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commented on their own question.
The following is about the several Star Wars comic series. ................................. I can't comment on Knights of the Old Republic as a comic series as I haven't read it yet, but I've only heard good things about it, apart from apparently ...
park sang joonI'd like to know if you use a "that"...
Yes. '...apart from [that] apparently it gets...' ...
 Thank you, Mr. Micawber, for your So very kind and helpful answer. Emotion: smile
Then I was wondering if such cases are restricted to the preposition "apart from, except, and in."
replied to 's question.
We are expected to live up to our teacher's expectations.
teacherJapanSo I am kind of interested in...
It's the combination of "required" and "live up to" that is a tiny bit off.
In at least one interpretation of the idiom, to live up to someone's expectations is by nature voluntary. The subject wants very much to do well, "to live up to" a given ...
  I see! Thank you very much for your detailed instructions, CJ:-)
 It seems it is required to live up to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's expectations.
Kim Yong Jin, vice premier on education affairs, found out the hard way when he was executed for slouching (some say for falling asleep) at a high-level meeting.
Anonymous asked a question.
Can business have an apostrophe. For example, I need the business's phone number.
replied to 's post.
Hi Hi Jenny, my dear classmate, I feel great right now because I'm reading an interesting novel on the dormitory balcony. I couldn't find a better place to read because lazy students laugh at me. I feel less homesick when I read this book. It's 3:00 ...
 I have underlined some problem areas. (I hope this is not a real letter; some of the attitudes and suggestions expressed are a little strange):
Hi Jenny, my dear classmate,
I feel great right now because I'm reading an interesting novel on the ...
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