Hello, everyone.

I've got a question.

My girl friend and I were supposed to dinner out at 7.

It was 6:50.

And my girl said to me, "We have 10 more minutes.(So why don't you get ready?)"

Then I wonder whether that sentence is correct or not.

I suppose that "We have 10 minutes left."

We had a little argument. Emotion: smile

Could you guys let me know which one is correct?
Thanks in advance.
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I think (ten minutes left) fit this example
because they don't have more time.
I'd break up with her mate Emotion: sad
Doesn't even know basic grammar what has this world come to!
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How is it . if I said 10 minutes are left to leave.

Great examples!

You have 10 minutes left
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I would say: 10 minutes more. It sounds more natural for me.

Are u by any chance fried?

Plz answer by friday

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