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replied to 's question.
In a discussion I used the following sentence: "You are hopeless at reading comprehension". A counter argument was presented that "reading comprehension" is a compounded noun and I was treating it as a verb. Was my sentence structure grammatically ...
 Reading you reply again I think the sentence:
"You are hopeless in the comprehension of reading"
Would also have been correct
I hate it when I mess up Emotion: embarrassed
  Thank you for your reply CalifJim.
Hopefully you may be able to assist with the last interpretation of mine.
johnpat Thank you for your reply...
You are hopeless at reading comprehension.
Your reading comprehension is hopeless.
You are hopeless in the comprehension of reading.
All three are grammatically acceptable.
CJ ...
replied to an anonymous question.
This is a very long sentence. I wonder if you could break in down into basic and clear English. Thank you. If, ten thousand years ago, you had been asked to guess which would be the seat of the greatest future civilisations, you would probably have ...
AnonymousThis is a very long sentence.
Actually, there are two sentences.
Imagine that you live 10,000 years ago.
Someone asks you, "Guess where the most advanced people of the future will live?"
You decide to pick Central or South America.
The reason is that they are excellent and ...
replied to an anonymous question.
Is the use of 'stereotypical of someone' correct? I haven't been able to find it in the dictionary used this way. He said things that were stereotypical of Americans like that they are fat. Not all Americans are fat. Thanks
 I wouldn't say it is wrong, but it sounds a little bit odd to me.
replied to an anonymous question.
Anonymous how to apply for annual leave
Consult your HR department.
replied to 's question.
Is it possible to start sentences with adverbs? For example, "Often, I took a taxi."
kyuurismIs it possible to start sentences...
kyuurismFor example, "Often I took a taxi." [no comma]
OK, but "often" isn't typically used at the beginning of a sentence as it's an adverb of frequency like 'always' and 'never'.
CJ ...
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