Button?..I don't know..I substitute him with Shumacher!

So,my podium is:Alonso,Reikonnen(if his car doesn't break down again!),and Shumacher.. Emotion: big smile
I think Button or Raikkonenn will come first this time.

(....I keep my fingers crossed for Kimi......!!)Emotion: wink

Of course Alonzo will do well, and maybe Montoya too.

Montoya is always very unpredictable.......!!Emotion: smile
What a race! Emotion: surprise
I feel exhausted after watching the race. From the beginning to the end, the race was full of accidents. Half of the drivers couldn't cross the finish line!

It was sad to watch Button's car was blown up just before the finish line....! He had a really tough day.Emotion: sad

Here is the result of Australian GP.

1. ALONSO Renault
2. RAIKKONEN McLaren Mercedes

Glad to see Raikkonen came second.Emotion: smile (If he had come first, I would have been much happier!)
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I'm just a clairvoyant.. Emotion: stick out tongue
i think... reikonnen...alonso...shumacher.............. raikonnen all the way!!!
Well done, Nyla! But was it really Ralph you meant? Either way, you were 100% right!

It was an exciting race! Even the warm-up was exciting! Who would have thought it possible to spin a car on the warm-up lap? Well done Mr Montoya! A great show.

Button looked so promising in the early stages. So did Webber, who even took the lead for a short while (before his car expired).

Though it was unfortunate, the highlight of the race, for me, was Button's car blowing up in such a spectacular fashion. Those flames must have been a good ten meters long! I was sure they would push him over the line, but it wasn't to be.
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Hi Mike in Japan!

..ehm ehm..yeeeah,I meant Ralph!!.. Emotion: wink ..ahah..

Maybe next time I'll mean his brother..ooops,I've said too much! Emotion: stick out tongue
Again, well done Emotion: wink

Do our F1 girls have any tips for Imola? (love the uniforms and the umbrellas, by the way :-) )
Hi MiP!

24/3 is so far away,I'll tell you later,let me think! Emotion: stick out tongue
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