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commented on their own question.
The studies had a number of other similar characteristics. One of the books I have says strictly speaking "other similar" is wrong and shouldn't be used in formal writing. Is it really so?
Mister Micawber but many will argue that 'again'...
Will they? If you want someone to conduct the second doing after he ends the first doing, I think you will say "Do it again."
How would you say it if you want him to do the second repetition? ...
Taka If you want someone to conduct the...
Do it again. ...

Do it again.
Isn't that "it" a bit ambiguous?
It can be [X1,X2,X3,X4 (1~4:a whole set)]→(Do it again!)→[X1,X2,X3, X4 (a whole set again)]. But it can also be [X1,X2,X3,X4]→(Do it again!)→[X4], can't it?
Anonymous asked a question.
(Between A and B, It being five hours since they have met, A jerked out the words to B.) "May our fates intertwine verily." Is it a confession or curse? If it isn't, Is it as good as 'Let us have a good relationship from now on?'
asked a question.
Hi, all I wonder, am I using "notwithstanding" correctly in the sentences below? Ignorance is the deadliest of diseases that has ever visited humans, notwithstanding every now and they still succumb to it. Heaven and Hell are each other’s antithesis.Notwith ...
Anonymous asked a question.
Each sentence should be convert to 10 indirect sentence. Can you help me to do it? 1) When it comes to your child’s development, digestation is just as important as nutrituon. 2) Good digestation means healthy absorption of nutrients, improved ...
Anonymous asked a question.
He works the hardest in the company. Vs. He works the most in the company. Both correct and mean the same?
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