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What do 'input' and 'application' each mean? I urge you to speak up regarding the university's handling of our student activity fees. We are the ones who pay them, so why haven't we been asked for our input about their application?
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Is this phrase correct: Pen down my address
  Thanks everyone it seems good to me but its not right I know
Anonymous "Pen down my address." is unusual usage, but quite poetic and charming. If the listener is known to carry an expensive Mont Blanc fountain pen, and he makes a big issue out of it, this would be appropriate.
 It is never appropriate.
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 You have supplied no context, so take your pick: http://www.acronymfinder.com/WSD.html
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I don't understand the meaning of these words: "live and running" in "Executed: Functional web platform that was live and running." source: https://techcrunch.com/2014/02/16/shutting-down-blurtt /
AnonymousI don't understand the meaning of...
live = active in real time
running = in operation; functioning ...
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A denial from the government was quick to arrive after a news agency reported on Wednesday that the administration is considering selling a 49% stake in debt-laden Air India. Is above sentence correct? Considering is followed by selling. Is it ...
AnonymousIs above sentence correct?
AnonymousConsidering is followed by selling....
Yes, and so are these:
are considering selling
considered selling
will consider selling
have been considering selling
are going to consider selling
should have considered selling
etc. ...
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