Amy Walker runs you through 21 different accents: Standard British, Cockney, British RP, Irish, Northern Irish, Scottish, Italian, German, Czech, Russian, French, Australian, New Zealand, Heavy Ocker Australian, Texan, Californian, Northwest, Toronto, Brooklyn, Deep Southern, and Trans-Atlantic.

And she's a cutie, too!
Awesome, it's so interesting
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Bravissimo! I always believed that I had a significantly higher than average aptitude for being able to imitate various people, singers or geographically aligned accents, until I watched Ms. Walker’s performance posted here. Any real or perceived Standard Deviations removed from the mean that I thought existed between my talents and the masses contained within the bulk of the bell shaped curve have now been obviated and regressed right back to the mean by her performance. What I found most compelling was not the sheer number of widely divergent styles and speech patterns displayed; rather it was the virtually seamless transition from one dialect to another. Even if I could do justice to a third of the voices, I feel certain that I would, at the very least, have to pause and think about the next voice/accent before launching right into it. Thank you for passing this along and sharing it with us—Mark.
its very interesting.
Thank you for advice. I really enjoyed the accents. IT helped me out a ton. l love you guys!
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