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Anonymous replied to an anonymous question.
piease give me easy examples about the noun that change meaning in the plural form
 All nouns change meaning. The singular form denotes one whatever it is; the plural denotes more than one.
Anonymous piease give me easy examples about...
The police.
It may mean policemen/police women or the civil force of a state (an organization; institution). ...
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Hi, can someone please check the below writing please, thank you. Long summary A biker, Aravind falls in love with a single mother, Kavya, and wishes to marry her, until he learns the truth about her real intentions. Short summary Aravind is a biker ...
  What's the meaning of kavyas family for her hand in marriage?
 I don't understand your point.
dhani kondawhy you used planned?
The passive structure is Be + Verb past participle.
dhani konda What's the meaning of "ask Kavya's family for her hand in marriage?"
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It would be much more better if you could give us BG's in priority.
 What are BGs?
commented on their own question.
Please help with this. The solar traffic lights are being installed (on/at/in) the intersections in town.
  Thank you teechr.
Anonymous asked a question.
Greetings, Hope you are well. I am hoping you can share some input on this.
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