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asked a question.
Sealed Tender on prescribed form are invited from G.S.T. Registered Chemists and Druggist for supply of Medical Stores to P.N.S.C Stores and Supply Department West Wharf Road, Karachi. Why sealed and prescribed are used. Why not seal and prescribe ...
replied to an anonymous question.
Hello That's taboo over here. I wanted to put an adverb before "taboo", so I picked up "absolutely", "definitely", "certainly" and "surely", but are all of them appropriate? Thank you.
replied to 's question.
"Without your help, I do not think that I could do it now." Is the sentence natural to use? "Without your help, I could not do it now." I have learned that this is a kind of conditionals and I was wondering if 'I do not think' can be inserted like that? And can ...
Hans51"Without your help, I do not think...
It's OK. It implies that I could do it at some other time, but at the present I think I require your help.
The same is true for the second version. ...
Anonymous replied to 's question.
Hello everyone. How can I type "check mark" here in English forum site?
Anonymous Google the check mark out, put it on your computer clipboard and paste it to the englishforums.com editor like this:✓.
Anonymous replied to 's question.
1a) As [is] known to everybody, there are certain trace elements in our body which are required to keep us in good health. 1b) As [it is] known to everybody, there are certain trace elements in our body which are required to keep us in good ...
NewagemammothSo please, how can I explain 1b) is...
It's not wrong. ...
Newagemammoth 1a) As [is] known to everybody,...
"as" is a relative pronoun here (like "which"). Let me abbreviate your sentences for the purposes of illustration.
As is known, certain elements are necessary for good health.
Certain elements are necessary for good health, which is known. (correct)
As it ...
CalifJimAs it is known, certain elements are...
Can "As" be taken as an conjunction (a sort of 'at the same time/while') in the above thus making it grammatical? ...
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