See the image I fortunately grasped! Ah, yes, along with there other respectable teachers, the number of CalifJim’s posts has also reached 10,000!

Looking at the small image, I want to say many thanks:
Thanks for your wisdom;
Thanks for sharing your feeling for the language with us;
Thanks for your influence to help us to form an appropriate attitude of learning;
Thanks for your constant effort of trying to dig into the roots of how we made the mistakes.

Thanks for your patience!

10,000 is an amazing figure, which has won our respect and love; and I hope we can expect many more!

Best Regards!
Maple (a student in China)

Emotion: smile
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Now the figure is 10,006 Emotion: big smile
Congrats for your 10000 post, CalifJim![<:o)]
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Congratulations!Emotion: cake

Yes, he's a great teacher.
I'd also add another "thanks"...
Thanks for not being prescriptive! (ok, I'm obsessed about prescriptivism Emotion: stick out tongue)

I think his teaching method is good because he focus on examples and often on context, rather than pure grammar. That's basically what we are all looking for. Emotion: smile
I congratulate you too. I always estimate your answers and replies.
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Congratulations, CalifJim. Emotion: smile
Thank you all for your kind expressions of appreciation.
Your enthusiasm makes it a joy to participate in this forum.

And now, back to work on the next 10,000!!! Emotion: smile

Congratulations! You are an angle in my English learing journey. Emotion: smileEmotion: star

Best wishes,
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