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Anonymous replied to an anonymous question.
I've read a post on facebook which shows a seal popping out of a lake with the posting "Look who decided to pop up and say hello" Why is it Past simple? Could it be present perfect too since the decision was made in the past to pop up and then say ...
AnonymousWhy is it Past simple? Could it be...
AnonymousI really don't understand this past...
Nobody else understands it either. It's as difficult as quantum mechanics. Emotion: smile
Maybe you're trying too hard. There are lots of situations where it makes no difference which of those tenses you use. To make things even more confusing, some ...
AnonymousWhy is it Past simple?
Author's choice.
AnonymousCould it be present perfect too
Anonymoussince the decision was made in the...
No. Because it is a recent event.
AnonymousThe first sentence "I've read a post...
That would be better.
Anonymous The meaning would change to a...
I would hope that you were still concerned; otherwise, why should we advise you on it? ...
Anonymous ...And that is exactly the reason why I don't understand present perfect (or his derivates like present perfekt continuos).
How can I distinguish between "connection" to present/past or terminated action? You said that it is a thing of preferences ...
Anonymous replied to an anonymous question.
Does the phrase " the ethnic groups in their traditional costumes" mean " the ethnic groups who dress in their traditional costumes"? Please explain it to me. Thanks in advance.
the ethnic groups who are wearing their traditional costumes
Anonymous Thanks, Clive.
Can't I say the ethnic groups who wear or dress in their traditional costumes? I prefer 'dress in' to 'wear' because they wear traditional costumes on special occations.
commented on their own question.
For an expression of a signboard for escape routes in a hotel, is the following sentence natural? Please note the location of the emergency exit nearest to your room and the escape route as shown in the floor plan.
 Put a comma beore 'as', to show that both the exit and the route are shown in the floor plan.
 Thank you very much.
replied to 's question.
Layoffs May Be Looming! Are you feeling worried? Anxious? Even overwhelmed? Does your career seem limited? Are you concerned that you may be laid off? What if the rumors about a takeover are true? Well, your worries may be justified. Statistics ...
 Both are correct.
commented on their own question.
How can I understand this "in which industry"? This is from by textbook: "Her well-indented coast line provides many harbors, and facilities for shipbuilding, in which industry she is among the world's leaders." I can't figure out how to understand ...
 It refers here to shipbuilding. In which is sometimes used in this way to mean in the thing just mentioned. It saves having to write a new sentence, which may sound awkward and repetitive, to give more information about the matter. Compare:
Her wel ...
 Thanks, BJ.Emotion: smile
I got it.
 Thanks, MM.
I got it.Emotion: smile
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