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replied to an anonymous question.
Yesterday, I lost balance and fell over wheels barrow. I want to tell this to my friend. Which of these below sentences are correct. I fell over/Tripped over/slipped over/fell off Wheels barrow
 They mean different things, but the last one is unlikely, unless you were riding it! Oh, and it's "wheelbarrow."
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How to say this in reported speech and conditional. 1. He was meant to be a scientist. Please you can make it complete it to make sentence.
 Direct speech Mary said 'He was meant to be a scientist'.
Reported speech Mary said that he was meant to be a scientist.
There is no need for any conditional.
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Hello everyone, I wonder whether the following is really incorrect (I suspect may be): 'different food choices of different omnivorous species' From the text it is obviously the omnivorous species that choose different food types, that is why I ...
Anonymous  Correct
 "of" is correct. I prefer it to "by".
 Many thanks! Perhaps, it's my obsession with trying to avoid potential ambiguities. While by would certainly be unambiguous in all contexts, of might lead to the assumption that the intended agent is a patient instead, right? Anyway, thanks again ...
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Do you ever woke up with harsh hungover and without any idea where you had been parting all night? Don’t worry, Budgy will help you to recall your memories. The app collects a position, when you are paying for alcohol, so you always can find out ...
Sofia Skuratovskaya the best Old Fashioned and come back...
What does the above mean?
Sofia Skuratovskayaa vacation budget,
Do you mean a budget vacation (cheap holiday)?
Sofia SkuratovskayaIt will give you to discover and think.
What does that sentence mean? ...
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Is there simpler word "returning back to their jobs"?
 eg going back to work
return, not return back.
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