I met 2Pac in Sydney last night! For real man!!!!!
He was at the Cat and Fiddle hotel in Balmain!!!!!!
I still can't believe it, but I'll post the photos when I get them back from the shop.
He was alive as you or me.
I'm going back to the shop to hang out for the photos.
Back soon.

(He may be dead; he may be alive. What do I care?-- thread is locked with no resolution to this important enigma.-- MM)
(Thread is unlocked again. Have there been any recent sightings? --Mike)
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where are the photos if you got themEmotion: sad
oh yer the otha day i saw george washington n hes actually alive im jst goin 2 get the photo's now
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Darn! Some fella called George Washington shopped down the choto phop.
Then some aliens in black came and took all the debri away in their Hoover trucks. Wouldn't you know it!

But I did see 2Pac. I did , I did!
Yeah, ok, you saw Tupac, and I'm pretty sure I got a glimpse of Elvis performing live at Worker's Stadium in Beijing.

Nice try, though, it almost convinced me.

Hah, I almost convinced myself that you almost convinced me.

I saw 2Pac in SYDNEY too. He was on the cover of his albums ... com'on man!.
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I beleave you man iam trying to do a raport to prove every body that his still alive

but eyery body thinks iam crazy. but if you were a real fan you'll beleave his a live just like me

by;baby gurl 101 just keepin it real you know!!!
Yeah right!!! I am sorry but I dont believe you!
Iffin this aint TUPAC the I aint the Toot Fairy.
Check it dudes!
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