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Hello guys! I've registered account in Englishforums and on chatango also. I've set up my name for chat but I can't chat, my text doesn't get send to chats???? Does it mean I'm still banned there ?? If I'm banned - whom I should contact to review ...
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Hi! Are these all ok? If they are all ok could someone explain the grammatical differences of each and what situations the speaker would say that particular way. Thanks, Fulvio 1. I think it is a UFO. 2. I think that it is a UFO. 3. I think that is a ...
yellowstarstruckAre these all ok?
yellowstarstruckgrammatical differences
1. I think (that) [it / that (thing)] is a UFO.
2. I think that [it / that (thing)] is a UFO.
3. I think (that) [it / that (thing)] is a UFO.
The difference is whether you make the complementizer "that" explicit or leave it implicit and ...
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I just read on Facebook the following quote: There is a time to be a nice person and there is a time to say enough is enough. Why we need " to be" in the sentence? What type of sentence is this and what is the grammatical role of to be in the ...
AnonymousWhy do we need " to be" in the sentence?
What meaning do you assign to "There is a time a nice person"? Emotion: sad
The idea is "There is a time when you [can/should] [be / act like] a nice person".
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I want to give a request letter to one of my clients to extend the existing manpower supply contract for another two months.
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