Anonymous asked a question.
So this girl is giving me a hard time to where she is at: Horror films use me a lot Always stay cool, I never get hot Some laundry, some things from a past time or even some wine She's a bit fobby as you can tell. Any help would be nice. Thanks.
replied to 's question.
Can someone please answer? Can we say "could you please help me with tally 9 (Accounting software)" to mean "can you please help me learn tally 9"? What could be the other formal and informal alternatives? Is this correct "As I was speaking to ...
 Can someone please answer?
fatimah0786Can we say "could you please help me...
No. If you want to learn something, you can say "Could you teach me Tally 9?"
As I was speaking to her, she was busy typing away at the keyboard which was kind of irritating. ...
replied to 's question.
Could you tell me whether I can replace 'daily' with 'day by day' in the following sentence? Thank you in advance. Many cars traverse the bridge [daily/day by day].
lucas21cCould you tell me whether I can...
Yes. You can't. "day by day" is used when there are changes (usually gradual).
The corn is growing taller day by day.
In your sentence cars cross the bridge every day, i.e., daily.
On the other hand, people sometimes use 'day by day' to mean 'daily'.
Researc ...
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