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replied to 's question.
Hello everyone. Please let me know .... Which of the following is correct? A. It's essential that everyone should be here on time. B. It's essential that everyone be here on time . C. It's essential that everyone is here on time. ?
sunny123I meant the more Ps, the better...
Should it be like the following?

A. It's essential that everyone should be here on time. PPP
B. It's essential that everyone be here on time. PPPPP
C. It's essential that everyone is here on time. P
D. It's essential for everyone to be here on

 Thank you CalifJim. Is there anyone here in this site to know how to type "check mark" here in English forum"?
sunny123how to type "check mark"
There is no true check mark that I can find. You'll have to use the "square root" symbol. (√)
Click on the Ω button in the reply box and choose the second symbol in the 4th row.
replied to 's question.
Hello, what is the difference between up to and upto? I have looked up these things in dictionaries but I couldn't find any results. Would you like to help me please?
  I think so. Actually, I'm a new member of this site. I want to get in touch with you people. I'm totally bewildered to resolve this problem. I saw this on different sites but there was no way to sort out this matter.
 Yes, I was actually confused about it. I am a new one here. So I wanted to know about this site wholly.
Maqsood AhmedI wanted to know about this site
It seems you already know how to ask a question and how to reply to a post, so that's all you need to know. You might want to explore a little on your own by reading questions and answers that are already on the site.
replied to 's question.
Does "naturalizing" in the following contexts imply "making natural and common" and can I replace it with "embodying" ? Contexts: Being forced to engage with otherness beyond our defined boundaries of selfhood in fact has a civilising effect on ...
I wouldn't use 'embody' there. To embody something means to devote most of your being to it, but the writer is describing only one feature of city life,
Your first definition - to make natural or common - is good. The simplest phrases are ...
replied to an anonymous question.
Diesen "Frieden" scheint es wohl leider nicht mehr zu geben. If there is someone who knows German, can you please translate this into English?
 Google 'translate' doesn't help a lot.
This peace" no longer seems, unfortunately, probably give. (nonsense)
asked a question.
Hello everyone. How can I type "check mark" here in English forum site?
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