Hello everybody,

I guess here's the right place to introduce myself.
Well, as you might think I'm new here and I just want to tell you something about me.
The reason for me having become a meber of thís forum is that I want to improve my english (and I simply have nothing better to do )

So, let me tell you something about me: I'm a typical german boy, living in the south of Bavaria. I'm 17 years old and I'm practising Karate for around 6 years now (got the brown belt - 3rd kyu).

Well, as you see, I don't really know what to write here; but if you have any further questions, just ask me.

Hallo, Martin! Willkommen!

Are you really engaged in Karate? I think it's amazing, really. Emotion: smile I like the interestes in your profile:Karate, [and further three full stops] ...Looks terrifyingly. Emotion: big smile

Enjoy the forum!
Well, if you want me to, I can give you the whole list:

Karate, surfing, volleyball, tennis, skiing, swimming, computers, reading

But I have to admit that I am really engaged a lot it Karate (and I'm training a lot, too) and so I decided to metion it in my profile
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hi Martin

can we be friends ??

i'm 18 years old from Syria

my e-mail in my profile
Hi Martin!

I am new, as well. Welcome to the forum, I hope we can both have a good time here.