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which of the following two is grammatical and sounds natural? what do you want to be? OR who do you want to be? if the answer is a doctor. Thanks
future332which of the following two is...
What do you want to be?
A doctor.
Who do you want to be?
Mother Teresa. ...
 So, by Mother Terese you mean the personality trait helpful?
asked a question.
-Was Pete at Tom's wedding party? 1) -No. There was his brother John. There was Harry. There was George. But Pete wasn't there. -Who was in Tom's wedding band? 2) -There was Jeff on drums. There was Harry on guitar. There was Travis on ...
Anonymous replied to an anonymous post.
"And... And in your lonely flight, Haven't you heard The music in the night? Wonderful music... Faint as the will o' the wisp, Crazy as a loon, Sad as a gypsy Serenading the moon..." (From the song "Skylark" by Gregory Porter.) Does phrases Faint as the ...
AnonymousDoes phrases Faint as the will o' the...
Yes. ...
Anonymous Thank you, MM, for the reply.
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I suppose the word "neither" and the word "either" refer to only singular nouns. Never could they be used with plural nouns Am I correct? for example, Either man will do. - right Either men will do. - wrong Neither man will do - right Neither men ...
Are you saying that...
"either" refers to singular only
"neither" refers to both singular and plural
healerAre you saying that..."either" refers...
No; I just gave you a brief example of their use with plurals. There is no difference in the use of 'either' and 'neither'. ...
 Thanks a lot!
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Mary McNamara of Los Angeles Times also made similar observations but praised Nina Lisandrello who still remains as the only cast member in the show to ever receive a positive review. About Lisandrello, McNamara wrote "the only point of light is provided by ...
 Thank you, CalifJim, for your So Very helpful answer. Emotion: smile
Then I'd like to know if "as" means "in the way (which was)" here.
park sang joonThen I'd like to know if "as" means...
Yes. That's close enough.
Tess, who, in the way [that/which] she was played by Lisandrello, ...
CJ ...
 I'm so sorry for my tardy question.

Tess, [who, [as played [with great common-sense appeal] by Nina Lisandrello], clearly deserves to be on a better show].
Tess, who, in the way [that/which] she was played by Lisandrello, ...
I was wondering if you think if the subject of "played" is implied "she," not immediately stated "Tess."
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