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replied to 's question.
Is this phrase correct: Pen down my address
 It needs a full stop at the end.
Please write down my address.
 Write down my address is correct I know but I am looking for an alternative so is Pen down my address correct?
akshay deep mishrais Pen down my address correct?
I wouldn't use it. I might also say, "Please make a note of my address."
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Hi! Can the relationship "turn bad"? For the purposes of better understanding my question, here is full sentence: However, after a while relationship between the spouses turned bad and became more aggravated and worse by each day. Thanks Emotion: smile
 It's not very natural.
However, after a while relationship between the spouses soured and became more aggravated and worse by each day.
ayan86However, after a while relationship...
That sentence is not very natural. Note also that you need "the" before "relationship." ...
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The sentence (from the audio of on old movie released in 1948) is: "That song never went away. It stayed like songs do sometimes for no reason and set through it all." Does "set through it all" mean that the melody of the song became permanent or ...
 "set through it all" doesn't seem right. Could it possibly be "sat through it all"?
commented on their own question.
Control of access to the Internet will be a major project for the computer industry. ...reads the sentence on one of the grammar-course webpages found online. Why do we omit the definite article before Control ? I know the noun is uncountable but is ...
 The use of the definite article before non-count nouns is a tricky subject because it is optional. The inclusion of an article depends on how specifically the item needs to be distinguished from particular versus general occurrences.
Admittance to ...
 Thank you VERY much Emotion: smile
replied to 's question.
What does 'occurring as it did' mean? And what is the subject of 'occurring' and what is each replaced by 'it' and 'did'? Geologists from Russia's Chechnya region claim to have unearthed the world's largest fossilized dinosaur eggs dating back to ...
 The meaning is similar to "Some are calling this discovery a little too coincidental, though, since it occurred in the midst of ...".
"occurring" is not a finite verb and does not have a true grammatical subject; the logical subject is "discovery". ...
GPY"verb-ing as it did"
Could you please get me some other examples?
 These are a couple that I copied from Google results:
This year's celebration had a special poignancy, falling as it did on September 11.
Castle Street may be taken as the centre of the old town, running as it did between the Castle and the High ...
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