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commented on their own question.
The UK plays a much darker role in foreign political affairs compared with other European countries. What better word can I substitute "darker" in above sentence? I'm afraid I'm implying a pessimism. The same question applies to this sentence: The col ...
 I would not assume "pessimism" by this usage.
In the first sentence, "darker" suggests "sinister" (less honest or open or for bad motives). So "dark" is okay.
If you mean something else, what do you want to say?
In the second sentence, there is a ...
 1_ Just like darker colors that are faster and easier seen by the eyes, I want to say the UK is more "active" in case of foreign policy, I don't want to transfer a "sinister" meaning.
2_ thanks for suggesting "rich", I think that's what I was ...
asked a question.
In the following sentences, which one in each example is correct? Thanks in advance! I have not much to say. I don't have much to say. I have not much time to do it. I don't have much time to do it. I got not much information from him. I didn't get much ...
commented on their own question.
The following are of my own making. 1. She was coming with something to eat. 2. There was she coming with something to eat. I'd like to know if I can rephrase #1 as #2. Thank you in advance for your help.
park sang joonI'd like to know if I can rephrase #1...
No. Be careful about the difference between locative there (in that place) and existential there.
You can rephrase it as There she was, coming with something to eat. (locative there)
But if you want existential there, you'd best use an ...
 Thank you, CalifJim, for another So Very helpful answer from you. Emotion: smile

There was a woman (who was) coming... (existential there)
Then I was wondering if I can say "There was a with something to eat coming woman." ...
commented on their own question.
"The look askance proved the guard suspected some wrongdoing." I know all the words separetly but I can't understand the overal meaning of the sentence. can you explain it?
 The look askance proved (that) the guard suspected some wrongdoing.
The subject of the sentence is "The look askance", meaning the guard's suspicious look.
 But I didn't understand still.
What's the meaning of "The guard suspected some wrongdoing"?
commented on their own question.
"The man used asperity to frighten the girl out of going." What does out of going mean?
 frighten someone out of doing something = make someone frightened, so that they will not do that thing
 So the meaning is "The mad frightened the girl to prevent her from going". right?
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