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replied to 's question.
1. I need a good teaching. 2. I want a car-washing. 3. Car-washing needs good hands. 4. A car-washing needs good hands. 5. I need teaching. 5-1. I need good teaching. 6. I require making the place tidy. 7. I require a professional making of the place tidy. Are the ...
 They're all odd, except perhaps for #5 and #5-1.
To me, #1, #2, #4 and #7 are incorrect.
commented on their own question.
This novel is set in a Chinese village before World War One. The protagonist lives with his father. Today is the wedding day of Wang Lung. He left his upper body bare until he had heated water to bathe himself. He went into the shed which was the ...
 No, it is ordinary past perfect.
 Thank you, GPY, for your So Very kind answer. Emotion: smile
But the following sentence shows he is preparing heated water.
So I was wondering how the past perfect tense is used in expressing a later event than the following sentence.
replied to an anonymous question.
I've read a post on facebook which shows a seal popping out of a lake with the posting "Look who decided to pop up and say hello" Why is it Past simple? Could it be present perfect too since the decision was made in the past to pop up and then say ...
AnonymousBut why do you use "was" in "was...
If the feeling of awe continues up to the present, yhen you would not say 'The vacation was awesome'. That restricts the feeling of awe to the vacation.  ...
Anonymous What would you say then?
"It has been awesome!" - this can't be correct either because it refers to vacation.
But everything could be used as a time reference (time frame) if you just try:
"I have lived in a house in germany" => "in a house in ...
AnonymousWhat would you say then?"It has been...
You cannot link a past vacation and a time period extending from the beginning of the vacation to a time point after the end of the vacation. unless the end of the vacation is irrelevant.. You can say 'The vacation was great', 'I have felt great ...
replied to 's question.
"They are going to implement some sanctions to punish the country." I made the sentence to ask about some question about modification. I think that "to punish the country" modifies "some sanctions" but I think that "to punish the country" also can ...
Hans51I think that "to punish the country"...
Both are possible, but I first think of the latter. As far as I can tell, this is just because "to" meaning "in order to" is more common than adjectival to-infinitive. The difference in meaning is not great, so it is not a huge issue. ...
replied to 's question.
You have to make major changes in your lifestyle and so do I . Source: school exam Hi, I say to myself that the above sentence isn't correctly punctuated because two people are talking in the above sentence. One person usually says the brown part ...
 It's just one person speaking.
fivejedjon If that were a dialogue, the...
Why strange? What's wrong with the response?
Thank you. ...
 As a dialogue, it meaans:
A: You, B, have to make major changes in your life;
B: And I, B, have to make major changes as well.
This makes no sense.
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