In the present day, with the development of modern equipment, the quality of life has been dramatically improved and especially in increasing life expectancy. To begin with, the convenience that science and technology bring to people. People have almost nothing to do because they have machines to help them, instead they can spend more time with themselves and enjoy life that helps them have an easy life and don't have to think much so they will age longer. Besides, scientists will soon invent devices that rejuvenate people and help them live longer. It is estimated that by the middle of the 21st century, the average human life expectancy will be 100 years old. However, not science and technology will completely help you live longer, but it also depends on yourself, so you need to have a healthy lifestyle, appreciate yourself, it will contribute to keep you young for a long time. In conclusion, living long or not depends on many factors, most of which depend on yourself, so you should always pay attention to your health to be able to live longer.


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