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replied to an anonymous question.
I'm not native English speaker. I work in USA and use business emails everyday. I normally use "Please find attached file blah blah" only when I actually attached files. However, I see a lot of "Attached please find..." and it's killing me ...
 Neither is wrong, but they are both just hackneyed business jargon..
You could say
eg Here is the blah-blah
People today can easily see there is an attachment.
replied to an anonymous question.
It may be strange, but does it make grammatical sense? What is its meaning? I know not of men, for I am but a childish ten.
I don't now anything about men, because I am just a young child aged ten.
replied to an anonymous question.
Hi, can anyone tell me if i can write this particular sentence like this, using "though" with two commas in this instance. I cannot find anything that tells me why it is wrong, although someone insists that it is. Here's the sentence- "You ...
Anonymousis this one also correct?
commented on their own question.
The context goes like this:
That morning he had called Bruckner,...please post his classes. He had the flu. Bruckner agreed,...was common. Jack Torrance had been...
For your information, "he" refers to the protagonist, Jack, who is a teacher. Here are my questions: 1. Why do the author use "please" in the "to-infinitive" pattern? It seems very strange to me. 2. What does "told him to ...
zuotengdazuo1. Why do the author use "please" in...
It is a bit strange. This is semi-indirect speech. It's a mix of
"asked him politely to post his classes"
"said 'Please post my/your classes'".
It's very informal.
zuotengdazuo2. What does "told him to please post his classes" mean?
It's ambiguous who 'his' refers to. It could be Bruckner or Jack. I suppose it ...
 Thank you very much. I see.
replied to 's post.
Hi, Teachers, please help me correct my report if there are any mistakes, thank you very much! Report on comparing three types of photocopiers Firstly, of the three types of photocopiers, Carda, KD and Sebu, the expected running cost for the first ...
 This is not well written. It is unnecessarily convoluted. I suggest you rewrite it in a more direct way, with each paragraph dealing with just one main theme.
 Hi Teechr,
My report was written according to this question and chart
https://www.englishforums.com/media/p/2293893.htm#,2293893,0,5 ,
 This report on compares ing three types of photocopiers.
Firstly, of the three types of photocopiers, Carda, KD and Sebu, the expected running cost for the first two years of the for Carda is the highest. However, its purchase price, is the lowest which ...
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