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1) A: I'm open for criticism from you regarding the new company policy. B: __________, I would have to back you up all the way. (A) After you just pulled (B) Look at behind you (C) In terms of efficiency (D) The chip are up so I think it's ...
 What do you think "The chip are up so" means?
Notice the singular "chip" and the plural verb "are" -- is that really how it's written?
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Is there another way of asking someone how old they are?
 Another way than "How old are you?"
I suppose you could ask what year they were born or what year they graduated from high school or college and do some math.
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I got an email with a meeting request. The guy is asking am I available for a meeting later next week? I don't understand what it means by later next week and How it different from next week? Can some one explain this?
 I'm trying to understand the usage of 'later'. I heard people use later many times when they suggest meeting schedules. For example later this week or month etc. Hence seeking clarification.
vts nairI'm trying to understand the usage of...
I think you are mistaken. I believe the word is sometime.
sometime this week or month etc. ...
 I would read that to mean the "later" part of the week, Thursday or Friday.
If you are already IN the week or the month, then you can only go "later" than today.
On Monday: Let's meet later in the week. (Any time after tomorrow.)
On the 6th of the ...
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Hello everyone. I want to write my volunteering experience on a professional site. I want to say that I'm know working as a translator for the specialized brain schience and neuroscience website and journal called "Neurosafari". (www.neurosafari.com) This ...
 Hello everyone. I want to write about my volunteering work experience on a professional site as a volunteer.
I want to say that I'm know now working as a translator for the specialized brain-science and neuroscience [Is there a difference between brain-s ...
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Which are correct: 1) As the political authorities commanded the loyalty of the people the less, the religious authorities claimed their loyalty the more. 2) As the political authorities commanded the loyalty of the people less, the religious ...
 #1 and #2 are unnatural. In #3, use a comma instead of that full stop in the middle.
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