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asked a question.
Is there any idioms or phrases associated with a person who is probably guilty and stands accused of a fault himself/herself but judges other people yet? For such people we say "His/Her foot is trapped himself/herself" in our language, meaning that ...
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If the mysteries and miracles of Christian belief could be located in everyday settings, their authors* revealed as men and women not unlike the *burgers of Padua or Siena, then their symbolic power could be appropriate to express or legitimate ...
 "burgers" is another spelling of "burghers", meaning townspeople.
I understand "authors" to refer to the people who supposedly performed "mysteries and miracles".
commented on their own question.
But in this case, it’s true that, with just a bit of an adjustment to the rule, the magnitude is just a multiple of the original. in this case l can't understand this part of the sentence: "with just a bit of an adjustment to the rule"
 yes, you're right! it's a chpter heading in the book "Linear algebra for dummies"
thank you for your explanation and attention
ok, from now on l'll send seperate post for a new questionEmotion: embarrassed
 Yes, you're right! it's a chapter heading in the book "Linear Algebra for Dummies."
Thank you for your explanation and attention.
ok, OK, from now on I'll send write/make a separate post for a new question.
Please pay attention to your spelling and ...
 OK, I'll try to do my best.Emotion: embarrassedEmotion: rose
replied to 's question.
Which is correct? "He is an institution/Institute in/by himself? Could anyone please answer? Thanks in advance
fatimah0786He is an institution in himself." Is...
I don't like it.
fatimah0786Could you please answer?
Emotion: rolleyes
fatimah0786What does the phrase mean in simple...
This phrase is paying a high tribute to the person. It is equating an individual to a whole institution. It means he was in some way a very special person in his own field; that he made a significant contribution; or that he had ...
 Thanks for the quick response.
I was in doubt whether we could use it in a negative sense? Can we say "When it comes to high handedness she is an institution in her own right." If we can't, then what would be the antonym for the phrase, since ...
fatimah0786Can we say "When it comes to high...
Yes, but beware of the sarcasm involved (because describing someone as an "institution" is usually used for praise).
fatimah0786every phrase has its negative...
I'm not so sure about that. ...
replied to 's question.
Hello teachers, What does guilt mean here? "You are absolved of your guilts." Guilt also means crime? Thank you!
 The usual is "sins" in that context. Where did you come across that? "Guilt" is an uncountable noun.
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