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commented on their own question.
Hello everybody, I've just come across the following sentence: [Species name], on the other hand, was evaluated as a primary plant feeder ([Author], [Year]). As such, the sentence seems alright - until one realizes that the intended meaning of 'evaluated ...
petusek. I suspect 'evaluated' cannot be...
Yes,. it can.
petusekIs my suspicion right, that is, would...
Those might be better, but the greater context could still favour 'evaluate'—if some sort of evaluation process had taken place.
petusekOr is it just a special kind of...
Not really, but as I say, the greater context will reveal its appropriateness.
petusekI also suspect the author may have...
That may be true.
petuseko I find that to be somewhat...
That is ...
 Thanks a lot, again. Sometimes my suspicions appear to be misplaced.
Anyway, to add a little more context, here is another example from the same text:
[Species X] and [Species Y] were regarded as primary predators [...], but [Species Z] was evaluated [...] ...
asked a question.
I am Australian and mostly use UK English spellings and usages - although I have succumbed to some Yankeeisms. Using "math" instead of "maths" is just annoying however I find the use of: "The exact same thing" instead of: "Exactly the same thing" ...
replied to 's question.
Hi there, I understand that past tense is used to describe something which had already happened while present tense can be used to describe a fact i.e. "the dog HAS 4 legs". But what if the situation is both? E.g. He IS the first to reach the ...
 You would use past tense to describe the trip to the pole. He was the first to reach the North Pole.
Either is or was would work for the other sentence.
 But it remains a fact that he's the first to reach the North Pole, hence why "was" ?
 I expect it's because we think of it as referring to an event that happened in the past.
In the case of the toy, we can see it as a toy that was made in the 1990s (originally it was part of a set), or we can see it as a toy that is a part of a set ...
commented on their own question.
Hi everyone, Can one of you helpful native English speakers help me with this?  1. Returning an item at the store: "We can offer you a replacement or a refund." "Thanks, I think I will go with a/the refund". I think either is okay. A refund is any ...
DorisPaoThanks, I think I will go with a/the...
I agree.
DorisPao"A/the banana.I think "the" is a bit...
Both are fine and common.
DorisPaoI'd love a beer."I think "a beer" is...
'A' is the native choice. 'The' is odd there. ...
 Awesome, thank you, MM!
replied to an anonymous question.
"Are you having concerns of there could be another attack?" "Are you having concerns of there being another attack?"
AnonymousAre my sentences correct?
The second one is, but neither is really the best choice.
Are you concerned that there will be another attack?
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