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asked a question.
Hi everyone, Just one little thing. Would it make sense to say: ''It's very easy to get lost in this city because there're a lot of streets branching off from each other. It's then quite tricky to find your way through them.
asked a question.
Hi, I've got a question about tense consistency. Are both of these sentences correct? 1. He told me that he has been worried about you because you hadn't called him since you had left. 2. He told me that he was worried about you because you hadn't ...
replied to an anonymous question.
Either you please book the ticket on Qatar airways or Emirates airless, but it should be less transit time or early connection as in the attached details Please ook the ticket on either Qatar airways or Emirates airless, but it should be less ...
 The first sentence is worse than the second. The second sentence does not seem entirely correct though. For one thing, I don't really understand the reason for "but".
"airless" is an odd error for, I suppose, "airlines".
replied to 's question.
"Bill's theory about UFOs is downright implausible." Above is the original? Which of the following is correct, idiomatic and in the same meaning as the original? 1) Bill's theory about UFOs is completely implausible. 2) Bill's theory about UFOs is ...
AlpheccaStarsThis is the closest in meaning and...
But for 1, how can "completely" mean "somewhat" ?
Thank you. ...
hhttBut for 1, how can "completely" mean...
I didn't say that.
I said that #1 is a somewhat plausible paraphrase of the original sentence.  ...
AlpheccaStarsa somewhat plausible paraphrase of...
... which used the word "implausible". I call this "an unfortunate coincidence", but it happens more often in accounting textbooks. Emotion: smile
CJ ...
replied to an anonymous question.
"The thing which people don't like goes on under one's nose" Is my sentence correct or can you fix it?
Anonymous  Like people who we don't like. But thanks.
Anonymous  Can I say "The one you don't want always the first to go on under your nose.
AnonymousThe one you don't want always the...
"go on under your nose" refers only to activities, usually undesirable or unpleasant activities, never to people.
For example, "The owner of that restaurant did not realize that his employees were stealing from the supplies cabinet ...
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