Could you please help me with this?

1 Do you think he saw the code (I punched in)
2 I'm trying to rid myself of all debt.
3 The longest station is between x and y./the two station which are furthest apart from one another are x and y.
4 I was in the subway and there was my son in the car next to mine, only he didn't know.
5 She went in to kiss him when he yawned/when he was yawning.
6 Just because I owe you money does give you the right to/doesn't mean you are allowed to...
7 When the song is over I instinctively press the button to listen to it again. It's a habit. (is INSTICTIVELY the right word in the context to mean Do SOMETHING WITHOUT THINKING)
8 THe car is a 500 but with 600 on the back, in reality its a 500 SLK. (car)
9 I might/may live in a bad distrinct but at least I live on my owwn.
10 I just wanted to throw that in your face. I didn't want you to forget I had paid for everything last night. (throw in face = mention it/bring it up??)

Thank you
2. OR to get rid of all my debts

3. the longest stretch is between / ok

4. run-on: I was in the subway, and there was my son in the car next to mine, only he didn't know it.

5. When she went in to kiss him he was yawning.

6. doesn't give / doesn't mean

7. instinctively, automatically

8. back; in reality

9. 'may' is more natural here

10. 'throw something in someone's face' usually implies a negative feeling. It's correct here.