Could someone correct these if they nee correct?

1With the pressure of the water coming in through the hatch, how were you able to close the door behind you.

2 I've watched this movie too recently ago to want to watch it a second time now.

3. I brought the plate of food up just to bring it down again/just to find out he wasn't up there.

4 The show gets better as from/as of season 4.

5 The driver took the turn/bend very well, getting him into second place.

Thank you

1. Needs ?

2. Grammatically correct, but we just don't say it that way: "too recently ago" = not long enough ago

3. The second choice explains the situation better.

4. I would say "from the start of season 4". 'as of' is o.kl

5. 'Turn' would indicate at least a 45° change in direction; 'bend' would be less, probably, and most definitely more gradual.
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so can you say

1 I've haven't seen this movie long enough ago to enjoy it.

and is the second part of 5 OK

"getting him into second"

and which would you choose


and which would you say "I accelerated in/during a bend"????

thank you
one more thing

could one say

  • If you wait until next year to watch the movie, you'll have watched it long enough ago.

  • ... you won't have seen the movie too short a time ago.
Thank you