Hi guys,
I don't know if any of you belong to the fan community of the TV show "24", but I'm counting myself to the group of hard-core fans..Emotion: smile. "24" with Jack Bauer is the show
which I missed the most because of that WGA strike. Is someone here who watches this TV show as well? Today I found out who's gonna be the villain of the next season. It will be Jon Voight, the father of Angelina Jolie. Frankly, I don't know if it's a good decision, I have seen him in just one villain role, in Mission Impossible 1, where his performance sucked. But maybe he will suprise.
What do you think about this decision?


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PS: Jack come back! I can't wait anymore..Emotion: smile
I love the show and have only watched on DVD. I think Voight will be a fine villain. I just want Jack to come back. I am starting to forget where things left off. I guess I'll have to watch the DVDs again to catch up before next fall.
I consider myself something of 24 fan but I don't really have an opinion of Voight one way or the other. The only role I remember him from is as Laura Croft's father in the Tomb Raider movies where he was playing opposite his real life daughter.
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Hi guys,

I think that the quality of Jon Voigt's performance will depend on the role, which guys around Jon Cassar are going to give him. To that point I read that
new villain will not be a terrorist, but someone with dark past who did something really bad and whose intentions are to regain his stature in the world. In the other words, who
now wants to be a good guy again. If that's true then I think Voigt is a good choice. I can't imagine him in "talk or I'm gonna kill you" role..Emotion: smile. But we will see. Truth be told,
"24" producers will kill two birds with one stone with him. Because this show needs after WGA strike a big name and charismatic actor next to Jack.

Thank you guys, I'm glad that someone here is watching "24" as well..:-)

Best Regards

Hi guys again,

I'm so busy in the last few days that I forgot to look at the trailer of the new season of "24"..:-(( I didn't know any new informations regarding the new season, except of who's gonna be the new villain. But that new trailer reveals a lot of new things. It's not a surprise that CTU is no more. But what shocked me was that the authors are planning to resurrect Tony Almeida..One of the most strongest characters on that show...This is gonna be huge..:-))..Jack come back!! ..:-)


Greetings to "24" fans.

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