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replied to an anonymous question.
Is the sentence I'm experiencing the chocolaty life is correct?
Anonymous Is the sentence "I'm experiencing...is correct?
It is.
CJ ...
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Is the following sentence natural or correct? Please have a safe trip over.
 This is all you need: Please have a safe trip.
 We usually just say 'Have a safe trip!'
 The 'over' is natural enough for us Brits. People visiting us from another country, sometimes as little as fifty kilometres away, have to cross a stretch of water to see us. Also, tens of thousands of us sail regularly, often travelling between ...
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Are both correct? 1 My cat died yesterday. 2 My cat is dead.
Vincent TeoAre both correct?
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Which is correct? I haven't seen him in/for ages.
 As a speaker of BrE, I prefer 'for', but 'in' is acceptable.
 As a speaker of AmE, I prefer 'in', but 'for' is acceptable.
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Can I say, Oh, the car hit / was hit the street light.
Vincent Teowas hit
No. It's The car hit the street light.
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