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replied to 's question.
Hello, Would you use "unabsolvable" in the following sentences: - His decision to leave high school and get a job is simply unabsolvable. - Her depression doesn't give her a free pass to mistreat everyone. Her behavior last night was unabsolvable. I am ...
 It sounds odd to me, too. There are no matches for it in COCA, BNC or GloWbe. Ngrams found a few matches, but some non-English words, like "nebenan" (German for "next-door"), were more popular. I wouldn't use it.
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Hello, everybody! I've got a small question for you and wonder if you could help After the verb appeal to should we use infinitive or gerund? Example: Also, by means of this and other shows she and similar celebs appeal to look down (or looking down) ...
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 Thanks! But I meant appeal (If you appeal to someone to do something, you make a serious and urgent request to them.) In other words, they ask (=appeal) to look down on everyone
 If you really wanted to say that, you would have to say "They appeal to people to look down on every one".I it extremely unlikely that anybody would ever think of saying that.
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Hello, Is it not better to use "well-rounded" in: They are a well-rounded team and have pretty good chances of winning the championship. I head "all rounded" used instead, but according to my dictionary "well-rounded" sounds better. Is that true? Thank ...
replied to an anonymous question.
He has had to have it repaired. AND/OR He has to have had it repaired.
AnonymousHe has had to have it repaired.
A recent past necessity.
AnonymousHe has to have had it repaired.
A present assessment of a past possibility.
has had to + have done = present perfect of 'have to' (= 'must') + infinitive of coercive 'have' + past participle
has to + have had done = present simple of 'have to' + perfect ...
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Hi Which structure is grammatically correct: for long time or for a long time? I've already searched for it in the forum and come across thread, which approves of ' for a long time'. On the other hand, this letter is written by a native English ...
Persian LearnerWhich structure is grammatically...
for a long time
However, your context is a headline, where we usually omit articles, the 'be' verb, and other particles. ...
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