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asked a question.
Which of the following two sounds natural? A segment of tangerine. OR A slice of tangerine. Thanks.
asked a question.
What does both mean here? Just half an hour after the attack, Mr. Uematsu turned himself in at a nearby police station and was charged with attempted murder. Additional charges were expected. The attack was the worst mass killing in Japan in ...
replied to 's question.
I need help with usage of "across" Example. There is road with one mile length and both side of the all the road there are shops. So can I say. There are shops across the road or all across the road.
rashid rajalThere is road with one mile length...
No. There are shops (all) along the road. ...
  What is best use of across. Let me give some example.
(There is a bridge across the river.) for example length of rive is X and width is Y. What is the direction of bridge I mean Is covering the length or width.
(He ran across the road) what ...
 Across means from one side to the other, not from one end to the other.
replied to an anonymous question.
Hi, I wonder when you use the "subjunctive mood" in english and what's the difference to "reported speech". "If I were you, I would have done this" were = subjunctive "If I flown to the moon, I would have moon rocks now." flown = subjunctive? "If I ...
AnonymousHi, I wonder when you use the...
The answer for BrE is that the subjunctive is practically dead for most people.
"If I were you" is virtually the only expression in which many people still use a subjunctive form.
Anonymous"If I flown to the moon, I would have...
That is incorrect. 'I flown' does not exist as a verb form.
AnonymousI have read that the subjunctive is...
As 'were ...
commented on their own question.
That didn’t seem too exciting, so let me up the ante and see if this next step does more for you. what does this sentence mean? it's a text on mathematics.
 raise the stakes
increase the importance of what is being done or discussed
'raise the ante' is an idiom derived from the game of Poker.
The form 'up the ante' is also used.
 thaks a lot Clive.
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