Can someone look over my corrections (are in bold) please? I've looked them over, but I'm not sure, if someone could be so kind. Thanks

1 Threatening you is his way of letting you know you have to come with him or else they will kill everyone you love. OK

2 I was here in one point during my lifetime, I just don't remember when. AT one point during...

3 I'm not going to try and steal any food at the risk of getting caught. I don't know if you can use "at the risk" like that you can use it like this "at the risk of sounding stupid, how do I do this"

4 Let it be tomorrow that I finally sign my first contact. OK (said in a prayer maybe)

5 It only takes one day for your best friend to turn into/become your enemy. BOTH

6 She hired a lawyer to subpena her abuser. OK SUBPOENA

7 Who's/what's to stop him from doing that. Both but I'm not sure

8 I'll stay here for as long as it takes (for) you to leave with me OK but don't know if FOR is optional

9 It''s another 20 minutes until/before the movie's done downloading. Before but Until works

10 If you were within the effected radius at the time of the huclear explosion/when the nuclear explosion took place then,... BOTH

11 I'd be the first person to say it's bad to kill animals so don't tell me I'm an animal killer. OK

12 Taking into account/consideration the traffic, we'll get there in an hour. OK

13 The more these flashes occur/happen, the sooner we'll die. (non fiction story) BOTH

1. o.k.

2. 'at'

3. 'and risk getting caught'

4. o.k.

5. both

6. I think both spellings are correct.

7. both

8. better with (for)

9. right

10. both

11. o.k. (comma before 'so')

12. taking the traffic into account / considering the traffic

13. both
i looked them over again and again but couldnt find any marked mistake
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Can someone else please take a look?

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