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Hello everyone. Is there any difference between overlearning and memorizing?
 To me, the difference is that 'memorizing' is a common word but 'overlearning' is a word I've never heard or read before.
CliveTo me, the difference is that...
I saw "overlearning in the following .... I think "overlearning" in the following text means "memorizing"
There are several ways which help us to remember things for a
long time. One of them is overlearning. Overlearning is saying something
(a poem ...
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Hi! Should it be dry or dries? Thanks, Fulvio 1.Sometimes both eyes get a little itchy because of the air conditioning which dry the eyes. 2 Sometimes both eyes get a little itchy because of the air conditioning which dries the eyes.
Use a pronoun to avoid repeating the word 'eyes'.
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Hello every one. In the following substitution drill. I know how to substitute "turn up" and "turn down" in the pattern sentence but I don't understand what "turn up" and "turn down" means. Speaking 2 Substitution Drills Substitute the words in the ...
 Turn up the TV >>> Increase the sound volume.
Turn down the TV >>> decrease it
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1. I have applied a leave for this Friday. 2. I will be on leave on Friday, Please reschedule the meeting to next Friday.
Chandrasekhar Reddy 1. I have applied to take a day's leave for this Friday.
Chandrasekhar Reddy2. I will be on leave on Friday. Please reschedule the meeting to...
Anonymous Unless you are a member of some armed force, it would be more natural to talk of having a day off or being off work.
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does nonchalant ego makes sense? is it right to use?
 Yes, if you use it correctly in a sentence.
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