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commented on their own question.
I have posted 2 photos and needs to find the answer for that. Please check and let me know the answer. Thanks
  I'm not clear what you are asking. Could you explain some more?
  OK, I think I see what you mean. You wanted the pictures included in the question post, is that right?
 Yes, You are right..
Anonymous asked a question.
He is less big than me.
replied to an anonymous question.
What do you mean by he is a pussy?
 He is weak, he is not manly.
replied to an anonymous post.
I'm very happy that you found the love of your life or I'm happy that you have found the love of your life?
 #1 is correct, but leaves open the possibility that she later ded or left him.
#2 indicates she is still with him.
Anonymous replied to 's question.
Hi, I have a doubt with a question posted by English Daily Tips on Facebook i.e. By tomorrow, my car _____. A. is repaired. B. repaired C. will be repaired. D. repairs. I chose C, but somehow, some argued the option should have been 'will have been ...
Anonymous A and D are out. A would be possible in a poetic context. But C is the best answer.
The future perfect, "will have been repaired", is probably more strictly grammatical, but the future perfect is infrequently used today, because it sounds ...
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