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replied to an anonymous question.
"The final apparent option appeared to be to pay police officers to secure the event. Merseyside police said it was “not an option at the moment”, but said that was because they had not yet been approached by the party." (The Guardian.) Is "that" a ...
AnonymousIs "that" a pronoun meaning “not an...
No. It means "their saying it", "the fact that they said it"
The police said it was "not an option at the moment, but (they) said (that) that (=the fact that they said it) was because they ...
The police said ..., but said (that) the reason they ...
Anonymous Thank you, CJ, for the reply.
AnonymousThank you, CJ, for the reply.
You're welcome. After thinking about it more, I should say that your interpretation is also valid.
commented on their own question.
"The look askance proved the guard suspected some wrongdoing." I know all the words separetly but I can't understand the overal meaning of the sentence. can you explain it?
 Those old Anglo-Saxon (?) words with initial "a" are all non-attributive; they are exclusively predicative.
The boy is asleep but not the asleep boy. The unusual the boy asleep would be a reduction of the boy who is asleep.
In that position askance is par ...
 Thanks a lot for your attention and explanation...Emotion: rose
 Many thanks dear CJ. your explaination was so informativeEmotion: rose
replied to 's question.
Dear Proofreader, I will appreciate if you proofread my essay. Many thanks. Your company plans to close the cafeteria and you are not happy about it. Write a letter to your employer, covered: 1) Telling him why employees don’t use cafeteria. ...
 I am going to concentrate on the grammar issues, not the ideas or style. Here are my suggested changes:
Dear Mr. Jones,
Recently, I have been informed that our company’s management team have has [singular] decided to close down the cafeteria ...
 Thank you for your proofreading. I would appreciate if you provide me with the reason that why change in second body paragraph is not correct and shouldn't the tense of the verb be simple:
Honestly, I will appreciate it if your team change reversed their ...
 I suggested "reverse" instead of "change" because that is a more accurate verb. Change could be any of a number of decisions. They could replace the cafeteria with a vending machine. They could open once a month. They could have a mobile food ...
asked a question.
[video] At 0:47, Amanda says: And if anything goes wrong, we blame them. We have built in deniability. In the second sentence, should 'built in' be written as 'built-in' (as a one-word adjective) or without the hyphen as a verb (as part of the perfect tense ...
replied to an anonymous question.
He promised her a new car if he won the lottery. Is "if he won the lottery" a part of the second conditional or a backshift from "if he wins the lottery"?
AnonymousIs "if he won the lottery" a part of...
Does it have to be one or the other? Why can't it be both?
Consider that the implied statement is He promised that [he would buy her a new car if he won the lottery].
CJ ...
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