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City Club Meeting Please join us for the next meeting of the City Club. We will meet at noon on Friday, June 6, at the Hungry Baker Lunch Room. The address is 490 King Street. Lunch will be at 12:30. There will be a choice of four menus. The speake ...
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Hello, when I want to make a general biological statement like: Blood ciruclates in veins and arteries. Blood ciruclates in the veins and arteries. Blood ciruclates in the veins and the arteries. Which of the above versions should I use? And also ...
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Good evening, I would like to ask about one encountered sentence: I met a few nice people at the festival - we exchanged telephone numbers and plan to meet again. Is it correct? Shouldn't there be some determiner before telephone numbers like the or our (as I ...
 Could you please also confirm if it is grammatically correct?
Btw. is it formal or informal? Does such a linguistic concept has a name? I am asking because I tried to find more about this in google and I failed...
 The rock band was formed by school friends.
Yes, the grammar is correct.
It is fine in both formal and informal contexts.
I'd just consider it part of the topic 'Use of articles'.
 Thanks, I really appreciate your help!
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Hello, I continue to learn English with my program and recently has encountered the sentence: The hunters shot the elk. As it happens in such programs, it is of course out of context and I wonder when can I say the elk instead if an elk. - I can ...
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Money: The currency of Mexico is the peso. You can change money at banks or currency exchange booths. The currency exchange booths may offer better exchange rates than the banks and usually stay open as long as the nearby stores do. Climate: ...
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