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Hi Which one would you say is more natural? The car is beautifully engineered and a pleasure to drive. The car is beautifully engineered and is a pleasure to drive. Thanks, Tom
asked a question.
Hi I often see the word unplugged with celebrities' names when there is either an interview with them or a piece of news about them? What does it mean there? (My dictionaries didn't help me much here.) Amitabh unplugged (youtube interview) https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Amitabh+unplugged Thanks, Tom
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Hi. Is there any difference between 'interment' and 'burial'? Thanks in advance
CalifJimThe rest of us have a burial.
or a cremation. Emotion: angel
teechror a cremation.
Right. I thought of that but decided not to throw a hair into the soup. Emotion: big smile
CalifJimThe rest of us have a burial.
Not necessarily. Some donate their dead bodies to medical researches thus avoiding burials altogether.
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[video] At 0:15, Hank said, "Well, there's one thing I can think of to help you get to your family." Does "to help you get to your family" modify "one thing"? I mean, is the sentence the same as "Well, there's one thing I can think of that can help you get ...
listeneverDoes "to help you get to your family"...
listeneverI mean, is the sentence the same as...
Yes, near enough. ...
replied to an anonymous question.
I have a few problem with modal verbs and how to use them. For example this sentence: "Certain things should be carried in your bag" How do you use "carried" here? As a participle or some kind of passive verbform? Could you actually change the ...
 Modals are followed by a bare infinitive. ... should had carried is not possible.
Be is a bare infinitive. When it is followed by a past participle, it is a passive infinitive. ... should be carried is a passive infinitive following should.
... should ...
AnonymousCould you actually change the...
Modal tenses are different from the tenses of other verbs. The modals only have two "times" — non-past and past. (Non-past includes present and future.)
Non-past: can, could, shall, should, will, would, may, might, must [+ plain form of the ...
 Note that (sometimes) could, might,should and would serve as past-tense forms of can, may, shall and would, for example,
I can a mile in under five minutes.
I could run a mile in under five minutes when I was in college.
Luke will spend hours on his ...
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