Hi folks,

I am wondering whether 1 to 1 teaching in England is the best way to improve my/ones english. Since English is one of my two "intensive courses" and therefore really important to me, I plan to spend some 2 weeks in England. Then I heard about the possibility to live at a teacher's and being taught there at the same time. As the name suggests, 1 to 1. You can decide in advance how many lessons you want to have each day and what course you want to attend, e.g. "general english" or "business english". Has anyone already experienced something like this?

Some providers are http://www.englishlanguagehomestays.co.uk/ or www.http://www.livingenglish.com / !

Could you tell me your thoughts on this? Are there any better ways for me? What would you suggest?

Thanks in advance

Is there really nobody out there who could give me his opinion on that matter? What a shame...
Sry, but I have just seen your post... I have been to English Colleges 3-4 times and I can asssure you that it is great to improve your English, so I highly recommend it to you...
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What do you mean by "English Colleges"? Did you go to a normal college there or did you do such a homestay 1 to 1 teaching programme?
During Summer Colleges should be closed, but they open to let foreign people go and better learn English while experiencing a summer holiday, that's what I mean... Emotion: stick out tongue