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replied to 's question.
I don't think I can bring you to see things in my shoes. [From my English grammar book in Korean] I'd like to know why it is "see," not "seeing" Thank you in advance for your help.
 If you "bring someone to see something", it means you lead them or accompany them to a place where they can see it or you can show it to them. However, as an example, your sentence is too odd to bother with. A more sensible example: (at the zoo) ...
 Thank you, GPY, for your continuing support. Emotion: smile
I was such a fool; I was only thinking of the structure "bring something to something."
park sang joon I can bring you to see things in my...
For me, 'bring someone to do' is fine, but 'see something in one's shoes' is odd.
These definitions are appropriate:
5.to cause to appear or occur in the mind; evoke or recall: The letter brought her memories of youth.
6.to persuade, convince, ...
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When will the weatherman say something reliable? Maybe, not in this millennium. Partly cloudy with occasional rain? Then what'd you call that pouring rain out the window? [From my English grammar book in Korean] I don't think "out" can take an ...
 Thank you, GPY, for yet yet another so very helpful answer from you. Emotion: smile

Normally, though, it means "out of...
But I don't think "out" means "out of" here.
So I was wondering if you think "out" means "out of" here. ...
park sang joonSo I was wondering if you think "out"...
It is not good English, and the author's intention is not completely clear. It is a poor example that is not worth worrying about too much. ...
park sang joonSo I was wondering why it is "out the...
In AmE at least it is just a preposition of location.
—Beyond or outside of: Out this door is the garage. (Am Heritage Dict.)
—used to indicate that a person or animal is looking at something that is outside of a building, room, etc. (Merriam- ...
asked a question.
"blue light keeps mice awake longer while green light puts them to sleep easily. An accompanying Primer provides accessible context information and discusses open questions and potential implications for "designing the lighting of the future". I can't ...
commented on their own question.
Could you explain me which one among the following is correct? "He told me that missing a couple of days wont be a problem!" or "He told me that to miss a couple of days wont be a problem!" Thank you for your help!
 Hello, evf—and welcome to English Forums. Thank you for registering as a member.
evfCould you explain me which one between the following is correct?
Both are fine if you spell 'won't' correctly.
 Dear Mister Micawber,
Thank you very much for your help!
replied to 's question.
Hello. Is the following grammatically correct? "I can't believe what I just saw. How could you do something like that?" Thanks.
NikitusIs the following grammatically correct?
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