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Hey guys, Could you please have a look at these sentences and tell me if they're correct? ''Stop beating about the bush and tell me why you don't like me!'' (Do young people use this phrase when they want someone to get straight to what bothers them? ''To ...
 My feeling, which is borne out by the graph at https://books.google.com/ngrams/graph?content=beating+about+the+bush , is that the expression "beating about the bush" is declining in frequency, and is probably not tremendously common now among young people. Nevertheless, to my ear it is still fine to use and does ...
 Thank you so much for replying so soon Emotion: smile)
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1.ristrict to 2.ristrict from 3.ristrict for I think I am clear with the usage of 1 and 2 but the 3 is bit confusing for me. Example. (Alcohol is restricted for its bad effects.) Its easy to understand the use of (for) But here, I am restricted for ...
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"I will go to that party to kiss her." "I will go to that party and kiss her."
 #1 indicates the reason you will go.
#2 does not. It just tells us one of the things you will do there.
Anonymous asked a question.
I really don't understand the following grammar structure even though I have read plenty grammar stuff (participle vs adjective..) in the internet and my old school book: "to be interested in" "to be accused of" When you conjugate these phrases, do ...
Anonymous asked a question.
We are leaving in a few days' time. We are leaving for a few days' time. Are both prepositions correctly used in the above? And if so, is We are leaving in a few days' time expressing the future plan and is We are leaving for a few days' time expres ...
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