"People complain about sleep deprivation, but now with the 24/7 society and information overload we need our sleep more than ever."

(last sentence of this news)

What is 24/7 society?
Hi Abil

24/7 means 24 hours a day, 7 days a week -- in other words round the clock.

So, a 24/7 society is a society in which people do things (especially business) round the clock.
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I see. This must be a terrible society!

Thanks for helping me understand the term.

No it's not what he ment , 24/7 society is more about we sleep less than before

Hello Abil!

The 24/7 society sadly only focuses on economic growth, profit-over-people, this creates an individualized society where no one is willing to work as a collective

24/7 society = sleep deprivation, depression, decreased diversity in media, increased concentration of ownership, capitalism

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