When asked what their goals are for language students, most people say "improve English speaking skills." When learning a foreign language, you will find that you are talking to teachers, restaurant waiters, taxi drivers, landlords and all kinds of native speakers. Therefore, it is important to stay comfortable. Just as you can improve your writing, listening, and other skills, you can use some techniques to improve your speaking English in a targeted way.

1. Speak, speak, speak:

The best way to speak better is to speak! Practice as often as you can with as many people as possible. If you are studying in your own country / region Like India , you can increase your practice time by meeting your classmates after class, looking for a language exchange partner, and joining the online learner community.

2. Listen and read:

Can you need a word to talk? To increase your learning vocabulary, watching movies, listening to music, radio, and podcasts. Read books, magazines and blogs. When listening and reading, find new and interesting expressions, slang words and synonyms, write down these new words and try to use them.

3. Pick up the phone:

Most people find phone conversations particularly difficult. why? I can't see the other person's body language or mouth movements on the phone, but both tools are very useful for communication.

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