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replied to 's question.
This is an excerpt from a game.
Betty: I was asking because one of my... Betty: If it were somebody else, I'd... Betty: Sadly, she knows who I am. Betty: Worst part is, knowing Vero,... Jill: Well, I'd suggest telling the... Jill: If she feels genuinely... Jill: But I'm just spouting nonsense... Betty: It's better than my suggestion. Jill: What was yours? Deal: Waterboarding. Jill: I se-... what? Deal: The fact that she knows how to... Betty: The Girl Scouts also taught me... Betty: But yeah, your advice sounds... Betty: Especially when you factor... Deal:Gina... Which one was that again? Betty: Blonde, flat as a cutting... Deal: Oh yeah... she came to the... Betty: That's the one.
For your information, Betty and Deal are both vets and they come to the bar for a drink. Jill works in the bar as a bartender. They were chitchating. I don't quite understand this dialogue because I am not sure who ...
 You got the gist of the story.
Betty: Worst part is, knowing Vero, she probably put her cousin up to it as a practical joke. We learn here that Vero is Betty's ex-spouse. Betty knows how Vero behaves and suspects that Vero told her cousin to make ...
replied to 's question.
From The Terminator 1984. Man on KFLB Radio: In the top story of the hour, the largest single law enforcement mobilization in California history is currently underway. Can you tell me what single law enforcement mobilization is?
 single = one
law enforcement = police
mobilization = readied and organized for a particular purpose
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Hello everybody, for instance I've put the things that I want to sell up for sale online, and after a while I have checked my listing to see whether the things are sold or not, and I saw that nothing has been sold. at this stage can I use the ...
 Although "that" is optional, I prefer it in this sentence.
''It seems that none of them have been sold yet.''
 Thank you, can I also say It seems none of them are sold yet or It seems none of them are sold
 It's OK, but not as natural to use the present tense.
commented on their own question.
Here is the context. Alma: I have a cousin that lives like... Jill: Really? Alma: It's a bit complicated though. Alma: Problem is, his family has... Alma: He'd rather live on the streets... Jill: You can't tell with some people, sadly. Jill: Why did he become a hobo in the... Alma:Bad investments and debts. Bank...
I have gone through many dictionaries but can't find this phrase. Could you tell me what it means? Thank you so much. ...
 Thank you, sir. I get it. But can I use "about" instead of "with" in this case?
Like "can tell about some people"?
zuotengdazuoThank you, Mr Jim. I see. But can we...
You can say those in a way that suggests the same meaning, but why do that? It only makes people guess at what you really mean, and they won't have a good impression of how well you speak English.
CJ ...
  Oh, I see.
replied to 's question.
Count the words and write. It's blue. ==> ........... Source: family and friends 1 I have taken a picture of the page of the book. If you click on the below link, you will see the picture: We should say there are three words or two words in [It's blue. ...
 Is there any point at all in counting words?
fivejedjonIs there any point at all in counting...
My typing instructor used to do it daily.
CJ ...
 But it's not a good way to teach kids English.Emotion: hmm
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