Hello my dear friends! I've finally turned 21, and am having a rather huge party this friday and I have prepared a thank you speech. I would really appriciate it, if you could briefly glance through it and correct/improve the grammar. Most of them are inside jokes that will be hard to comprehend...but try to fix the grammar!

I would personally like to thanks each and every one you except my dad who has granted me only 5 minutes to cover the past 21 years of my life. I look back on the broad wing of time and I see little Akshat sucking his thumb and drinking his milk from his bottle. But now as I look forward I hope that the prefix has changed from little to big. So 5 minutes, and all you lovely people…it is going to be a hard job, but let me start off with my Raju uncle and deepali aunty for their kindness and welcoming hearts. They work behind the scene, but they forget that now I’m 21 and that I see everything they do for me. So manu, mami…thank you for it all.

My family from Maryland are the next group of people on my list. Beri bhua, Uncle, aunty, thank you for taking the time to come and bless me. Your trip certainly means a lot to me. So thank you!

The next person on my list is my dear sister Aanchal. Aanchal, thank you for being a pain every single time I come home…thank you for conquering my room in my absence, and most importantly thank you being the best sister a brother could’ve ever asked for. Now that does not mean that I am giving you to the permission to take over my closet in my room that once used to be mine.

This character, I actually have a thank you gift for him. So Amit, will you please come to stage and accept your gift. The chances of finding bin laden are higher than the chances of Amit not falking out on me. He hangs out with us once per 100 invitations…so I am giving him this Flake Free Milk, which will hopefully help him with the flake outs. Regardless of his high flake rate, he has always been a very consistent friend, and for that reason I’m very thankful to him.

The next person on the list is Valentin. Valentin, I also have a gift for you, hence, I need you up here. Man, thank you for always being there for me with whatever I’ve needed…Valentin has further prepared a mind-blowing slide show for our entertainment and I am giving him this bottle of patron as a token of appreciation. Valentin, how could you…you always tell me that Im very responsible friend, so why don’t you give me that bottle of patron and I’ll safeguard it for a few months until you turn 21.

Tom and farnoosh, you know that you two are next. Well, I wanted to let you know that you both have been some really good friends, and wanted to thank you both for everything that you two have done for me.

Dad, I know I am running out of time, but I still have a few more people on my list…and I really hope that you would still let me drink tonight, even if I crossed the 5-minute window.

All my lowers, put your hand up in the air, and yes put them up like you just don’t care…

Anshul, thank you for always being my drinking buddy, but bro tonight we can drink in the open!

Twinkle – Me and this girl have robbed so many jewelers stores together. As a matter of fact, our next target is the Shane and company just because of his annoying radio commercials.

Rubin and Iqwak– What can I say, these two lovey dovey type of guys are always in the mood of having a good time…Ladies if you want to get married, then these are two shining gems right in front of you!

How many of you believe that super heroes exist? If super heroes really existed, then this girl would’ve definitely been one. I’ll just keep the name is mystery for now, but hey super woman, just remember that I can do everything that you can…besides calculus!

Sagar, and Rajeev, I remember you both told me that you look up to me. Well, I just hope that I’ve been one hell of a role model for the two of you to follow. So, thank you both for having the faith and confidence in me. Angad, you fall in the same category…we have our few little wall mart stories, but do not let those get to your head. I hope I’ve been a good role model for you too. Aanchal is glancing at me like she is way too cool for me…but Ms. Cool, you also fall in the same category.

I would further like to thank Kamal Uncle, for making this night a success. I would also like to thank all you kindred personalities, all my family and friends, and all the uncles and aunties.

Hey dad, how am I doing on time by the way? Can I still sip on this patron tonight? Because you will want me to keep on talking after I thank the next person on my list. That’s because you are the next person. You and mom are tied on the #1 spot! But you could do a lot better if you still let me drink. Quite frankly Papa, I do not think that the words thank you are event meant for a person with your caliber. I do not even know how to thank you. You’ve instilled the qualities in me that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Hands down, but how can I thank a person like you. I just want you to know, that whatever I am today, whatever status I have today, is all because of you. If it wasn’t for you, I would not have been here. I feel extremely humble, yet very degraded as I say this…but I must thank you for all your deeds and advise Thank You!

Papa, I am sorry to assert this, but mom and I have been out plenty of times in your absence. Yes Aanchal you, were excluded too. Well Maa, You are the brightest star of them all, the star that has taught me how to think with my heart.i really don’t know how to thank you for all that you have done for me during the past 21 years. Thank you for always having the food ready everytime I come home. Thank you getting angry at times when I don’t call you. Thank You for being my lucky star.Mom I can go on and on with your appreciation however dad has granted me only 5 minutes.So May I have the pleasure of dancing with you!

Thank You
i was randomly looking for a speech and came across this, lovely! actually bought a tear to my eye!
Shit you put a tear to my eye too! wow that was mouth dropping..