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asked a question.
Hi. Currently I'm trying to understand about some sentence as below. I've got it from www.bbc.co.uk/learningenglish/english/features/6-minute-english/ep-160616 What does "I probably should 've started revising earlier" mean?
replied to an anonymous question.
Can I use the verb stop by when talking about visiting another country? For example ''Since you're going to Italy, why don't stop by Austria as well?'' (implying that these two countries are next to each other so why not?). Can I use pay a visit ...
AnonymousSince you're going to Italy, why don't you stop [by/in] Austria as well?
Correct as shown. Also, Since ..., why not stop in Austria as well?
"visit" can replace "stop in/by". "pay a visit to" can also be used, though I hear it more often for paying a visit to a person.
Anonymous asked a question.
I just want to aske which gym do you go in Dubai ? OR I just wanted to ask which gum do you go in Dubai ? why add ed ? Thanks.
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Dear Sir, i am working here for 2yrs now, and i haven't get any increment to my salary. I would like to request for a salary increment since i already finished my 2yrs contract and i am planning to bring my mom and dad here in uae in which i ...
 Dear Mr [surname],
I have been working here for two years now, but I haven't received any increment to my salary.
I would like to request a salary increment, since I have finished my two-year contract, and I would like to bring my parents here to ...
replied to 's question.
Hello, let's say I would like to make a general statement like: Scientists can follow a/the whale's migration route thanks to a/the radiotransmitter fixed to an/the animal's back. 1) Should I use a/an or the before whale, animal and radiotransmitter? I am ...
Reegis1) Should I use a/an or the before...
Reegis I am inclined to say a whale, a...
Reegis2) Apart from the articles, is this...
Yes. ...
 Thanks Mister Micawber.
Let me add that the original sentence is:
Scientists can follow the whale's migration route thanks to the radiotransmitter fixed to the animal's back.
And is taken from my program to learn English (which a few times turned out ...
Reegis the original sentence is:Scientists...
Presumably the topic was already under discussion or accompanied graphics of a whale with a transmitter.
ReegisIn scholarly writng and...
The rule is right, but it does not apply to the transmitter, so it probably does not apply to the whale, either. ...
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