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replied to 's question.
The protagonist, Philip moved in with his uncle Mr. Carey, the Vicar of Blackstable after his mother's death. ............................................ He read The Origin of Species. It seemed to offer an explanation of much that troubled him. He ...
park sang joon1. I'd like to know if the subject of...
No. '...Who has reasoned...and finds...'
park sang joon2. I'd like to know if " finds" is implied before "there the fertile."
Yes (as I have amended your question).
park sang joon3. And I'd like to know if "after...
a generation ...
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Hi, I have a question. "What are you doing tonight?" "I am going to a Mets game". This sentence was told me by a native English speaker. Why "a Mets game"? There is only one Mets game that night probably. Shouldn't it be 'the'? Is it even correct ...
GPYBoth "a" and "the" are possible. As...
Thank you, GPY. ...
Anonymous In the US (the Mets are a US professional baseball team - GPY is British), only "a Mets game" can be used in this situation. There are several reasons for this:
In sports lingo in the US, phrasing and rhythm is all-important, and "a" has better ...
only "a Mets game" can be used in...
I think your absolute assertion here is entirely unwarranted. I'm sure some people would say "I'm going to the Mets' game." I think for most people the choice would be pretty random. If someone made a conscious choice, I think it would be ...
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From Devil May Cry (a video game). Two millenniums ago, there was a war between the human world and the other, the underworld. But somebody from the underworld woke up to justice and stood up against this legion alone. Doesn't it sounds a bit ...
Dark FuryDoesn't it sounds a bit awkward?
Dark Fury The point is that he believed in...
No; he became aware of justice.
Dark FuryBut justice doesn't seem to be a...
The whole phrase is unremarkably native.
Dark FuryAnd what do you think about 'this...
It's just fine.
Dark FuryBecause I don't like it either
In future, perhaps you should withhold judgement. ...
Wisam Sharefian
fall in love with English
commented on their own question.
Hi teachers, I often use "As mentioned above", "as promised" and "as usual" in writing and conversations. because there are no subjects after "as", I think they are all abbreviated form. So their original forms must be 1) "As it was mentioned" 2) "As ...
Han131because there are no subjects after...
I'd say "no". I think they are more like substitutes for "which was mentioned" and "which was promised", but they are placed at the beginning of the sentence instead of at the end.
Han131could you explain why do they use passive?
It would have to do with the rest of the sentence.
As mentioned, ...
  thank you for your answer!
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