Three friends took their pets for a walk. Each friend had two dogs on a leash, a bird on their shoulder and a snake in their pocket. Along the way three cats began to follow them on their walk. How many legs were on this walk?

Hello, this is according to my calculation, assuming all conditions in generic form.

3 friends= 3*2=6 legs

6 dogs (each person has 2 dogs)= 6*4= 24 legs

3 cats followed= 3*4=12 legs

therefore, total legs= 6+24+12= 42 legs** ( when you are calculating no. of walking legs)

total legs= 42+6= 48 legs (if you consider birds as in no. of legs on this walk)

**birds are on their shoulders, so not practically walking and snakes do not walk, they crawl.

Hope this helps!

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