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replied to an anonymous question.
He was absolutely blue with cold. He was absolutely blue from cold. Are prepositions in the above sentences correctly used?
 - I don't like "absolutely" in that sentence.
- "With" doesn't work; "from" does.
- Say, "the cold."
AnonymousAre prepositions in the above...
They work for me.
CJ ...
commented on their own question.
What does this "one" represent? This is from my book: "The verb element(V) is the most 'central' element, and in all the examples above it is preceded by the subject(S). Following the verb there may be one or two objects(O) or a complement(C), ...
Takehisa Tanakawhich follows the object if one is present
"One" refers to "object."
Takehisa Tanaka"The verb element(V) is the most...or a complement(C), which follows the...
Maybe not directly related to your question, but I can't see how "or" is correct. Also, this is incorrect spacing:
The verb element(V)
This is correct spacing:
The verb element (V) ...
I got it.
replied to 's question.
With a sentence that begins with the above, how would you then introduce the phrase? Would you put a comma and quotation marks, like you would with speech, or would you have nothing? For example, is the following correct? If not, what is the right ...
JJDouglasHave you ever heard of the phrase [no comma] "it takes one to know one"?
As shown. It's not dialog.
Anonymous replied to 's question.
Which is correct? The illegal transactions appear on my statements as me/my having purchased a set of furniture. Disclaimer: This is an entirely fictional story. Thank you.
 Use "my."
Samir1Which is correct? The illegal...
In very formal language, "my" would be used in examples such as this. In informal English, people often use "me". ...
replied to an anonymous question.
Hello I have a question about this sentence: " think that his actions might provide a hint as to what he is really planning to do." Is "what he he is really planning to do" a noun clause? I understand that "as to" in this sentence means with regard ...
 A noun can be substituted for the clause with a very similar meaning.
I think that his actions might provide a hint as to [ his real intentions ].
as to = concerning
His real intentions = what he is really planning to do.
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