The behemoth is only one of four expected A380s, part of an US$8 billion 24-strong order placed in 2004 with the European manufacturer.
Quoted from Abu Dhabi: Ambitions in the Sand , in the 12th paragraph
What does "24-strong order" mean?

600/10,000 etc strong
[only after number] used to give the number of people in a crowd or organization
Quoted from Strong - Definition from Longman English Dictionary Online

It seems not to be of this use...

And can you please kindly point out the definition of "order"( http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/order ) which fits in this context?

I changed the number to "10/15/20/25/30/ strong order", googled, and found that this "order" seems related to aircraft...
But I still have no idea of its meaning...


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Hi guys,

You can't say 'a strong order'.

2'4-strong' as an adjective emphasizes that the 24 in the group being described is a big number for that particular group.

eg The crowd of demonstrators was 10,000 strong. But not 'the crowd was '7 strong'.

Best wishes, Clive