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Greetings and A happy and properous NewYear!
May God gives you all you need and want in this coming year.May your English endeavors succeed and touch the elite level.
Shall we have a list of slang words or idiomatic expressions such as rip-off,bunk,hit on her,whats up,down with/for etc on this thread from time to time.Native speakers please help us by giving any contributions in the way of mostly used or popular slang words,idioms,phrasal verbs on this thread.
Thank you.

Just thought of this small present to you all:

A great inspirational wallpaper!
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Happy New Year!

Good idea David Little--do you know "I am really bummed?"=I am discouraged and disappointed (USA English)
SZHI MELISSA FROM MANCHESTER That is well bum or That is fit that is=thats well good or it is amazing